How fast you can run in skating depends on the best longboard bearings for the skateboard. Now be it street skating or downhill. There is even a common saying that how well you do depend on the bearing, so buy a good-looking bearing.

Many street skaters open the shields of their bearings and when the bearings rotate, dust accumulates in them. It’s too bad for the bearings.

The bearings may work properly for the first few days. After the lubricant is finished, the dust will build up and the lining will form, then the bearings will not work properly.

If you are looking for the best skate bearings, then this list of Top 10 best longboard bearings will help you.

Lubricated, and properly cleaned ceramic longboard bearings will rotate faster than the bearings you use on rainy days.

It is said that Jack Maytum rides with mercury bearings for quality and speed. It is entirely up to you which side you can compromise on. Is it that important? Probably not.

There are arguments for and against it. Best longboard bearings have 5 main parts: the outer race, retainer, ball, inner race, and shield which may or may not be on either side of the bearing. So, what are the best longboard bearings? Or what are the best skate bearings?

We will tell you everything you need to know about longboard wheels and bearings, stay with us.

What is ABEC rating?

ABEC is a standard scale for measuring the tolerance of bearings. All bearing industries use this scale. The higher the number on the scale, the greater the tolerance of the bearing. If you want to find the fastest bearings in the world, then ABEC rating is very important.

The scale contains numbers from 1 to 9. However, many times it passes beyond 9. ABEC 5 also emits 0.0035 mm whereas ABEC 8 also emits 0.0025 mm.

If you are looking for the best skate bearings, then this list of Top 10 best longboard bearings will help you.

If you can tell the difference between good longboard bearings and rides, then you are a magician, not an ordinary person. How fast the longboard wheels and bearings rotate but do not measure the ABC scale. Though with some cheap skateboard bearings, you won’t find a good ABEC rating.

The high value of ABEC rating means that high RPM has been used here where fast and smooth speed is required. High RPM is used in the aircraft field. Using ABEC 9 rating bearings for a skateboard on a skateboard is nothing but a waste of money.

Is It Important to Find Fastest Bearings in The World?

To answer in one word, I will say, yes. ABEC rating is important when comparing one product of the same company with another.

Generally, ABEC low rated longboard bearings are slightly cheaper and higher-rated ones will give a smoother performance.

If you have top longboard bearings with the highest ABEC rating of a company, it means that you have taken bearings that can give them the best and fastest longboard bearings speed and smooth ride.

With this rating you cannot tell which company bearing is the best. Only experience can tell which bearing is the fastest.

Which is the best lube?

Lubricants are required for the longboard bearings to work. The rapid rotation of the bearing is very important when descending from the slope of the hill and a good lube is helpful for this rapid rotation.

Using the wrong bearing lubricant is a very common mistake. If you feel that your bearings have not been lubricated enough, make sure that you are using the right lubricant.

If you are looking for the best skate bearings, then this list of Top 10 best longboard bearings will help you.

Refrain from using WD-40, any type of three-in-one lube, motor grease, and any type of thick lubricant.

Thin lubricants work well in bearings, especially as they do not absorb dust. If you can’t find a good brand of skate-bearing lubricant then you can use electronic lube or machine lube of CO.

One of the best lubricants among the longboard lubricants is Bones ’Speed ​​Cream.

What is built-in bearing?

Built-in bearing is a completely new invention in the world of the longboard. These are now used in several good-quality longboards. Regular good longboard bearings available in the market have to have a good quality spacer and speed ring to work properly but in built-in bearings, they are already built-in.

The four of us climbed together to test on a built-in longboard, much like the F1 pit stop, it only took a few seconds for everything to work properly.

10 best longboard bearings

Stay tuned for the detailed answer to the most asked question, what are the best longboard bearings? Well, even you are quite confused, this list will always come in very handy. So, what are the best skate bearings, or what are the best bearings for a longboard? Let’s find out:

1.      Bonus Reds

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings (8 Pack, Spacers & Washers)


The fruit of long labor of reds longboard bearings. Bonus red skate bearings have been selling skateboard bearings on amazon for a long time and have gained a reputation for selling the best quality bearings. They fasten steel races and balls with a nylon cage. One side shield can be opened for cleaning.

