For the past few years, we have been to skateboards and longboards I have seen using different types of materials like bamboo vs maple longboard. These usually range from carbon fiber to fiberglass and even bamboo and some plastic.

These materials such as bamboo vs maple longboard, can make a great alternative to traditional maple and are sometimes very affordable, plus they are long-lasting and in some cases environmentally friendly. However, are these alternative materials perfect to use or buy?

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..

In today’s article, I will explain the difference between bamboo and maple. I will talk about its advantages and disadvantages so that it is an advantage for you when you buy these and you can see and buy them. So, we will talk about what are longboards made of and their details.

Why pick bamboo vs maple longboard?

Usually, light, strong decks are made of bamboo and have flex. If you are looking for a flexible commuter, dancer, or durable cruiser board then this is perfect for you.

Things made of bamboo will flex and will continue to do so you don’t have to worry about cracking. And it will be more environmentally friendly than maple.

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..

Bamboo grows very fast. It only takes 5 years to fully grow. But it takes about 30-40 years for a maple tree to grow fully.

Because when bamboo is cut, only its shoot is left, from which other bamboos grow again. But when you cut the maple you have to cut it completely, only if you replant it it will grow again. There is nothing hard about it.

Here, of course, bamboo can be declared the winner. It is environmentally friendly, grows very fast, does not require too many resources to grow and it is a very good material for the material. Some companies, such as Arbor Longboards, use bamboo because it is said to be environmentally friendly.

Another advantage of longboard bamboo is that it is as strong as it is lightweight. Bamboo longboards are best for compact, flexible, and lightweight. The inside is hollow so that it is light in weight and fast-moving.

So it is possible to make a Flexi longboard with only 5 ply bamboo which can support weight like 200lbs.

But one of the advantages is that bamboo is a little more expensive than traditional maple when it comes to bamboo skateboards vs maple. In the case of bamboo longboards, you have to be prepared to spend a little more money, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach or that you can’t afford it. For this, you have to make your pocket heavy. You can check the complete price of bamboo on Amazon.


The classic option-Maple

Maple is usually hard and best for stiff decks. If you are looking for a minimal flax skateboard, downhill longboard, or something like that then this is perfect for you.

For example, in this bamboo skateboards review, you can see this maple board in Sector 9 of Amazon. Maple is the best wood for longboard.

Although this does not mean that you will not get Flexi Maple Board.

Many people say that bamboo is better than maple. But it depends on what you are comparing. Again, not all maple is one and the growing properties of all maple are not one. For example, the density and growth of maple grown in Siberia are the same, but the characteristics of a maple grown in Canada are different.

This is because the maple that grows in Canada is in a high place, which is why its quality is one thing and Siberia is another. So its direct meaning is that it is strong, stiffer, and durable, and it is possible to make good skateboards and longboards through them.

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..

So it is understood that bamboo wins in comparison with cheap maple but bamboo will lose to American bamboo vs maple longboard.

However when it comes to being flexible and strong with bamboo longboards vs maple, bamboo is better than maple. But when it comes to great longboards like Playshion longboard, then maple wins.

Considering the environment, it is not right to use maple. Because skateboarding is the biggest culprit for maple deforestation in North America. Maple is not changeable and it takes a long time to produce, so it is a threat to the environment when the tree is cut down.

If maple is being reserved or reforested responsibly, it is good and some big longboard companies do it. This means that even after maple cutting some systems have an impact on the environment if you are comparing bamboo skateboards vs maple.

Whether you are a maple means you are supporting the American industry. This is very important because you are helping to boost the country’s economy and supporting local businesses.

Bamboo vs Maple longboards- A wise discussion

Maple longboard vs bamboo

In this segment, we will compare these two types of wood. Our purpose will be how you can differentiate between them and which of them will satisfy you.

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..


