Finding skate sponsors are an excellent opportunity for any skateboarder. There are excellent parks and you can get all kinds of gear for free. But getting sponsors for skating is not an easy task, to get a sponsor you have to be a smart and talented skater at the same time.

So with that in mind we’ve compiled a list of some skateboard companies that want to sponsor skateboarders for your skateboard sponsorship opportunities. If you think you can inspire them with your talent to sponsor them then I think you should contact them. But remember, there are no easy skate sponsors!

This article isn't guide you some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid place that you get skate sponsors.

Note: Though skate companies looking to sponsor always, still it is very difficult to get skate sponsors from big skating companies like Independent, Vance, Baker, etc. so we have given more priority to small companies in our list. You can choose the company of your choice by looking at the list.

We are not here to guide you to some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid places that you can stop by. Plus, there are always skateboard sponsorship offers that you can lean on.

Top Skate Sponsors Currently Thriving With Skaters

Skateboard sponsors for beginners or easy skateboard sponsors, whatever you search for, apart from some big companies there are always some small skate companies looking to sponsor. Whether it is big or small skateboard companies, you can search for skateboarding sponsorship websites.

You can even tag along with sponsor me skating for skateboard sponsorships! Skateboard sponsorship websites are always available for skateboard sponsorship applications. Thus you don’t have to tag along with a placard written on skateboard sponsor me. Lol!

1. Welcome Skateboards

Founded in 2010, the Welcome Skateboards Company quickly became popular. They survive in the world of skateboarding with the principle of creating a skateboard only for those who ride the skateboard in a calm and polite manner.

This article isn't guide you some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid place that you get skate sponsors.


Their team may not be made up of the best skaters but they are made up of skaters who inspire others as well. Though there are no such things as easy skateboard sponsorships, you should always look forward to it.

2. FA Skateboards

Excellent skateboarder’s company for skateboarders in a somewhat cool mood. Jason Deal founded the company in 2006. These skate companies looking to sponsor all the time. And, you should look forward to them.

This company has a nice slogan, wear your heart on your sleeve vibe. Some skaters really like it too. In addition to boards, they also make clothes and other gear. If you are looking for sponsorship for skateboarding, then you can check out this place.

3. Girl skateboard

It is not too long ago that this justly recognized company started its journey. They have a really nice skater team. They also include some of the biggest skaters like Shawn Malto, Corey Kennedy, and Rick McCrank.

You must be a good skater if you want to join their team. Since they are widely known they get lots of sponsor m requests. Make your best tricks video and sponsor me video. The easiest way to communicate with them is to communicate with them on Instagram.

4. Gallowing trucks

This company is also owned by NHS Distribution. They have been in the world of skateboarding since the 1960s which is a very long time. During this time they have built some excellent trucks.

From their standard shadow truck to the Pro Hunker with unique hangers, all the trucks are awesome. Unfortunately, they did not get as much recognition as they should have. Contact them through their Facebook page.

5. Santa Cruz Skateboards

These Santa Cruz skateboards are probably one of the oldest skateboard companies in the world. This Santa Cruz Company is also owned by NHS Distribution who owns many more companies including Independent, Creature.

If you get Skate Sponsors by small companies first or come to their notice, you will gradually catch the eye of big companies as well. This way you can reach your goal step by step. Easy skateboard sponsorships are not here, but you can always try.

6. Almost skateboards

The company was founded in 2003 by technical skate magicians Rodney Mullen and Devon Song. They are under Dividend Distribution. They are one of the small skateboarding companies, who are quite uprising!

This company is doing an excellent job with a technical skater. If you know Flat Ground Tricks and can demonstrate great art techniques with your board then you should contact them for this company sponsorship.

7. Creature Skateboard

Creature Skateboard Graphics has a creepy twist among Skateboard Graphics’ unique 6 companies. They also make decks, bushings, and other ancillary parts under NSH distribution.

This article isn't guide you some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid place that you get skate sponsors.


Skateboarding companies looking to sponsor, and they have an amateur skater team who will be able to master other skaters and become a pro-level team. You can contact them on their Facebook page if you want.

8. Caravan skateboards

Founded in 2010, Caravan Longboards Company is a small longboard company operating from North America. Skate companies looking to sponsor and this company are made up of a mixture of their love for art and skateboarding. His skateboarding community is widely known for the high quality of its products.

They make both skateboard and cloth. They are not a very big company but it would be a great place for a talented skater to start.