Bonus Speed ​​Cream with Bonus red skate bearings packaged him. However, we recommend keeping one more lubricant as the lubricant runs out. You will find it here …. And, this is one of the best bearings for longboards.

Skate-rated trademarks are given on all bonus bearings from the time the ABEC rating is checked. This rating is a testament to the product’s tolerance, the best quality of liners, materials, and lubricants.

The ABEC rating is less complicated than the bonus process with these fastest bearings for longboards. It’s easy to say that Bonus’s red skate bearings are above all controversial.

2.      Penny Purple ABEC-7


Penny skateboard ABEC-7 bearings are the only purple color. Although purple is a little too deep, it is not a problem. However, it adapts easily to the penny skateboard. Races and balls are made of steel and covered by shields.

Original penny board bearings are replaced on all penny boards, including nickel. It is suitable for those who want to keep their penny brand board as a memory after long use. Penny ABEC-6 is also suitable for any penny board bearings. It also works well on large longboards.

3.      Bonus Swiss Ceramics


The best quality material is used in Bonus Swiss best ceramic bearings to give the rider a quiet and smooth ride. The balls are made of carburetic ceramic bearings longboard which is waterproof bearings and rustproof.

They are lighter in weight than steel but harder and harder than steel. This means that when they get old, they will continue to move as fast as normal, not as slow as steel.

There is a rubber shield on one side of the bearing that can be easily removed so that it can be easily cleaned. After cleaning the ceramic balls, they will become like new ones.

This means there will be no difference in speed and less friction than a steel ball because its surface is very smooth and one of the fastest longboard bearings for skateboards.

A cage made of nylon has been used so that the balls do not move from the right place. Bonus Swiss best ceramic bearings can undoubtedly be considered as one of the best bearings.

4.      A set of Black Panther best ceramic bearings


Shorty has been making skateboard bolts for a long time and has gained a reputation with this best bearing for a longboard. This cheap skateboard bearings Black Panther is also made of shorts. These good longboard bearings also make less noise because these bearings are also made using ceramics like Bonus Swiss bearings but are of a slightly cheaper quality.

These give very fast and smooth rides with longboard wheels and bearings. Gradually they are also improving. These balls are waterproof and have a rubber coating on their shield.

In terms of speed, they may be a bit behind their rivals but the Black Panther ceramics rotate fast enough. For low-budget longboards, the Black Panther waterproof bearings can serve as an alternative to the Bearings Bonus, and they are also somewhat affordable.

The Black Panther bearing set also has spacers and washers so that the friction during rotation is reduced and the speed of the fast longboard bearings is not reduced.

5.      Lucky ABEC-6

Lucky ABEC 3 Skateboard Bearings


 Lucky longboard bearings can be relied upon for skateboarding. The demand for fast and durable lucky bearings is steadily increasing. Chromium steel balls have been placed on the triple-honed and polished race.

It uses a stainless-steel shield and is easy to open and clean. Lucky Bearings uses Dopants Delrin polymer in their crowns which is highly abrasion-resistant.

Lucky best longboard bearings have no complaints about speed and durability, but the problem is that the bearings start to make loud noises when they rotate.

As a result, it is easy for others to understand that you are using a lucky bearing. But if you want high-speed bearings on a slightly lower budget then there is nothing better for Lucky ABEC bearings.

Plus, if you want some bearings to cruise around the city, then these best longboard bearings for cruising are the best choice for you.

6.      Pack of Bonus Super Swiss 6

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack


Bones Swiss has held the top spot of choice for four decades. It’s one of those moody times where he would break into endless soliloquies with himself. Bonus Swiss is the same as Bones Swiss Ceramic.

However, it contains polished chromium steel balls. It has a non-contact rubber shield that can be opened for cleaning. Although Bonus does not use the ABEC rating system, its value in the ABEC rating system is supposed to be high.

These cruiser bearings are perfect and quiet and keep revolving day after day. This is not to say that they are much faster than other top tire fast longboard bearings but they are even quicker than they are fast with these best longboarding bearings.

