There are probably several longboard choices that can provide decent performance at a low price. However, at a low price, whenever you express a demand for quality, your list will become quite narrow. And in that small list, volador 42inch freeride longboard cruiser will be able to occupy its place in its uniqueness and glory with great ease.

Today we are going to talk about this wonderful longboard called volador 42inch freeride longboard cruiser. There is nothing new to say about this company called Volador, in the crowd of thousands of longboard companies in the current market, this company has already made a great position for itself.

Volador 42inch freeride longboard cruiser is a very good quality longboard for beginners.

Usually, if you want to buy a longboard for this cruising you can put this longboard on your list of favorites.

According to many, this longboard is also very good for carving and downhill riding. However, it is better to buy the best drop through longboard at a professional level for downhill riding.

Also, when it comes to the aesthetic design and attractive graphics of this longboard, you must like this longboard.

Especially when you start calculations to make a balance between quality and price, you must keep this longboard in mind.

Our team of experts has been doing personal research on volador longboard 46for a long time. Today’s review is arranged in that light, hope you like it. We are also confident that this review will be of great benefit to you.

volador 42inch freeride longboard review

Although the volador 42inch freeride longboard is much cheaper, this longboard 42 inches has been enriched by all the nice features. Today we are going to talk about some of the great features that will make you enthusiastic about this longboard.

42 inch longboard deck

The longboard deck is one of the first parts to play an important role in a longboard. Because on this deck you will first set foot and stand.

Also, if this deck is not very strong then this deck may not be able to carry your weight.

Volador 42inch freeride longboard cruiser is a very good quality longboard for beginners with good controlling.

And from all these aspects this deck will be able to provide very excellent service. And at the same time, the durable structure will be able to carry you quite comfortably.

But if you want an alternative to such a large longboard, then the Atom 41-inch drop through longboard can be a great alternative. But in that case, you will get more benefits from downhill riding than cruising.

Eight-ply maple

Whenever you go to buy a cheap longboard you will find that the construction of the deck of that longboard is not so strong and durable.

Considering all these aspects, when you are getting an 8-ply construction at this price, you must consider it.

Epoxy glue has also been used to make this deck. And when it comes to maple wood, eco-friendly material, and excellent construction, you can use this longboard for a long time without any problems.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks: Seven Inches

Just below the deck is a T-shaped metal that can hold two separate wheels together. That metal is called trucks. You can buy lots of the best longboard trucks in the present market!

This nice longboard truck is also quite strong and quite large so it can maintain the balance between the two wheels very well.

It is even possible to adjust these tracks from 45 to 50 degrees so that you can take any kind of turn with ease.

Volador 42inch freeride longboard cruiser is a very good quality longboard for beginners with seven inches reverse kingpin trucks.

Also due to this nice feature, the usefulness of the board increases, and at the same time, the board attracts the buyer towards the purchase.

Polyurethane Wheels

Even though the price is quite affordable, you will not get a chance to complain about the wheels of this board. This wheel, which has been able to provide service for a long time, will surprise you.

With this wheel, you can ride comfortably on any type of surface. Even if the surface is a bit rough, it can give you a very good performance.

volador 42inch freeride longboard Cruiser: Pros

Available at affordable prices

You will be amazed at all the features and construction quality of this wonderful longboard because of its affordable price.

Many are a little enthusiastic about longboarding but are hesitant to think about whether they will get a foothold in this world because of the best expensive longboard.

In that case, just as the company of this longboard is on the list of the best longboard brands, so is Beginner occupying one of the places in the list of longboards.

Highly stable

Since this longboard is designed for beginners, this longboard is quite stable. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily do longboarding with this product.

But since you are a beginner, you must use the best protective gear to maintain your extra safety when going out for longboarding.

In this case, a pair of best knee pads can give you great security And when you wear a nice longboard helmet with it, you will get much more safety.

Can turn easily

You may occasionally need a sharp turn when you go out cruising on city streets. And in those cases, this volador longboard Reddit will give you excellent support for a long time.

