You may not want to buy a traditional skateboard, you want something that will keep you safe as well as make the riding experience comfortable. At first, you need to understand the basic difference of longboard vs cruiser.

Tricks, stunts, you may not have a headache with these; you just want to ensure a comfortable experience for the movement. Also maybe you already have a special kind of skateboard for tricks and stunts.

You are more interested in all kinds of things like routine walks, walks in the park, or hanging out with friends. And so you should choose between a longboard and a cruiser. But which one would you choose?

Yes! We have this article today to answer your question. We will talk about the difference between a longboard and a cruiser. We will try to get rid of all your doubts by drawing an outline between the features of these two boards.

So after reading our article you can come to a definite conclusion so after long research, we have made this article just for you.

So what’s the difference between a longboard and a cruiser? In fact, the shape of the cruiser is much smaller than that of the longboard, and it is designed for comfortable riding on civilian roads.

On the other hand, a full-size longboard tends to be quite wide and wide, which is what makes it much more stable and able to move faster.

If you want to cross a long road, you may not find any alternative to a longboard. Also on hilly winding roads, you can have full confidence in the longboard without any worries.

Longboard vs cruiser: a confusing terminology

So, what is the difference between a cruiser board and a longboard?

First of all, let me give you a little idea about the longboard! Longboards usually have four wheels, which is not the case with conventional street skateboards. Also, a big difference between a longboard vs skateboard is that the size of a longboard is much larger than a skateboard.

In addition to the size, the shape of everything including cruiser skateboard decks, trucks, and wheels is more. And so as soon as you see it, you will understand whether it is a longboard or a skateboard in front of you.

Also when judging by the riding experience, it is important for you to know that longboards are much more comfortable and safer than longboard skateboards.

Now let’s not know what is the cruiser? The cruiser is a kind of longboard, but it is specially made for cruising. Yes! You may not have a very good idea of ​​the definition, that’s right.

However, by knowing the details about the cruiser, i.e. its size, shape, deck, the purpose of making it, you will get a more detailed idea about the difference between longboard and cruiser.

By “cruiser”, what we usually indicate is “small longboard” or “mini cruiser“, mentioning a smaller board.  Thus, contrasting the word “longboard” to “cruiser” now surprises to make sense: in this situation “longboard” denotes boards that are lengthier / larger than mini-cruisers.

What is a Longboard?

The first thing to say about a longboard is its shape! Longboards tend to be much larger in size than ordinary boards. A longboard is also a kind of skateboard but in another category.

And just like the cruiser board is a kind of longboard but a little smaller in shape and these are made for normal movement on the road. Apart from that, there are also some health benefits of longboard.

Cruisers usually can’t handle the hustle and bustle of hilly roads. And with the name of the cruiser comes the word of some luxury cruiser. And the front part of the cruiser board is also made in the shape of that cruiser.

It is generally said, however, that any board larger than thirty-six inches is considered a longboard. And in the long journey of a longboard, thousands of categories have been created in it. Cruiser Hall is one of the most popular versions of the longboard.

For example, some other versions of longboard can be mentioned such as freestyle longboard, downhill longboard, cruising longboard etc. All of these have different purposes and uses.

However, all types of longboard wheels are quite soft and are shaped like seventy millimeters. In addition, the longboard trucks are made in a special shape so that it is possible to take sharp turns in a very good way with the longboard.

Parts of a Longboard

parts of longboards ,types of longboards

Trucks, wheels, bearings, and decks are some of the most important parts of a longboard.

Grip Tape – Grip tape is also a tape that covers the top of the deck. The main function of this grip tape is to give good traction. This means that when the rider rides on the board, the responsibility of making sure that his shoes do not slip off the board easily is the responsibility of this grip tape.

Deck – The deck is the main part of the longboard. Riders usually stand on that part. This deck is sometimes made of maple wood and sometimes of bamboo. Some companies also make decks in a combination of maple wood and bamboo. Churchill longboard is one of the best longboard companies in the marketplace!

Decks made of both maples wood and bamboo tend to be quite strong and durable. Decks can have different shapes, and the shape and shape of the deck depend on the type of longboard. You can also buy separately from some longboard decks.