7.      Blue Endel Swiss Bearings

Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack


Andal may not have had the experience of making the best bearings for cruising as long as Bonus, but they have been making bearings since 2010 when skateboarding became popular, and the quality of their bearings is very good.

Andal is an affordable option for Swiss riders. They made smooth steel balls and races using the best of Swiss engineering and tied them with nylon ball retainers. Andal Swiss Bearings A and a non-contact removable rubber shield have been used for ease of cleaning.

In the Swiss competition, these fastest bearings in the world may be a little behind if it is made from head to toe, but it is not possible to understand this difference only by looking at it with the naked eye. These give very smooth rides and can run fast. With proper care, these can be your companions for a long time.

8.      Branson G3

Bronson Speed Co, Next Generation Skateboard Bearings, 8 Count


Probably the most technically advanced company in the market. The Branson Speed ​​Company is widely acclaimed for its speed of bearing. Deep raceways have been used more than standard races for lateral stability of most steel bearings.

Nylon KJ is provided with glass and sockets for the ball so that the lubricant does not fall off, microgrooves are provided for the race to reduce friction and prevent the lubricant from accumulating in front of the ball.

One rubber shield is used on one side of each bearing and the other side is empty. Riders are instructed to remove the shield when fitting the wheel bearings.

Besides, even with high technology, it is normal to make mistakes. Branson is very new to the best longboard bearings market so there is no consensus in their favor but so far due to durability, it seems to be on par with rivals.

9.      Oust MOC Skateboard and Skate Bearings: cheap skateboard bearings

Oust MOC Skateboard and Skate Bearings, All Types and MOCs


Aust bearings are more tolerant than other skateboard bearings on amazon and the material they are currently using is also of high quality.

Its smoothest bearings balls are made in the USA and Aust claims to have polished their races more smoothly than their rivals.

Knit shields are non-contact and have been placed in separate channels so that they work properly. This provides protection from darts and grime. Aust claims that its Mock 9 air bearings have surpassed ABEC 9 bearings and Swiss and ceramics.

It may be, but they did not measure more than 9 on the ABEC scale. There is no need to use a higher rating on the scale yet because so far, no best bearings for cruising have been discovered that will rotate perfectly smoothly. However, they can rotate very quickly and are long-lasting and impressive.

10.  Sector 9 Ceramic: sector 9 bearings


The Skater 9 ceramic made for longboarding has seven silicon nitride ceramic longboard bearings, which are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. A rubber shield that can be easily opened has been used here for ease of cleaning. And nylon ball retainers have been used to prevent the lubricant from falling off and protect it from dust for a long time.

If you test the spin of the best ceramic bearings you will think it is spinning a bit slower but you will be surprised if you ride it using a longboard. This is might be the answer to the question, what are the best skate bearings?

These are smooth and highly dynamic like Magen. sector 9 bearings may not be the top-selling brand, but it produces very good quality products on a low budget. Make sure you don’t cheat by buying it as it is the best longboard bearings for speed among the longboard bearings.

The Best Longboard Bearings That Move Really Fast

It is easy to say that the Branson bearing is the fastest longboard bearings in the world. The reason for saying this is that Kyle Wester has set a record of 69.641 mph, check out his video to find out how he ran at speeds above 70 mph.

Branson Bearings has a high endurance capacity so Kyle can build this incredible record. I can go to Amazon and see Branson Bearings.

After reading the list, you might have an average idea about what are the best longboard bearings!

Best Bearing for Travel And Crossing

The best bearings for cruising and travel are those that are durable and do not break down after many uses. Since last year I have been personally using one set of Bones Red bearings.

These are really very good and can turn very fast and give a smooth ride. These bearings are actually very fast-moving and easy to maintain and reliable. You can see more reviews about these good longboard bearings online or check out Amazon.

Best Longboard Bearings Buying Guide

What Do You Buy Bearings?

Bearing Shield

The bearing shield is basically like the wall of the bearing. Shields prevent dust from entering the outside, which protects the bearings from becoming useless and rusty.

