Best Lightweight Folding Bikes have always been efficient, user-friendly, and eco-friendly. The use of cycles has become really popular over the years with people of all age groups using them. Bicycles can be used for daily commuting, exercising and just for fun. Getting from one place to another has never been much easier and cheaper.

In this article we’ll be discussing a rather different type of bike called Best Lightweight Folding Bikes, yes you read that right a cycle that can fold in half. This idea has certainly made a huge difference from your regular bike. A bike isn’t all that big and still can be stored around places but just imagine being able to fold it and just putting it in your closet. Better yet imagine being able to carry your bike in trains, public transport and continuing your journey from there. Below we’ll be listing the top ten best lightweight folding bikes you can buy for yourself.

Top Ten Best Lightweight Folding Bikes

Ten Best Lightweight Folding Bikes are and have always been efficient, user friendly and eco-friendly, the use of cycles has become really popular over the years with people of all age groups using them. Like-

  1. Stowabike Alloy Folding Bike

2. Xspec City Folding Bike

3. Xspec Shimano Folding Compact Bike

4. Stowabike Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

5. Solorock Steel Folding Bike

6. GTM Folding Mountain Bike

7. GTM Shimano Folding Bike

8. Vilano Urbana Folding Bike

9. Retrospec Folding Bike

10. Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

Stowabike Alloy Folding Bike-Best Lightweight Folding Bikes

best folding bike brands_hummingbird folding bike

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Built for adult riders this folding bike is a great choice for commuting in the city with style. The compact size makes folding the bike a breeze which allows it to be stored or carried anywhere. It’s a 6-speed cycle and has a reasonable price tag compared to its other models. It comes with a 20-inch lightweight aluminum frame, folding pedals, steel v-brakes, and an alloy handlebar.

  • Can be carried anywhere
  • Designed to carry weight up to 280 lbs
  • Doesn’t require much space
  • Handle bars cannot be folded

Xspec City Folding Bike- Best Lightweight Folding Bikes

hummingbird folding bike_electric folding bike

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Another cycle perfect for commuting in the city, the simple and folding design makes this bike the perfect form of transport for those who intend to use it daily. The bike is stylish and comes in 3 different colors.

Made with a 20 inch lightweight frame with an adjustable speed and mud guards on both ends. The cycle is very light and can be stored anywhere one desires.

  • Offers a 7 speed gear making it fast bike
  • High grade stainless steel
  • Suitable for both students and office workers
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Not suitable for rough terrains

Xspec Shimano Folding Compact Bike- Best Lightweight Folding Bikes

Page navigation_dahon folding

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Another great folding bike from Xspec, This cycle is fully made of high-quality materials making it very durable and safe to ride. Another great choice for those looking for daily use, the 7 speed gear system makes the cycle very versatile and fast.

The frame is a 20 inch high grade aluminum alloy and features a adjustable seat giving the rider maximum comfort. The rear also features a rack for carrying your valuables. The bike folds in a very simple manner and requires no extra tools to do so.

  • Made with corrosion resistant materials
  • Small and lightweight
  • Can be folded completely
  • Does not come pre-assembled

Stowabike Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike- Best Lightweight Folding Bikes

dahon folding bike_brompton folding

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Now if you thought folding bikes were only made for commuting to the city then this folding bike will change your mind. This bike can tackle any sort of terrain and still stay strong to its name; it is of course a mountain bike so it features a dual suspension system and offers a 18 speed gear system making it super fast.

One of the top sellers of Stowabike this cycle is simple yet built to offer great performance and durability. It also features steel V-brakes with Wanda tires and a 26 inch suspension fork.

  • Great shock absorption
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Cheap and easy to fold
  • Made with cheap components
  • Wheels are difficult to remove

Solorock Steel Folding Bike- Best Lightweight Folding Bikes

best folding bike brands_electric folding bike

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A simple bike with a simple design with stylish looks lets you ride in style everywhere you go. Now it is a single-speed cycle and although it’s not as versatile as other cycles, it’s still great for commuting to the city or just riding for fun.

The 20-inch frame is made of strong and heavy metal which gives the rider safety and maximum comfort. Has an adjustable seat with aluminum rims and a rack on the rear.