Trucks – A metal of three shapes is called a truck. It is basically attached to the lower part of the deck so that the longboard can bend very easily and remain stable. These trucks also come in a variety of shapes and styles.

Longboard deck

Longboards are usually fitted with two trucks and have strong ties to the wheels. The various activities of the board are conducted through that relationship.

Axle – The axle of the truck is the pin that turns via the hanger and assigns it to the wheels.

Bearings – Bearings are attached to the wheels of the longboard, through which the wheel can rotate very comfortably.

Kingpin – This is a bolt that holds the different parts of the truck together. It is applied to face the front but occasionally it is also applied facing the back.

Truck bolts – Truck bolts are used to attach the longboard truck to the deck of the board.

Wheels – We all discern what wheels are. These wheels allow the longboard to glide, crave, or cruise on the riding ground. There are diverse stipulations for longboard wheels for instance contact patch, durometer rating, wheel width, and lip shape.

Longboard wheels

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Longboard vs Cruiser: Differentiating Longboard from Cruiser Boards

There are various types of boards available in the current marketplace. And these different types of boards have their own distinctiveness and uniqueness. And it is through this individuality that the distinction between the cruiser and the longboard is made.

And so longboards also have some peculiarities, such as with longboards you can easily travel a long way. On the other hand, the cruising board made in the shape of a cruiser is quite comfortable on the streets of cities, ensuring a safe journey in your direction.

Are You Planning To Buy The Best Campus Cruiser Longboard?

Longboard vs Cruiser

In our article, besides the longboard, another board will also be very important. And that is the cruiser board. Although cruiser boards are much smaller in size than longboards, their structure and type are much closer.

However, cruiser boards tend to be much thinner and lighter than longboards. Which is easily portable which means you can take the cruiser board with you anywhere you want. Also, the top of the cruiser board is much flatter.

Let’s know a little better, what kind of board you need at all. Would you buy a longboard or a cruiser board?

What is a Cruiser Board?

The best cruiser skateboards are not usually designed to perform any kind of tricks and stunts but are designed with the general comfort of mind in mind.

Yes! Interestingly, the cruiser is also a type of longboard that is a little smaller in size and is ideal for navigating the streets of ordinary cities.

Cruiser board

Cruisers also have slightly smaller plastic boards, called mini cruisers. This mini cruiser is again commonly used by children for learning. Many people use this type of cruiser as a hobby.

There is also a downside to the cruiser board and that is that with this type of board you can’t do anything like downhill riding.

The wheels of a cruiser board are usually between fifty-five and sixty-five millimeters, so you can’t put too much weight on top of such aboard.

This board is also very light due to the light material, and so many people take this board with them when they go to school. There are different types of backpacks available in the market for carrying these types of boards. They are very readily available and affordable.

A cruiser board likewise holds completely, or most, of the portions, found in a longboard.

Difference between Longboard vs Cruiser Board


First, we will look at the longboard:

To distinguish between cruiser vs longboard for commuting, one must first look at the longboard. This is quite interesting because the longboard is a kind of skateboard and the cruiser is a kind of longboard. And so to distinguish between a longboard and a cruiser, one has to talk about the longboard at the beginning.

A longboard is a type of skateboard that is at least thirty-six inches in length or larger. The longboard wheels are also much softer than the skateboard wheels, which will ensure you comfortable riding experience.

And depending on what kind of longboard you want to use, how exactly will these wheels be attached to the longboard. The shape of the wheels of a longboard is usually seventy millimeters.

This type of wheel will help you increase the speed a lot. And so everyone usually feels quite comfortable riding downhill with a longboard. There are lots of cheap longboard under $100, you can take a look!

There are also many types of trucks, and the type of truck you are going to use also depends on the type of ride you want to ride with the longboard. The same thing applies to decks since longboard decks have different shapes and sizes.

Another style of the longboard is the drop deck, the middle part of this type of longboard is much curved downwards. This type of style allows the rider to gain complete control over his board.

Again this type of flex makes your longboard much more stable and helps to take turns. The role of this type of speed is also remarkable.

You can use trucks in different ways in a longboard. It depends on your own needs. What kind of trucks can be used at the top of the board and what kind of trucks can be used at the bottom of the board. The trucks that are attached to the lower part are called drop-down longboard vs cruiser.