9.Diamond Supply Co.

Initially, the company sells skateboard hardware. These include grip tape, nuts, bolts, bearings, tools, wax, and even clothes. If you have ever ridden a skateboard before then most likely you have used their product.

Skateboarding companies looking to sponsor and getting sponsorship from here is a bit difficult but with the support of such a company you don’t have to look back.

10. Bamboo skateboards

They make unique skateboard toys. Bamboo Skateboards are made with bash. Before you comment on them, know that they make high-quality skateboards. They make their skateboard decks with sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

If you have never skated with them I would tell you to give it a try. They may be contracted to sponsor a talented skater to showcase their deck.

11. Primitive skateboarding

The company was founded in 2014 by Paul Rodriguez. Though they are one of the small skateboarding companies, they quickly gained a reputation in the world of skateboarding. Their products are designed in a mixture of unique and popular cultures.

This article isn't guide you some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid place that you get skate sponsors.

We think they are the only company that makes Dragon Ball and Naruto-themed decks. Like some companies, they have an AMS team for young skaters.

This is a great opportunity for a young talented skater to get started. You can contact them from now on.

12. Paris Truck Co.

Paris Truck Co. is one of the best longboard truck manufacturers in the world of longboard. In addition to longboard trucks, they also make excellent skateboard trucks.

skateboarding companies looking to sponsor, and Surprisingly they sponsor longboard dancers and downhill skaters. They need people to represent them on the street skater team. If your skills

If so, we think your luck should be tested once. Contact them from here. They usually respond very quickly to their Instagram.

13. Skate Pro

One of the largest and most established companies on our list is Skate Pro. They are looking for riders to sponsor who can influence and inspire their community.

They are not limited to any specific place they work with skaters from all over the world. In our opinion, this is a very good opportunity for most skaters. They should be contacted soon.

14. Orangutan Wheels

Owned by Loaded Longboard. They also have a reputation for sponsoring riders. The sign-up process is similar to the loaded longboard above. Getting their Skate Sponsors is not an easy task but if you think you can complete the steps in the right way then you should try. Learn how to do it here …

15. Motion Board Shop

A board shop based in PNW is known to sponsor local riders. If you live in or near Washington State, I suggest you try contacting them once.

Build friendly relationships with them. You may not get sponsorship in this but you can get discounts in different places when you go to buy gear. See here to know about them.

16. DB Longboards

PNW based Longboard Company DB makes excellent longboard. Among the longboard dancers, they didn’t sponsor them so much that if they could sponsor someone new, it would be good for them.

This article isn't guide you some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid place that you get skate sponsors.

If you are a longboard dancer and are looking for a sponsor then this would be a good opportunity for you if you can contact them and take their sponsorship. You can contact them from now on.

17. Hooky

Our next sponsor is Hookie. Getting sponsorship from this company is not an easy task but if you want to get some gear for free then this is a good option. The hooky makes a sleeve for the skate shoe which makes the skate shoe more taxi and stronger.

A group of skaters used the AT and they survived. It’s really good. They are a bit different but we think their product is very good and there is no harm in trying to get sponsorship. See now for more information on their sponsorship.

If you are looking for easy skateboard sponsorships, then this is the place you should hump.

18. Sheet Magazine

SHIT is a skateboard magazine that has been around since 2000. It started with a pair of Norwegian skaters and has grown ever since.

They sell skate gear and other accessories and recently hosted an online sponsorship competition.

It may be too late to participate in the competition so we think we should try to contact them as soon as possible. . Especially if you live in Norway.

19. Riptide sports

Riptide Sports is the bushing maker. The bushing is not important to street skaters, so Riptide Sports is keeping an eye on slalom, LDP, and general longboarding.

It is a very good opportunity to get them as sponsors. This will allow you to make yourself perfect.

20. Seismic skate

The seismic company is underrated despite making excellent wheels. Since they are not so popular in street skating, it would be good for them if they could sponsor a street skater. See the Tadre Sponsorship Form and their products here…

This article isn't guide you some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid place that you get skate sponsors.

21. Loaded longboard

This loaded longboard company is one of the best longboard companies. Loaded longboard companies have a reputation for giving riders free gear, but their terms are a little tougher.

Their sponsorship process is a bit lengthy but if you are able to meet all their conditions then you can take free gear from them. This may be the best skateboard sponsorship offer on our list.

22. Hayashi Skateboard Co.

Although Hayashi Skateboard Company is a small skateboard company, they are always aware of their responsibilities towards the afterlife. They sell a skateboard deck in exchange for planting two trees.