Think about the dust, mud, and water around you while riding, they do a lot of damage to the bearings. So, it can be said that shield bearing is a very important part.

There are usually two types of shields available. Some bearings have metal shields while some bearings have rubber shields. Rubber shields can be opened as needed but metal shields cannot be opened.

You can check the galas bearings on Amazon for examples of rubber shield bearings and see Orange Bearings for metal bearings.

Since metal shields cannot be opened, it is difficult to clean if dust has entered. But with the rubber shields you can easily open, clean, and grease the bearing directly.

Built-In Bearing

Built-in bearings have everything built-in. These use a type of inner race, which simultaneously acts as a racer and WASA.

That means you don’t have to use them separately for wheels. We can tell you that built-in bearings will make your life easier.

No need to worry if you lose a WASA or a spacer, it will change your wheel and make it easier to clean the robe bearings. You can see Heady Shake Bearings on Amazon for examples of built-in bearings.

Where Does All This Start?

The current standard skateboard first came on the market in 1984 when the Santa Cruz Road Rider wheel was introduced and it was the brainchild of Anthony Roderick.

Older wheels have been replaced with more sophisticated ones, loose bearing designs have been replaced, and skateboards have been replaced forever.

The urethane, perfect and durable bearing gives the skateboard more speed and a more comfortable and smoother ride than the steel wheel and loose bearing design.


Bearing ABEC 3 rating of one company can give more speed and smooth ride than ABEC 9 rating of other company. This rating is given only to understand the value of the best longboard bearings for speed and how long it lasts.



Although some manufacturing companies are trying to go beyond normal, most companies use steel as the material for their skateboard bearings on amazon. If you are looking for the best cheap longboard bearings, then this material is quite alright.

If you are looking for the best skate bearings, then this list of Top 10 best longboard bearings will help you.

Balls, races, retaining crowns, shields, and rings are often made of steel, even in good quality bearings. However, some bearings use shields and retainers, especially nylon, rubber, or other materials. Steel bearings do not break easily.


ceramic longboard bearings also have steel in most places. Ceramic is used in the case of ball bearings; it is usually made with silicon nitride. Sector 9 bearings are made from this material. Plus, these are the most expensive bearings.

This material is lighter in weight, stronger, and smoother than steel, and does not shrink or expand due to heat, resulting in less friction.

If you are looking for the best skate bearings, then this list of Top 10 best longboard bearings will help you.

It requires less lubricant than steel bearings and is rust-free. Due to their hardness, if anything gets inside, it becomes powder at once and it can be easily cleaned and polished.

Cleaning And Lobbying

There are many ways to clean bearings. An easy way is to soak them in a jar with enough mineral spirits or spray water displacing.

Cover with a lid, shake the jar well and turn the bearings. Then take them out of the jar and wipe them with a clean cloth and in the last step you have to spray compressed air then apply lubricant.

Check Out Amazon to See the Top 3 Lubricants of Longboard Bearings.

1.Aust Metal Speed ​​Oil

2.Reflex bearing speed lube

3.Bonus speed cream

Another good option is a combination of Three in One Oil and Teflon or Remington Gun Oil or Remail, which also contains Teflon. Teflon acts as excellent rust protection in ball and race. But it is easy to wash when cleaning.

After a few days of experimentation, it is known how much lubricant is needed. However, not too much lubricant is required. You can also use your method for cleaning.

If you clean the best longboard bearings properly and apply the lubricant properly, they will be able to rotate very quickly and will save you a lot of money.

If you are interested in learning more about bearing refining you can watch the video below or read our guidelines here …

Final Word

Some cheap skateboard bearings are fast-moving but not long-lasting. Some give too much shaking but not too much enjoyable acceleration. All things considered, the Bonus Redi is the only bearing that is perfect for everything.

Maybe these aren’t moving very fast when compared but they can move fast and make no noise. Anyway, if you don’t know how to change skateboard bearings, then you should also know to tighten them.

Lasting but not for life. While the Reds are a bit more expensive, they are more affordable than the other best longboard bearings for speed. All things considered; Bonus Red is undoubtedly the best skateboard bearing on the market.

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