Also, with this cruising freestyle longboard, you will be able to turn with this board quite comfortably when you learn to ride. Due to its smooth and easy usability, this name has repeatedly appeared on the list of one of the most popular and best longboards.

Weight-bearing capacity

Yes! If the deck of this longboard is not one of the strongest and most durable boards in the current market. However, you can be sure that you will get a good amount of service from it.

Weighing about 250 pounds, this longboard can be used with great ease. Even if you are tall and slightly fat considering your weight, you can still ride this longboard without any hesitation.


Not only will you get excellent quality service from the wheels of this longboard but also its bearing and good quality. As a result, you will get quite smooth riding from this longboard.

Even when you go out riding on the city streets, you will get a good turn as well as a sharp turn from this longboard.

Aesthetic design

How aesthetically pleasing that longboard is when you want to do longboarding is a very important issue. Especially in the longboarding community what kind of longboarding you are doing and how aesthetic it looks plays a very important role.

Volador 42inch freeride longboard cruiser is a very good quality longboard for beginners with beautiful design.

Because it is on this design and aesthetics that your personality is expressed. From there, this longboard will be able to provide you excellent service.


This nice longboard is about 42 inches so you can ride on this longboard with great ease. Besides, children and adults alike feel quite comfortable with this longboard.

volador freeride longboard: cons

Yes! For so long we have been highlighting only the good aspects of this longboard. But we have to keep in mind that everything has a downside, and in that case, this longboard is not the opposite.

Let’s take a look at some of the downsides of this longboard. However, since this longboard is very cheap, we can overlook these cons if we want and we can buy this longboard which is excellent for the beginner level.

The bearing quality could have been a little better

Since the price of this longboard is very affordable, you can ignore these cons if you want. Although the wheels of this longboard are much better than some other cheap longboards, many claim that its bearing is not so smooth.

Research on consumer comments in the current market has shown that you need to provide a little extra push when you go out riding with this longboard.

And so, this bearing can have a slight effect on the overall performance of the longboard.

The grip tape fell off after a while

The grip tape has been provided to provide you with extra security with these longboards. This grip tape works well when you go out wearing your favorite skate sunglasses on a shining day so that your happy time does not turn into an accident.

However, several consumers claim that the longboard can be used for a long time, but its grip tape is up. However, if you want, you can buy grip tape just like the good quality but very low-price skate wheels available in the market.

Why buy a volador 42inch freeride longboard cruiser?

First of all, if you are a beginner-level rider, or you want to buy a good quality skateboard at a low price to learn skateboard then you will buy this longboard.

Also, many do not dare to set foot in this longboarding world because of the expensive skateboard. For them, this longboard will play a useful role in entering the world of skateboarding.


Are Volador longboards good?

If you have read our review then you already know that this volador 42inch freeride longboard cruiser is quite good in terms of quality and at the same time quite popular due to its affordable price.
But if you haven’t read this review, you need to know that this longboard is not a professional-level longboard.
This is a must-have, for any novice to enter into the realm of longboarding. Because even though the price is low, there is no compromise in terms of quality in this longboard.
There are only one or two downsides that you can easily ignore if you look for affordable ones.

Is Volador a good brand?

This longboard brand has already gained popularity in the world of longboarding through its various affordable longboards. Plus, whenever you want to make a list of the best longboard brands, this name will come up due to its low price and quality.
However, most of their longboards are usually made for beginners. And so, it goes without saying that there is no comparison of this company for the purchase of an affordable longboard for beginners.
The reason for this is that other companies that provide longboards at such a low price never pay much attention to the details in terms of quality.
After all, this longboard brand is a blessing in disguise for beginners, as they usually don’t get such good quality anywhere else at this price. If you are interested to buy another product from this company, then the volador 40inch maple longboard review will give you a lot of ideas.

Where to buy a volador longboard?

As you can see, if you buy from amazon with a click from our website, then there will be a small portion of the commission we will earn from that. So, you want to buy it online then amazon is the best place to serve that purpose. Amazon’s return policy is quite amazing. Plus, they are the largest online store in the world.

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