Since skateboard is a popular sport, you should always enjoy this sport with safety gear. Perhaps the most important aspect of gear in terms of protection is the skateboarding wrist guard. And then comes the knee pads and helmet.

Even if you don’t find anything else, we can strongly tell you to buy a good quality wrist guard for skateboarding and bring it home as soon as possible.

Let’s experience this, would you like to break your wrist when you fall off your board?

Of course, you don’t want that.

Well, there is no guarantee that the wrist guards will protect you from injury. But they must protect your hands and wrists from bumps, scraps, knocks, and grazes.

Skateboarding wrist guard is one of the most important protective gears. This article will help you to know more.

skateboarding wrist guards are gloves with extra material and thick padding. BestSkateboarding wrist guards of different styles and sizes are available for different sizes and shapes of arms.

However, sometimes there are so many products on the market that it becomes difficult to choose the best wrist brace from them.

Wrist guards will protect your wrists during skateboarding, but you can also use them for other purposes.

Here are our top 5 best skateboard wrist guards and a full discussion on why to use them! Plus, how do wrist guards work will be additional.

Top 10 Best Wrist Guards for Skateboarding

Did you know that the most common injuries for skateboarders are cracks in the wrists? When a rider falls, they usually try to stop themselves with their hands. As a result, the effect can fall on your wrist and hurt. Because the wrist bones are very small.

This can make your hand very unsafe and cause fractures, as well as scrapes and sprains. To protect yourself, you will want a wrist guard. These always help protect your wrist joints, bones, and skin.

Skateboarding wrist guard is one of the most important protective gears. This article will help you to know more.

Whether you ride a regular skateboard or an electric skateboard-like genesis electric longboard, I hope this guideline will help you choose the best wrist guard on the market by considering the board you buy and the frequently asked questions.

1. 187 Killer Pads Derby skateboarding wrist guard


A fingerless skateboard wrist guard, these 187 killer pads wrist guards will keep your hands free while providing the protection you need. Having no fingers on the gloves helps your hand to move more naturally without any obstruction.

The guard plate is contoured and pressed for the wider part of your palm and wrist. So, you will get complete protection from harsh impact during the ride.

The splint base is also extra dense. And this is the area that is most affected by hard falls. The inside of the 187 killer pads wrist guards is padded, so it will give you comfort. Well, are you worried about the summer ride?

18 Killer Pads are pads made from Derby porous material that helps improve the air circulation of the guard. This guard also has a suit band.

For durability, this 187 killer pads derby wrist guard has a strong thumbhole and palm. Besides, the ballistic nylon components of this wrist guard also have industrial-grade stitching so that you can wear it for a long time before this guard starts to break.

These best skateboard wrist guards are usually available in small-X sizes though or they can be enlarged with adjustable straps. These pro-tec wrist guards were designed for derby skaters but they also work great for skateboarding.

These will also protect a wide area of ​​the palm of your hand and make this wide area last longer as it works better. These are in a much better place than standard wrist guards and so they will be more comfortable for you.

These can be a bit difficult to slide but add them all at once. A great advantage of this guard is that sliding is added to this guard.

Because of the wide plates, you can slide into hard turns, slides for roller derbies, jam-skate dances, or even inline skate slide tricks.

This 187 killer pads derby wrist guard will help you to add techniques to your library and of course, protect your precious wrist from damage.

2. Triple 8 Hired Hands Wrist Guard Gloves


These triple 8 wrist guards are wrist protectors designed to withstand a lot of injuries. The Triple Eight Hired Hands Guard will give you better security. This brand, like their guards, provides full wrist protection with this guard.

Contrasting with the 18 killer pads, it covers most of the fingers and provides about half free. It is made by adding a layer of EVA shock-absorbing foam with top grain leather and double stitching.

These gloves aren’t that cheap either, so the ABS splints on the top and bottom of them can be removed. That means they can be replaced. Their thickness protects you during hard falls. How the glove fits are important for protection, so Triple Eight uses a thick neoprene strap.

Triple Eight provides wrist guards for skateboarding, rollerblading, and roller derby. If you are a hard skater and are concerned about the effects of reading, these gloves are the perfect triple eight higher hands skateboarding wrist guard gloves for you.