When it comes to bamboo vs maple longboards, Bamboo is lighter in weight than maple wood. It doesn’t have too many wooden components, so it stays light. Most of the time the inner part of the bamboo is hollow.

For this reason, bamboo longboards are high speed and have minimal propulsion effects. And maple boards are heavy. For this, you have to spend a lot of money.


Maple wood is more powerful than bamboo wood. It is this power that gives these longboards enough energy to carry the load and keep it moving.

If you are looking for a longboard for long-term use then Maple Wood Longboard is for you.


Are maple skateboards good? The maple board is durable as it gets stronger. The main reason for its durability is that it takes a long time to mature and build the body. This thing gives Wood the strength to be tough and rough year after year.

This is why the longboards manufactured by Maple Wood are long-lasting. They take years to detour and are called limited interventions. You can be sure that the lowest cost for repairing and maintaining and its shape will remain the same.

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..


Bamboo is usually thin and lace woody if you are thinking about bamboo skateboards vs maple. This makes it easy to bend. For this reason, the longboards manufactured with bamboo are flexible if you are looking for bamboo vs maple longboard.

If you want to do a longboard on this type of route then you can think of a longboard made of this bamboo. But you need to buy from best longboard brands.

The low boards made of maple wood are rigid. They are only ideal for straight and parallel terraces and work very hard on rugged paths.

Weight capacity

Maple wood longboards have a high weight capacity for full strength and stability. It is capable of carrying a weight of about 150 (330 pounds). On the other hand, longboards made of bamboo can carry a maximum weight of 100 kg (220 pounds).

Since then many more new piles have been added to the skateboard to hold this weight. And as such, Maple Wood Longboard is the best.

Environmental Friendliness

It was said earlier that Maple Wood takes a long time to mature. Maples take about 8 to 10 years to fully mature. And their bamboo takes only 3 to 5 years. When maple wood is cut in the interest of making this longboard, it has a great adverse effect on the environment and causes damage to the environment.

This is because it takes many years for the maple to be rebuilt after cutting. As such, bamboo longboards are more eco-friendly than maple longboards.

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..


If you are contrasting bamboo vs maple longboards, maple wood longboards are more expensive on average than bamboo longboards. Since it is stronger than bamboo, it may cost a little more.

So you have to make your pocket a little heavier when buying it. If you have a problem with your budget, this longboard is not for you. In that case, you have to proceed towards the bamboo longboard.

Which one is more durable?

Longboards made of bamboo-like maple are not so durable. It stays tough and works beautifully when new. But when it gets old, its flexibility decreases and it starts sagging.

This means that when it gets old it may not perform as well as it used to. So after a few years, you must think about replacing this bamboo longboard.

Maple, on the other hand, is very durable due to its longboard being denser and stiffer. It will usually be very long-lasting but it will have to be replaced after a few years. None will break very easily but a cheap maple longboard can hurt you.

Which one is the best for cruising?

When it comes to cruising with your bamboo longboards vs maple, this should be the case with your preferred board. It was said earlier that bamboo is flexible. This flexibility helps fix suspension and road vibration for a comfortable ride.

Although you won’t find any longboards in deck shapes. In the case of mold, it is very troublesome, and drop-down longboard shapes cannot be given through it. This is a limited option for top mounts and drop throw decks. You can check out Arbor Zeppelin on Amazon which serves as an example of a good bamboo cruiser.

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..

And maple is stiffer if you are comparing bamboo vs maple longboards. You will get a lot from the road for which Stephens is very necessary. If you want something very responsive that is very useful in controlling or that understands your tracks then you should go for Maple Cruiser.

And when it comes to deck shapes, you will find many options.

Which will you choose?

So it is very difficult to understand who the clear winner with this summary is.

But when it comes to the environment, bamboo longboards are a thousand times better than maple longboards. But when it comes to durability, performance, and cost, American-made maple skateboards are much better than bamboo boards.

In the end which batter depends on the type of your longboard and personal preference?