  • Lightweight and strong suitable for all types of riders
  • Features Winzip aluminum V-brakes for great stopping power
  • Paint steel rear carrier
  • Comes with weak plastic pedals

GTM Folding Mountain Bike

electric folding bike lightweight_best budget folding

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Another folding mountain bike offering the same strength and durability as the others out there. This mountain bike can take on any sort of terrain and give you amazing comfort on the road with the folding option guaranteed to keep you moving. This stylish bike comes in 4 different colors all under $200.

It offers a strong aluminum 26 inch frame with an adjustable seat, suspension forks and high tensile frame for more durability.

  • Fold in under 10 seconds
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Most of the bike already comes assembled
  • Has a 7 speed gear system
  • Bikes weight limit is set to 230 pounds

GTM Shimano Folding Bike

hummingbird folding bik_best folding bike

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An amazing bike introduced by GTM with 6 speed gear system this hybrid folding bike can be used on both urban and rough terrains. The lightweight frame only weighs 34 pounds which is amazing for a full sized mountain bike.

The frame is 20 inches it’s strong and durable but also light all in the same time. The 6 speed gear system allows you to ride up inclines and rough terrains. The seat and handle bar are both adjustable and also available in four colors.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Folds with ease
  • Inexpensive
  • Seat is small and hard
  • Heavy

Vilano Urbana Folding Bike

best folding bike

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A very stylish and high quality folding bike with a very reasonable price tag. It’s a single speed cycle great for the city streets and is available in 3 different colors. This simple cycle get you wherever you want to go with the folding option.

It truly is a low cost but high quality bike from Vilano, the bike folds in just seconds and only weighs about 22 pounds make it one of the lightest folding bike ever.

  • Lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Scratch resistant
  • Inexpensive
  • Rattles sometimes when riding
  • Coaster brakes can reduce control

Retrospec Folding Bike

electric folding bike lightweight_best folding bike

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Another very light folding bike from Retrospec features the easiest folding mechanism with a time of under 10 seconds. This simple design cycle can also take on rough terrains not just smooth ones. Comes in various different colors.

  • Lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Adjustable seat
  • Cheap components

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

best folding bike 2017_best folding bike

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A great bike made for adults this cycle isn’t really made for commuting purposes but for small trips to the market or nearby places. The handy rack on the rear can hold anything you lay on it. The design of the bike is very simple and also comes with simple components and is very easy to assemble.

  • Adjustable seat and handle bar
  • Lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Not suitable for young riders
  • Weight limit set to 230 pounds only

There you have it folks these are the ten best lightweight folding bikes you can buy for yourself. The cycles do come in different shapes and sizes so make sure you pick one that goes with your body type and also one that gives you maximum comfort. Whether you’re an experienced rider or not please make sure to always wear your protective gear as accidents can occur at any time.

Lightweight, cheap or electric folding bicycle – which one to consider?

Many top brands in the world make folding bikes. And the brand that is the best for one person may be the worst brand for another. There are sky-deep gaps between different brands of bicycles depending on the shape of the wheels, folding equipment, weight, and financial value.

Folding equipment:

Some best folding bike styles are more suitable than others, so it is best to take a good look at the bike and check the folding and unfolding equipment before purchasing, especially if you do not want to rush into buying a bike!

If you have kids, then best bmx bikes are one of the great choices. And when it comes to the kids, there are some best morfboards, roller skate for kids, and skateboards for kids are available in the marketplace to consider.

Lightweight, cheap or electric folding bicycle - which one to consider

Folding Bike Wheel Size – Shape:

Traditional folding bicycles are usually a little smaller – but updated versions of bicycles now have larger and longer or full-sized tops.

Folding the relatively small wheel models increases the lightness and density, but it does not produce good results on the road. Take a folding bike with bigger wheels, you will see that it will be much faster than the bike mentioned earlier.

However, this type of bike will weigh a little heavier and it will be a little harder to carry it in a public vehicle or on the stairs of a building.

Anyway, you cannot carry a bike like you do a skateboard in the best skate backpack. You need to have some other methods like hand carry or with a car.

Light Folding Bike:

Of course, if you want to lift your bike to the roof of your car and take it somewhere, you should buy a lighter bike. And this type of bike is made with light frame equipment.

The Brompton Company recently launched a product called Titanium, which is made with carbon folders. The high-quality material will reduce the weight of the bike, along with picking up some gear – such as a compressed version of the bike – but this type of bike is suitable for those who do not want to cross the mountain and buy a bike.