The side will fit securely with glove coverage on your hand or wrist. These best wrist guards for longboarding are made with top-grain leather and full padding for maximum protection.

These wrist guard gloves include impact-resistant ABS splints at the top and bottom for wrist protection, durability, and support. Wrist splints are easy to remove and replace, and double stitching with EVA shock-absorbing foam layers adds durability for heavy wear and tear.

Their dense neoprene support strap with adjustable hook and loop closure ensures a secure fit and integrated pull-on loop gloves make it quick and easy for you.

Ideal for skateboarding, wrist guards for rollerblading, roller derby, and skating, these gloves are pro-level protective gear designed for heavy use.

Triple Eight Hired Hands Skateboarding is available in four sizes to fit kids, teens, and adults (measuring around the nose). 0 – 10.0 inches and the X-Large size is 10.0-11.0 inches. These wrist guards are sold as pairs. You also get a limited 180 days warranty from the manufacturer.

3. Triple 8 Saver Series Wristsaver II


This is another triple 8 product on our list. This is for those drivers who do not want to compromise on quality and are willing to spend a premium price on this product.

The skateboarding wrist guard is made with top grind leather – the highest quality leather you can buy. These have been nominated as the best guards for their distinctive quality.

Gloves of this material serve to keep you safe for a long time and help you to feel comfortable in cold weather.

The top and bottom globes have removable abs splints. The great thing about these splints is that they are replaceable.

I think it works as the best wrist guard for rollerblading. Because if you do handplant-like techniques and chew through splints, you can easily replace them without buying a whole new set of gloves. See details about them on Amazon.

However, they will be very expensive compared to your budget. Something similar but for a slightly lower package see the Hillbilly Gloves above.

This guard is a great choice for kids or skiers! Kids are tended to skateboard with morfboard and beginner longboard. You can check’em out.

For those who don’t want to spend too much on a wrist guard, Wristsaver II is the best product for them. This guard is made in a great slide-on design. Instead of the conventional three straps, this skateboard has only one layer on the wrist guard. You will be able to spend less time and more time on the road.

These gloves are made of 4-way stretched nylon mesh. I have to thank Brand for this. It will fit you well. It will serve you without feeling uncomfortable. In addition to the flexibility, these gloves will help keep your fingers free.

Want to know about security? High-density, impact-resistant molded ABS splints are used both on the front and back of the gloves. With EVA foam between the splints and wrists for comfort.

This foam is also shock-absorbing. The second receiver of Triple 8 is available in Junior, Small, Medium, and Large sizes. Overall, this wrist guard provides good protection.

4. CTHOPER Impact Skateboard Wrist Guard


Want to know more about this skateboard wrist guard? So, know that this is a unique masterpiece. It prioritizes air circulation, so there is no material on the back of the hand and fingerless with it. This is great for summer when it is hot and if you do not want your hands to be very sweaty then this product will be your choice.

Riders may be concerned about not getting as much protection on the back of their hands but the best skateboard wrist guards have already been made to protect the front.

The part of your hand that is covered will be well protected. The guards are made of ABS plastic bone shells on the wrists and palate. The splints and wrists contain shock-absorbing EVA foam which adds extra cushioning and comfort.

In this case, you will get three sizes of guards, so these are the best products that work for both children and adults. You have two permanent nylon straps on your palms and wrists to adjust the fit. The wrist guard on the skateboard will make you feel snug while freeing your fingers. This gives your thumb a lot of freedom.

With the help of this wrist guard, you will be able to enjoy sports, it will protect your wrists, palms, and hands from skating, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, roller skating, and any kind of sport that demands the most intense protection from injury and pain.

High density, impact-resistant ABS plastic splint on the palate protects your hands and wrists from impacts and wounds. The open design on the back of the gloves for air circulation and ease of wearing keeps you cool and dry in summer sports. It absorbs EVA foam between the supporting splint and the wrist to provide cushioning and comfort on the pad.

5. Burton Adult Wrist Guards


These wrist guards were made for snowboarders so they are great for skateboarding or rollerblading when it gets cold outside. These can be worn under regular gloves and mittens, so you don’t have to choose between protection and warmth.

During the warmer months, simply take off your gloves or mittens and wear the skateboard wristguards yourself. These are great things for drivers all year round.