They are directly and indirectly involved with many non-profit organizations. From now on, try to learn about their sponsorship if you want.

23. Atlas Truck Co.

Atlas is a skateboard truck company based in PNW or Pacific Northwest. They make very good longboard and skateboard trucks.

This article isn't guide you some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid place that you get skate sponsors.

They are mainly responsible for feeding Longboard’s visitors. I believe they would be really happy if they could sponsor a street skater to advertise their TKP truck.

24. Better bearings AU

Roller skaters, street skaters, longboarders, and even inline hockey players are in charge of catering. It is clear from the activities of Better Bearings that their sole purpose is to support the skateboard community.

If you care about the community and the impact of a company on it, you can choose this company to sponsor you.

25. DNA skateboards

DNA Skateboards or Design, New, Art Skateboards is a small skater-owned company. Their goal is to maintain the culture of skate life. They make skateboard decks as well as sell other accessories. You can visit their store and sponsor Me Page.

26. Whatever skateboards

Whatever Skateboard is another small skateboard company operating out of the United States. They have very beautiful online media where the features and design of Tadra Longboard and Skateboard are presented in a very nice way.

This article isn't guide you some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid place that you get skate sponsors.

Although they are not as big as other companies, it will not be as bad as the first sponsor. See here to know about their sponsorship form.

27. Bonus wheels

There is nothing new to say about the bonus wheel as they have been involved in the sport for a long time. For those who don’t know about this company, this company does really good wheel and bearing tires.

Even if it is difficult to get sponsorship from them, if you think you are suitable for sponsorship, you can try. Check out their sponsor Mr. Page.

28. Kingske 6

A Chinese-owned and operated company that sponsors riders worldwide. They do not appear to be legit companies and their website contains suspicious information and advertisements.

According to their website, their company provides free gear. We think they will go further one day.

How to get sponsorship from skateboarding?

Though “skate companies looking for riders” is quite a common scenario, but you need to be a pro and smart to gain that. Skate companies sponsoring only pro and community leaders so their word can spread. It’s true, skate companies looking for sponsors all the time, but you need to be worthy of that.

This article isn't guide you some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid place that you get skate sponsors. And here are some skateboard sponsors.

Skate companies looking to sponsor, and Sponsorship is a company that will give you money or free gear in exchange for a service. The services may be just using their gear, promoting their ads on social media, telling everyone they know about the company, and so on.

However, it is a matter of luck that all the sponsorships get the opportunity in one or some sponsorships. These are very good compared to other sponsorships, but the commitment made with them has to be kept.

Types of Skate Sponsors

You can always search for skate sponsorship websites to gain some info about that. But you don’t have to go anywhere, as this skateshouse is the place you can have them all. Plus, skateboard companies looking for riders, you can always apply to them.

Skate Shop Sponsorship

In this sponsorship, you will basically get free gear from Locker Skate Shop. This is the easiest and most convenient sponsorship for beginners. This is a very easy opportunity for newcomers. You should look forward to their skateboarding sponsors for beginners.

This article isn't guide you some easy companies to get sponsored by in skateboarding, but some solid place that you get skate sponsors.

Local shops usually ask for sponsorship, you tell your friends about this shop that you have taken your gear from here they will also come to this shop to buy their products

They will often tell you to use their shop gear such as t-shirt, hoodies, tag them in social media posts and send them clips of them.

In our opinion, this sponsorship is perfect for you to get started. You will find lots of different types of gears from where you can try different types of gears and take the gear of your choice for free or at a special discount.

Flow Sponsorship

Flow Skater doesn’t have any special deals like other small skateboarding companies. That is, there is no agreement between the company and the skater. The company will send you free gear to try at any time.

Most companies do this when they get a rider of their choice. They do this to support the rider. By using these, the rider can increase his skill to the next level.

Some Flow Riders move to the Pro Level Rider stage. If you think it suits you, you can try.

Amateur sponsorship

This time it can be said about the sponsorship of professional riding. Our next sponsorship level is Amateur Sponsorship.

Riders of this sponsorship receive free gear and other benefits for the company’s advertising. They can also be called employees of the company as one and they have many obligations and responsibilities.

Sometimes the company pays for the occasion with some money or instruments that will come in handy for the rider.

Professional sponsorship

This is the latest level of sponsorship. A professional rider is considered to be an employee of the company i.e. they are employed here. They are part of the company’s team and obey all kinds of rules.