Light folding bike

Cheap Folding Bikes:

The saying goes – ‘You get the product as you spend it!’ – This proverb applies to this as well. You can buy a bike for 200 Euro / 200 Dollars and you can also buy a bike for 3500 Dollar / 2000 Euro.

You can use a cheap folding bike – but you realize that this bike will be heavier than other premium bikes due to the low-quality materials and heftier frame.

It depends on which feature you lessening and which one you prefer, depending on which genre you will buy or choose.

Best folding bike adjustment:

Most folding bikes are like – ‘Size One, Many Fit’ – as the saying goes. This best-budget folding bike has tremendous coordination capabilities. This means that a bike can be shared by all the members of your family or more than one person can ride the bike together, the bike will suit everyone.

However, if you think this issue should be considered when buying a bike, you will find many bikes in the market that have the facility to transport more than one person at a time – you can buy this type of bike. For example, the Brompton bike!

This bike has a large seat post that can carry more than one person. And there is enough space between the rider’s seat and the seat post.

Electric Folding Bikes:

Over the past few years, electric folding bike manufacturers have been bringing their style of bike to the market. Usually, when a bike is made by attaching a motor, it weighs heavier.

But now efforts are being made to lose weight. For one thing, the extra power of the motor makes it easier for the rider to ride the bike.

When it comes to electronic transport, best electrics scooter and electric skateboards are a nice alternatives that you can take a glance at.

Electric Folding Bikes

Wheel size:

Folding bikes have a variety of wheel combinations. For intensive riding, the 16 “size wheel is quite suitable. Most brands are thought to use this wheel. However, the smaller wheels are much stiffer and stronger. Besides, these wheels are more durable due to their smaller size and length.

A remarkable thing about small wheels is that with the help of these wheels you can better understand the imperfections or gaps of the road which you can never get with the help of a wheel of 800 cm.

It is also worth mentioning that you have many folding bikes that use 20 “size (406 and 451) wheels which are very useful for road riding.

Also, there are folding bikes that have 26 “and 26.5” / 650B size wheels. These wheels are also quite good.

Now let’s talk about wheel speed. The smaller the wheel, the faster the speed. This type of wheel is very useful for city riding. However, basic physics proves that – large size wheel is very suitable for long-distance riding or long journeys.

Because the speed or momentum of this wheel is more. As a result, it produces steady motion with less effort, which is not possible with smaller wheels.


Most folds are made of either aluminum or alloy, so they do not absorb as much water as traditional steel frame equipment, and some products do not have suspensions.

Some products have suspension on the front or back of the folding equipment, while some products have suspension on both sides. And if you plan to ride a smooth tarmac you should buy a bike that has suspension.

Brompton is one of those folds that is made entirely with a steel frame that can absorb water. Moreover, it also helps to balance the bike with smaller size wheels.

There are many more folds on the market that are made of carbon fiber or titanium which will make the bike feel much lighter. Full suspension models such as – Birdie and Moulton use suspension so that there is no problem in road ditches and riding is more comfortable.

Lastly, it is always good for a buyer to buy a bicycle from a store where he can test it out. If he feels good then he will take it and if he doesn’t like it then he will see another product.

Future Update:

Is the fold product compatible with a standard size bike or its components or is it just compatible with a special part? It is true that in the case of tire sizes, the options for small-wheeled bikes are limited.

Some folders use proprietary technology that is compatible with any part of a full-size bicycle. Or a third-party manufacturing company sells essentials for these bikes at inflated prices.

When you search for a specific item, you can’t help but admire our huge collection. Occasionally we discover new items and update our old products and present them in new covers.


I have already said that there are a lot of products on the market. But you will get lost thinking about which of these products to buy. The same thing can be seen in car sales. However, bike sellers may also offer you some unfamiliar brands or models.

But do they know any experts who can fix the problem with these bikes or do they have any idea about the bike parts?

Well, do they have direct contact with bike manufacturers? Do they provide a warranty?

If so, what kind of warranty do they give? In today’s digital world we can buy products by ordering directly online. But keep in mind that you can be deceived when shopping online.

Because if there is a problem with the best folding bike for touring, you will not be able to understand it online, which can be done by going directly to the store and buying the bike. And if the company is well known and popular then you will get the opportunity to transport good products.

And if you order from a foreign company, you have to go through a little complication with the warrant paper or so on.