Would your hands feel like bandages when you were wearing a wrist guard and a pair of gloves? Burton considered it, so they leaned and leaned on the wrist guard. The top splints of the skateboard wrist guard are tapered and flexible.

Even after you are completely protected, you can remove your hand naturally. These are fingerless as well. These gloves are made with very comfortable material.

It is made of a mixture of polyester, NBR, nylon, and polythene. Its padding is soft. To make sure the gloves fit, there are adjustable straps of hook and loop. There are different sizes of guards for men / unisex, women, kids, and even toddlers.

Everything we do in Burton started on the first hill. Starting from getting the most out of every snow chase ride around the world, we’ve been charged with inventing and changing the way people enjoy the outdoors from day one.

After more than 40 years of innovation and progress, Burton knows that it focuses on all aspects of travel. Products, communities, and cultures speak for themselves. Want to know more? Okay, you just have to drop by and feel the difference on your own.

6. Triple 8 RD Wristsaver


Most skateboarding wrist guards are multi-purpose for skating and can be used for snowboarding, inline skating, and more. These have proven to be the best skateboard gloves for derby skating.

These are designed with a wide palm splint. But sadly, roller derby is making a lot of progress. So, we think it is very important to have this specific feature to ensure more protection.

If you are willing to take some risks in skateboarding, these will be good for you. You will definitely like this wrist guard. The front and rear splints of this guard are quite high density and impact-resistant, replaceable.

You can wear these best wrist guards for longboarding for a long time by replacing the splints to be confident in your protection.

Stability is further aided by stronger stitching. Does it give comfort? This set of gloves is made of neoprene, which maintains its flexibility at different temperatures.

It is heat and oil-resistant. EZ Pool – Gloves are very easy to find for on-loop. There is only one adjustment strap, so quick agility can be achieved. Triple Eight RD is available in four different sizes.

Triple 7 is a standard brand of skateboard. Because it brings safety, security, and good quality products. They have no protective gear. They also make good helmets.

Triple 8 wrist guard is no different. These gloves come with a lightweight, durable package that fits all budgets. It’s hard to find the perfect alternative product for this list

They feature a nylon body that fits easily around the wrists and hands. And this nylon body is made with stretch mesh that doesn’t take up too much space. This gives them maximum air circulation, movement, and great comfort when using them.

Finally, its splints can take on any strength. cushions feature EVA foam to help you. If you have weak wrists, these may be the best support for you.

This wrist guard works as a great guard. If you like it, choose it today. Purchase from Amazon and enjoy riding safely and securely.

7. Hillbilly Wrist Guard Gloves


This Hillbilly product is best described as “gloves with wrist support”. These are similar to the regular gloves of a wrist guard on a skateboard. This makes them more comfortable. For snowboarders, you don’t have to put a glove on top of your guard.

Made with goatskin, these gloves provide good support, comfort, and warmth. They are made with heavy stitching nylon thread with double stitching. And together they are quite durable.

These are half-finger-gloves, so you get more freedom and flexibility. Spoon-shaped splints on both the palms of the hands and the back also help with flexibility. Both the front and back of your hand are protected and supported.

These things are made for fighting, and not to hold like any other wrist guard I have before (I bought this second pair).

Real goatskin is amazing – it’s thick, tough, and can withstand almost anything. I also really like how the wrist guards have plastic pieces on the undersides, different from the other parts that are on the top of the plastic.

This enables a more natural hand position and can be safer when stiffened. Hillbilly is a company that is known and popular for making really good defensive gear. The brand focuses on two main products – Wrist Guard and Bappa.

Hillbillyis unique because they fit like skateboarding wristguards gloves instead of a strap on your hand. It is generally more comfortable and better for ergonomic and roller sports than the strap fit.

The material they use is goatskin which is held by a double-stitched nylon thread. Goatskin is soft and strong. You can be sure it will not tear and will also be wear-resistant and will last you a long time.

Finally, they feature an ABS palm splint which will not have any effect. Check out Gloves here on to learn more about them.

However, the premium costs more for comfort and protection. These gloves are the most expensive product on my list. If they are out of budget for you, check out the 16 pads, they offer great protection and are also affordable.

8. Smith Safety Gear Scabs Wrist Guards


Smith Scabs are the ultimate pad of your protection. This pad will give you great protection for skateboarding, BMX, inline, roller derby, and other extreme sports. We strive to provide you with a truly flexible, secure pad that will work at any time.