So far we have seen some special features of the longboard, now let’s look at the features of the cruiser board by making a difference.

 The front of most cruiser boards is slightly pointed, making it much easier to cut through the air and move forward.

Again the upper part of this type of cruiser board is much flatter, where the upper part of the longboard is curved or uneven and there is also a lot of flex.

Another thing that separates the cruiser board from the longboard is the soft wheel of the cruiser board. This type of soft wheel can ensure you a very comfortable and smooth riding experience even on an uneven road.

However, the main purpose of the cruiser board is to use this type of board so that everyone in the city can travel together. The cruiser board is designed with these friends in mind for going for walks in the park in the afternoon or coming to school.

No one can show tricks with a cruiser board at all, because the cruiser board was not designed to show tricks. Of course, there is a reason why the cruiser board does not have a feature that allows the rider to kick in the air. Also, it is not possible to perform various tricks and stunts with the trucks that are mounted on the cruiser board.

However, in terms of speed, the cruiser board will always be far ahead of the longboard. Because it is very easy to stand on the cruiser board and at the same time a lot of speed can be lifted through this board.

However, with some cruiser boards, you may notice many similarities between longboards. However, the cruiser is much smaller than the longboard and this way you can easily distinguish between the cruiser and the longboard.

Cruisers, however, tend to be much longer than ordinary skateboards, and so there is the possibility of combining the cruiser board with the longboard.

Also, the cruiser board has enough space to stand very easily and comfortably. It is also possible to take any kind of turn with much more ease with the cruiser board.

Another difference with longboards is that cruiser boards tend to be much lighter. And because it is light, it is possible to pick up speed much faster with this cruiser board. Another reason for the low weight is that the wheels of the cruiser board are made of much lighter material than the wheels of the longboard.

Last but not least, the cruiser board will give you an excellent experience of smooth riding on any type of road and at the same time help you to gain a lot of speed.

Things to Consider When Buying a board

Here we will look at approximately precise issues that will aid you to make up your mind on which board you must get.

1.Flex and Function

The amount of flex in the longboard helps a lot in longboarding in the open road. And this kind of flexibility makes it much easier to take big turns.

On the other hand, the cruiser board can take many big turns, but in this case, the longboard will be ahead.

But if you want to board through the many winding curves on the hilly road, you must buy a good quality longboard. Because the cruiser board is not at all compatible with the hilly road and it is not possible to take all those sharp turns with the cruiser board.


2.Turning Agility

On the busy streets of the city, you need a skateboard with which you can move easily. So, you can ride very comfortably even in the middle of a car or a busy road.

And your board also needs to be relatively small to take such small turns. It is because it becomes very difficult to take such a small turn with a big longboard.

Cruisers, on the other hand, are usually thirty-two inches long, which can give you a very comfortable riding experience pushing this type of road in the city. These decks are also quite small so you can take a quick turn in any direction with one foot down and control the cruising board nicely.

Turning agility

3.Cruising Stability

Various fresh riders need an added constancy. A longboard is frequently relaxed to move and more steady than a cruiser. You will understand that it is much calmer to ride a longboard than a cruiser if you are a novice. When it comes to skateboard or cruiser for beginners, then you can go with the beginner longboard.



One of the advantages of the cruiser is its portability which means you can easily carry the cruiser board without any problem. Because the cruiser board is much lighter, you can take this cruiser board with you to school. Even if you go out to eat at a restaurant with friends, you can keep your favorite cruiser board with you.


In conclusion, it can be said that there are some differences between the two types of skateboards, and it is because of those differences that we have written this article. All we have seen so far is that the longboard between the cruiser and the longboard is a little longer and the cruiser board is a little shorter.

And you must use longboards when you go through hilly roads or winding roads. And when you commute daily through the streets of the city, it is very difficult to find an alternative to the cruiser board.

Also, the cruiser board tends to be much thinner and lighter, which is a lot of convenience to carry. Longboards, on the other hand, tend to be much heavier which is much harder to carry than cruiser boards.

Hopefully, through our article, you have understood the differences between longboard vs cruiser Reddit board. And which of the two boards do you understand exactly when you need it!

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