Before joining a company, it is best to email the company to find out what their customer service is like. In this way, a company or brand can also be monitored.

Again, many times it is seen that the company provides good service but the local branches cause some problems here and there.

Folding bike frame materials

Like other styles of best folding bikes, this bike has a lot of variety in frame material. At the top of the market, Brompton manufactures mainly steel products – they use their popular and high-quality brazing techniques to provide light but strong bond welding.

Steel is hard and comfortable. However, it is not so light and these are converted to titanium so that it can provide better benefits. Many brands use aluminum.

And aluminum is very popular as the best frame material. Because it creates a balance between weight and endurance.

When it comes to the material, there are some bamboo skateboard and Maplewood skateboards are quite amazing and interesting material.

Folding bike frame materials

And for those who want to splash, carbon-framed versions are available on the market – such as the LIOS Nanotechnology, which weighs just 8kg, wondering?

Carbon is used for a super-light folding call bike, but keep in mind that this material can corrode more easily than aluminum. It should be kept in mind that repeated folding on many folder trains can also lead to some mechanical problems

Folding Bike Material Sorting:

These bikes have become very popular among commuters due to the different features of folding bikes. The features of this bike help to maintain balance in all aspects.

Bike wheels have a good level of puncture protection and are popular with commuters. You can check the wheels if you want – you can feel the rubber coating effortlessly.

Shivalba and Canada are the two top small diameter tire manufacturers that manufacture folding bike wheels. And probably all the wheels are 1.75-2 inches wide.

It is important to know the gear speed of your new machine. If you are planning a ride or a journey in a flat city, a single speed (just one gear) is enough to keep up with your weight.

However, those who plan to ride in a hilly area will be happy to know that there are many folding bikes on the market that have three crankcases and a wide range of 11-32 size radios.

These will help you to cycle better on the road, as well as adjust your weight. Many folding bikes have some internal hub gear. This means that the shifting system is completely sealed and the system is done with full care.

It is good for new students to shift to hub gear because there is no need to worry. The work can be done easily. Moreover, there is no possibility of this system being shut down which is the case with other systems, especially when carrying bikes by train or bus.

If you want to have a collection of multiple chainrings and a wide variety of gears, you should follow the ‘Delivery System’.

Another tool is seen on the best folding bike for touring. Name his disc brakes. Although these are usually heavy and expensive. However, it has good stopping power and control power – especially in humid weather.

If you plan on cycling in your office formal attire, and also want to make sure you don’t mix road spray and chain grease, Chang Guards and Fenders need to keep these two items in mind!

Arrangements for luggage, a frame-mounted pump, and integrated lights – ‘good to use’ – are just some of the tools you’ll find in high-end models.

Folding electric bikes: a growing trend

Folding bikes have never been detached from e-power and have fully influenced the cycling industry. And folding electric bikes are done very fast.

Having a battery on your folding bike means you can ride the bike and taste like a train journey without any worries.

Folding electric bikes can be selected by determining the size and weight of the bike and the top fault issues of e-bikes can be easily figured out. Although a folding electric bike weighs more than a normal folding bike, it is lighter than a full-size e-bike.

The lightest folding e-bike is not easily available. A-bike weighs 12 kg. But most models weigh more than 15 kg. However, decathlon folding bike weighing more than 20 kg tend to be heavier.

When buying an e-bike, it is very important to consider the battery power and duration of the bike. Most folding electric bikes have a range of up to 50 miles. Also, consider the power of the battery. Likewise, check the charger once.

However, you can also have a blast with the combination of skate sunglass and bikes. Plus, a pair of skate shoes can be also used in biking. But there are other sports shoes that you can check out.


Are foldable bikes really good?

Yes. These best folding bikes are the best for commuters. Due to the functions of these bikes, the bikes can be easily transported through the public transportation system.

And you can carry this bike with you anywhere. So, you don’t have to worry about the bike being stolen. The top edge of this bike is made by the manufacturers with a compact and easy folding jar so that you can easily park it inside the office or home.

Would a folding bike be good for a long ride?

It’s a matter of compromising. Generally, the smaller and denser the bike, the more suitable it will be for long-distance riding or cycling.

For example: – The folds of 16 “folding bikes are incredibly small in size. But compared to other big-wheeled bikes, you will get tired of riding this bike in just 1 hour.

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