These pads are of great quality. Besides, a pad can be found here based on everyone’s budget and needs. Most pads are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The pads are sold as sets.

These pads are made for all types of skating. These skateboard gloves would be great for teens who are reluctant to spend a ton of money.

They have a contoured design that will help you ride with a higher fit and comfort. Its three adjustable velcro strips let you fit the guards like your snag. The pad is flexible and fingerless.

For protection, this guard provides an extra-thick splint. Are you worried if you have been hurt in the past or will be hurt in the future? However, you can rest assured with this pad.

This pad is made of ballistic nylon which also contributes to the durability of the strong double-stitch guard.

The unique feature of this guard is the color! There are blue, red, brown cheetahs, and even purple guards. Many teenagers (and adults) like to express themselves in color and want to pick this wrist guard while staying safe.

9. Triple 8 Saver Series Wristguards


The Triple Eight wristersaver Wrist Guard provides great support and protection with high-density impact-resistant molded ABS splints on the front and back of the wrist. These wrist guards include a support splint and a protected EVA foam shock absorber between the wrists.

A sturdy, four-way stretched nylon mesh ensures the perfect fit of this guard in your hand. Triple Eight wrist savers are ideal for inline skating (roller blading), roller derbies, and all roller sports. WristSaver Sizing Guidelines: – A perfect wrist guard can ensure fit.

One of the most important features of a skateboard wrist guard is fitness. In this guard, there is a 4-way stretch nylon mesh that will provide durability as well as fit well in your hand. Plus, it helps you get this softness.

As for protection, there is a lot to choose from. The front and rear splints are high density, impact-resistant ABS. Shock-absorber Eva found foam between the splint and the wrist. This will give you a great cushion.

And so, there are a lot of similarities between this guard and Triple Wet Savers Triple Eight RD Gloves.

The difference, however, is that these are not designed for derbies, so the splints are not as wide as these guards. Apart from this, they are the same. You can wear these for skateboarding, rollerblading, and snowboarding.

This type of wrist guard is suitable for professional skateboarders. It provides a high level of protection for bold longboarding moves. Triple 8 wrist guards save provide adequate protection for all wrists and a variety of similar sports.

This national safety item is suitable for high impact, and it provides great resistance and protection. It’s important to make sure you choose the right size of wrist guards for increased comfort and protection.

This type of best skateboarding wrist guard is a must for professional skateboarders who want to protect themselves during this type of adventure. The product will be available for everyone from small to large and even junior to senior in size.

10. Rector Performer Wrist Guard


Rector is a seriously underrated band. It is the first brand to develop pads for action sports.

The Rector Pad is lighter than the other options on our list. It allows air circulation and movement in the wrist. If you want to skate in a warm climate or summer, you will not find this guard option.

However, it will not provide the same protection as the upper Killer 16’s pad. It will not be suitable for children. It should also be avoided by those who are prone to recurrence. So, it may not be the best option for beginner skaters.

The pads tend to be of high quality. These are pads with a splint feature that flexes and repeats as you read so that the effect stays away from you and is reflected.

The skateboarding wrist guard is uniquely characterized by a tricot lining – allowing the pad to be smooth on the one hand but rough on the other. This ensures comfort against friction and pain when worn.

The top guard of the best skateboard wrist guard is Hillbilly wrist guard gloves. It must be said that it was built exactly as it was built to withstand the effects of energy and to withstand the test of time. If you want to get full protection while skateboarding, this will be the best option for you.

Purchasing considerations

You now have many options for a wrist guard on a skateboard. If you are looking for the best wrist guard for skateboarding, you will want to think about how gloves are made, how durable they are, their flexibility, and much more. The following key points to consider before buying:


What are skateboard gloves made of? Contains fabric, calfskin, latex, elastic, goatskin, and many more materials. You can even try to take a peek at Reddit with wrist guards skateboarding Reddit for conclusive one-to-one communication about it.

You will want a material that lasts for a while and it is suitable for the weather. If it’s hot, you may want to look for lightweight, air-conditioned materials.

Darker materials are better for cold weather and they provide more protection. If you want something stiff, materials like hard foam, carbon fiber, and even metal can be alternative ingredients for you.

