The best electric skate backpack depends on your specific needs and preferences. But my personal choice is the Slick Revolution and alter bags native backpack. These are prepared by standard maintenance. These backpacks are made in a universal design, meaning that these bags can carry skateboards of any size and brand.

Riding on an electric skateboard is a very enjoyable affair. However, many people forget how practical these devices are. Having an electric skateboard allows you to travel with it regularly. If you go out for a ride with an electric skateboard, you will see that there is nothing more enjoyable than this.

The weight of an e-board can be a bit of a problem for long journeys. The hardest time on a long journey is that you have to carry it occasionally. Carrying a 30-pound device on a bus, train or car is sometimes very annoying. However, there are several options to relieve riders from such annoying situations.

A young electric skateboarder carrying his electric skateboard with a back pack.

Electric skate backpack the most popular way to carry the best skateboard. Some companies make electric skateboard backpacks that can carry your board, electronics and even your books.

From this article you can get an idea about the market of 2021 skateboards backpacks. Buying backpacks for your electric skateboards may seem a little complicated to you at first glance. There are several things to keep in mind when buying a backpack.

Let’s know some important things about electric skate backpack.


Which is the best electric skateboard bag?

The best quality bag for an electric skateboard is a board bag. The quality of this bag is very good and very effective in terms of protection.

Another nice bag is the Hubro Designs. It’s a lot like a board bag, but it’s a little affordable. Below is a comparative discussion of these two popular brands, it will be easy to choose your choice.

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.

One thing to keep in mind is that the electric skate backpack is not only for use during the ride but you can also use it in your daily work. A skateboard backpack will easily break your device but you also need to carry other essentials with you.

Backpack companies offer many additional features to riders so that a rider gets confused which backpack will be better for him. Stay with us we will help you make the important decision to purchase your backpack.

Why use an electric skate backpackand bag?

You may be wondering why you should use an electric skateboard backpack. Basically, the main purpose of using an electric skateboard is to avoid walking. The e-board is for initial riding.

But if you want to go somewhere far away from your home, if you want to go out on a trip once a week, then if there is no suitable place for skating then you will need to carry a skateboard.

Due to the weight of the electric skateboard, it cannot be carried for a long time, so if you have a electric skateboard backpacks, it will be easier to carry your electric skateboard.

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.

I own an electric skateboard and it’s awesome, but how do I travel with it?

If you go on long-distance trips with your electric skateboard, you must carry a backpack. Backpack for carrying a board.

Very nice isn’t it? If you have a skateboards backpacks, you don’t have to carry anything extra. For example, if you have a grocery bag in one hand and your e-skateboard in the other hand, it is very difficult to receive a call when your phone rings at that moment, so if you have a single backpack, you will get rid of this problem.

If you have a backpack, your hands will be free, and then you can do any other work with them, such as buying a bus or train ticket, receiving a phone, etc.

Today we are going to talk about some backpacks that are awesome. Especially for those who go out with an electric skateboard will be very useful.

The Top 10 best electric skate backpack

1. Slick Revolution ESK8 Rucksack – the new Obed Backpack

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.


The Slick Revolution Company wanted to create a backpack that would be compatible with any electric skateboard. What does Slick Revolution Most mean? They want to convey that their skateboard fits the deck flats of all skateboards and e-skateboards.

It’s really a huge deal. With the exception of the fitted straps and the battery at the top of the board, the whole thing becomes a place here.

This backpack includes an adjustable truck sling to support your board from below, a larger zip open section with internal microfleece dividers, and centrally hinged padded shoulder straps.

It has nice aluminum side and top carry handle. This feature allows you to carry this bag either vertically or horizontally.

The Slick Revolution ESK8 Rucksack has a Velcro side pocket with an external outlet for the USB cable. It also has a reflective rear area for nighttime visibility. It also has a pull out G-hook helmet strap to carry your helmet.

The back of this backpack has mesh fabric and adequate padding so it looks very nice. You can use its hip straps to distribute the weight. If you do not like these then you can open it.

Ari is a nice feature of this backpack even though it is Slick Revolution branded but you can remove the logo if you want. So Lacroix, Backfire, Meepo or any other brand logo rider can attach his choice or ride without the logo.