They have to be involved in the company’s campaign, they have to be involved in advertising, they have to read the company’s own clothes, they have to participate in events, and they have to participate in skate trips and so on.

In return, the skater enjoys all the benefits of the company, including salary, such as health care, insurance, etc. Skaters can also invent and sell new pro gear through this company and in return the company gives them the royalty.

The main goal of most skaters is to get pro-level sponsorship. Here you can work as a full-time skater, especially for those who cannot think of anything other than skating, what better opportunity than this? However, only 1% of first-row skaters can reach this professional sponsorship level.

What is the right step to get Skate Sponsors?

Getting sponsorship is very important to be a true skater and there are many ways to do this. Is it entirely up to you which approach you take?

It could be a party, a skate jam, or friends, or whatever. Talking to someone who can sponsor is the best and first step to becoming a pro-level skater. Below is a list of steps to follow to get noticed by companies

** Skateboarding should be as good as expected: No company will sponsor someone who can’t skate unfamiliarly and very well and can’t talk about their gear in public. Meanwhile, it is very important to take care.

** Talking to the company: Go to the company’s website, fill out the sponsor me form, send them the best video clips of your skating, use their tags on social media.

** Creating High Quality Skate Clips: To create a sponsored video clip that will amaze everyone.

** Participate in competitions and survive with your best: You need to talk to the people involved in skating; you can talk to some team managers. Must participate in skate-related parties and skate-related events.

** If you fail at these then keep skating and try to do better: If you are a really good skater then nature will help you and somehow you will finally get sponsored.

It may be a long time but believe me, it will.

It’s great to get sponsorship, but…

It is a huge reward to get sponsorship after years of hard work and skating.

But remember, it’s not important here. Yes, we are lucky to have a sponsor but that is not the only reason we started skating. We go out with the board in hand because it gives us joy.

So even if everything fails, there is nothing to despair about Skate Sponsors. Skating is just a matter of pleasure, we enjoy it. And if we keep skating thinking about it, everything else will happen by itself.


Sponsorship can help reduce the costs of skateboarding for participants. This FAQ is going to answer some of the most common questions about skateboarding companies looking to sponsor.

How do you get sponsored by a skateboard company?

P-Rod, one of skateboarding’s most recognizable names, has some advice for aspiring skaters. He says the best way to get sponsored is by entering contests and showing up to demos, making friends in the skate industry. Rod also recommends being consistent with your skating and never giving up on your dream.

Is it hard to get sponsored in skateboarding?

Despite what people think being a sponsored skater can be difficult. Yes, you get free stuff and get to travel, but, if you’re fortunate enough to get paid it’s not always a lot. Sponsorship can be a great opportunity for skaters to make some money and travel, but it’s not always easy. Skaters often have to work long hours for little pay and there is a lot of competition for sponsorships.

How do you become a pro skateboarder?

There is no one right way to become a pro skateboarder. However, there are a few essential steps that will help you on your journey. The first step is dedication.
You need to be willing to put in the hard work and practice necessary to become a champion. Secondly, you need good balance and stability on your board. Thirdly, you need strong core muscles and flexibility. Lastly, practice makes perfect, so don’t stop learning even if you start making progress.

How do skate sponsorships work?

Sponsorships work differently for skateboarders and skaters. Skateboard sponsorships usually last for a season, while skaters can have multiple sponsorships throughout their careers. Sponsorships provide financial support in the form of cash, products, and services. They also often provide access to events and competitions, and they may provide marketing or branding opportunities.
Sponsorships are an important part of the skateboarding industry. Skateboarders can use sponsors to help them with their finances and to help promote their brands. Sponsorships can be financial or in-kind, and they can last for a short period or for a long time.

Who is the richest skateboarder?

Tony Hawk is one of the most recognized and successful skateboarders of all time. In 1999, he was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and has since become one of the wealthiest men in the world. He is estimated to have a net worth of $140 million. His fame as a skateboarder is undeniable, with over 100 million records sold and numerous awards and achievements to his name.

Final Words

In conclusion, skateboarding companies are always on the lookout for new, up-and-coming talent to sponsor. If you’re a skateboarder with a lot of promise, get yourself seen by as many of these skateboarding companies looking to sponsor as possible.
Start by submitting your video footage and photos to their websites, and attend as many skateboarding contests as you can. The more exposure you can get, the better your chances of being sponsored. Good luck!

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