In general, the denser an element, the more protection you will get. The trade-off is that you can sweat more and lose some flexibility.

Flexibility and fit

Speaking of flexibility, the question arises how much freedom does the skateboarding wrist guard provide over speed? A skateboard wrist guard is well made so that it can ensure safety.

But if you think you can’t read it and move at all, it can be a problem. You want to feel comfortable reading the guard. Fit is closely related to comfort, so make sure the wrist guard has straps that can be adjusted if needed.

Skateboarding wrist guard is one of the most important protective gears with flexible fit.

Most traditional guards use three straps to protect you. Again, some are designed to slide and decorate more easily. When you will be wearing your best skate shoes and best skate sunglass and having a blast with best carving longboard, you will need flexible guards to cherish the time.

You will see more similar guards with regular gloves. Some brands tend to run small. If you have bought a guard, it is great, but if you do not take the time to note the sizing, it is frustrating.

Are you sure you want to measure and choose the right size?


There are many wrist protection styles. The full-finger skateboard wrist guards are designed like traditional gloves which means they will work to cover your entire wrist and fingers. These are usually meant for sliding tricks where you put your hands on the ground.

Half-finger guards will keep your fingerprints free. On the other hand, the rest are completely fingerless. It is up to you to decide which will work best and which will keep you safe. If you want to gain as much freedom as you can with your own hands, it is best to choose a fingerless guard.

The purpose of the design

The best wrist guards for skateboarding can be used for a variety of activities such as skateboarding, inline skating, roller derby, and snowboarding.

Of course, you need to consider how the brand intended to use the globes, although this can have an impact on your experience. The best wrist guard derby for street skateboarding will be a bit different than other guards.

Skateboarding wrist guard is one of the most important protective gears. This article will help you to know more.

The splint and length of the palm may vary. Prices can also vary slightly, so check if the skateboard gloves are made for a specific purpose before buying.

In general, you will probably be happy with gloves meant for derbies during regular skating and boarding, but if you are in derby you will want the extra protection that derby-specific guards will give you.


The price should be considered regardless of what you are buying. If you don’t want to pay more than your budget, you don’t want to choose something that is the cheapest. In general, a skateboard wrist guard set can cost you 20 to 60.

Brand names play a role in pricing as well as features such as durability and flexibility. If you are a beginner and expect to learn, it is probably best to buy it at a slightly higher price for extra protection.

Checking reviews to see what real people are saying can also help narrow down your preferences.


Should I wear wrist guards skateboarding?

The wrist guard will support your wrist and help prevent broken bones when falling. Your instinct is to throw your hand when you fall, but when you do it from the skateboard to the top of the concrete you can break your wrist. Wrist guards can help but it is better to learn to read properly.
Are wrist guards effective?

Results: Statistically, wrist guard drops, mean drops, heating kinetic energy, small impulses, which are associated with an increase in fractures, etc., are associated with an increase in fractures. Fractures are also less severe when wrist guards are used.
Do wrist braces help with carpal tunnel?

A brace can help you in many ways. Because it keeps your wrist in a straight, neutral position.
A 2012 study found that using a skateboarding wrist guard brace at night did more to alleviate the symptoms of the carpal tunnel without using any treatment.
You may find it helpful to wear a brace during the day, especially in activities that arouse excitement.
Do wrist braces help with carpal tunnel?

A brace can help you. Because it will keep your wrist in a straight, neutral position. A 2012 study found that using a wrist brace at night did more to alleviate the symptoms of the carpal tunnel without using any treatment.
You may find it helpful to wear a brace during the day, especially in activities that arouse excitement.
 How to pick the right wrist guards?

You need to ask yourself first – what kind of skating are you doing? Are you doing freestyle rollerblading, inline skating, park skating, roller derby, longboarding, or snow sports?
This is because the gloves seem to be easy to see and they all seem to give the same result. In short, yes, but some products give better results than other ponytails. Some are even better as wrist guards for weight.
For example, Darkin is more suitable for snow-saturated sports than any other glove on my list. And if it is used in other sports, it will be out of place.
Triple 8 Rented hands are the perfect tool for some games that require extra wrist support, as they have splints on both the top and bottom.
Choosing the right and best wrist guards for skateboarding is important if you want to be safe on the skateboard. See the individual guides to see what kind of gloves are best for skating

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