Bamboo vs maple longboard-which one is better to choose

Concerning and considering which is the best longboard between bamboo and maple longboard, it can be said that I can give you the most appropriate result.

Both Bamboo and Maple have different identities and are well-known worldwide for their features. A bamboo longboard is perfect for you if you have a full idea about the longboard or you know how to run the longboard.

But if you are a beginner or have a problem with longboard balancing, then you have no choice but to have a longboard of maple board. Now it depends on your skill and your mind which one you choose between Maple vs Bamboo Longboard.

In what ways bamboo decks are better than maple decks comparably?

There are many reasons why bamboo decks are better than maple decks. Maybe maple longboards are strong wooden longboards but bamboo longboards have advantages according to your thinking about maple vs bamboo longboards.

The most positive thing is that the quality of bamboo longboard decks is improving day by day. So let’s see in which cases longboard bamboo decks are better than maple decks;

** Bamboo longboard structured with fiberglass but maple made only by maple wood

** Maple longboard decks are not as flexible and playable as bamboo longboard decks.

** These decks tend to be longer lasting than normal longboards

** Bamboo decks are more tractable than maple decks for stunning and carving.

** These types of Bamboo decks tend to be lighter than maple decks.

What is the best bamboo longboard designed for you?

Whether you are a beginner, amateur, or pro longboard rider, the most important thing is which bamboo longboard is designed for you and which one you choose? I have selected the 5 best bamboo longboards for your requirement and fit, and these are:

Magneto kicktail cruiser longboard skateboard (44 inches)

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..


White wave bamboo longboard skateboard complete

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..


Hana longboard skateboards (bamboo)

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..


Retrospec zed bamboo longboard skateboard (complete cruiser)

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..


The SANVIEW short bamboo longboard skateboard

Bamboo vs maple longboard will help you to know the difference ..


Wick bamboo vs maple longboard ever rule the world of longboarding?

Longboards, like kings, rule the world of longboarding with bamboo longboards vs maple. For example, in 2022, the maple longboard has received great prospects, its demand has increased and it has got the highest-rated longboard type. Do you know what that means?

This means that we have come up with a huge idea that bamboo longboard decks will rule the world. Maple Longboard has shown the world its power in 2022. But one rumor from longboarding fans is that in 2022, Bamboo Longboard will rule the world of Longboarding.

FAQs of bamboo vs maple longboard

Is bamboo or maple better for longboards?
Both types of wood are very reliable and maple or bamboo will suit you for superior longboards.
As I said before, if you are a beginner, choose maple longboards and if you are good at longboards, then bamboo longboards are for you.

Are bamboo longboards good?

Of course, a bamboo longboard is an ideal longboard for any road or track. It can be used for long-lasting, ultimately workable, best for stunts, freestyle rides and is also well known for durability. And that’s why it will be a fabulous one for you.

What is the best material for a longboard?

Longboard materials are mostly made of plastic, fiberglass, wood, and bamboo. Plastic longboards are great for kids. Fiberglass is very powerful and it does not break easily.

Wooden materials, on the other hand, can be easily broken and bamboo longboards are great for stunting. So I would choose bamboo longboard and fiberglass over other materials.

Are bamboo skateboards good?

Maple skateboards may be made of many plywoods but bamboo skateboards are very handy and can be operated easily. Bamboo skateboards can be easily balanced, properly controlled, support heavyweights, and offer far more advantages than other longboards like maple vs bamboo longboard.

Is it harder to skateboard or longboard?

Skateboard is smaller than longboard with bamboo longboards vs maple. For example, skateboard sizes range from 22 inches to 32 inches. The bamboo longboard decks are from 32 inches to 44 inches.

In my consideration, larger size means you can ride easily. And so I think it’s harder to ride a skateboard than a longboard.

Final words

So, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground of bamboo vs maple longboard.

And I think these clues will help you find out which ones are flawless, addictive, and beneficial.

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