* Made with advanced material

* Weight distribution is very good

* External outlet for USB cable

* Fits most boards

* Reflective stripes for enhanced visibility

* Helmet strap

* Saeed handles to carry horizontally

* Logo can be removed which means you can customize your backpack


* Board (grip tape or wheels) stands out at the bottom (board cover recommended)

* New to the market so not enough reviews found

2. Alter Bags Native Backpack

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.


The Native electric skate backpack is very nice to look at. If you compare its price with other models in the market, you will see that it is a bit affordable. This backpack will come in handy for carrying an electric skateboard. alter bags native backpacksare located outside of Singapore.

In April 2019, Native Backpack launched the first online global shipping. The Native Backpack has a 15-inch padded laptop compartment, 2 quick access side pockets for small items like your remote or wallet, and two side pocket slots for holding water bottles.

In other words, the alter bags native backpack has all the necessary pockets. It has a reflective stripe for nuttime visibility. These will come in handy during the ride. You can also put it in your full face helpmate or half shell helmet.

Alter’s native skateboards backpacks is available in two different sizes, one is the Mini and the other is the Maxi. Mini Perfect for a board that is 32 inches long, 10 inches wide and 16 inches wheelbase, you can put the boards of more than 32 inches length, 11 inches width and 22-inch wheelbase in the maxi.

Non-electric boards can be placed in the native backpack. The Mini has 16.5 L and the Maxi has 28 L of main storage. Roll top design in both sizes.


* Beautiful to look at

* Weight distribution is very good

* Includes laptop compartment

* Suitable for many types of boards


* Board (grip tape or wheels) stands out at the bottom (board cover recommended)

3. Monark Supply Skateboard Backpacks

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.


If you just want to carry your electric skateboard and some small things then Monarch Skateboard is perfect for you. It doesn’t have much storage, but it will come in handy if you want to travel with a few things.

Unlike other bags this bag cannot be worn on two shoulders, it has to be worn on one shoulder. The bag is made of nylon and has a small pocket and a large pocket.

Before buying this backpack, riders need to consider whether their board will fit in this bag. However, in this case, you can be sure that there is enough space


* High quality material

 * Weight distribution is very good


* The grip tape of the board and the wheel are outside

* Small

* E-board may be too small to carry

4. Hubro Designs Boosted Board Longboard Backpack

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.


Like the boosted board backpack, the Hubroskateboards backpacks are designed to be compatible with all Boosted boards except the Mini. Although it is specifically designed for boosted boards, it is compatible with other boards.

It has a pintail (point tail). The main compartment has a 13”padded laptop sleeve. It will come in handy for student skaters. A soft microfiber lining is placed on the top of the electric skateboard bag to hold the phone, key, wallet or other small accessories.

The Hubro backpack has a padded bottom compartment for chargers. There are mesh side pockets on either side to hold water bottles or anything else.

Anyone familiar with Boosted knows what this backpack will look like.

However, in our opinion, this bag does not perform as well as Boosted. The price tag of this backpack is amazing. Only one-third of the boosted backpack.

The performance of the official boosted board backpack is very nice and has all the necessary features but the price is also high. We recommend to fans of Boosted Skateboard that if your budget is a little less then you can buy Hubro backpack as an alternative.


* Affordable price

* Weight distribution is good

* Suitable for many types of boards

* Includes laptop compartment


* Quality is not too high

5. Superow Backpack for Onewheel

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.


The SuperO backpack is specially designed for One Wheel + XR. However, it is also effective for One Wheel + and One Wheel V1. The smaller Super also works well for backpack one-wheel pint.

This electric skate backpack is designed with a backpack-style shoulder strap which distributes the weight of the one wheel very well and makes it easy to carry. Weight distribution is the most important factor for one-wheeled backpacks. One Wheel Strange trademark shape becomes a solid in the case of comfortable fashion.

The backpack has a chest strap attached to it to make it move less when carrying. The super pack also has a leather handle that makes it easy to lift or carry. This bag can be used as a backpack or a normal backpack. You can also fold this bag into a small case.


* Made with high quality material

* Small carrying case can also be made by folding


 * Expensive

* There is no other storage to keep other things

6.Obed Backpack

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.


OBED Backpacks are made by OBED, a US-based company. The backpack is excellent for most electric skateboards on the market. This backpack has a separate compartment for the board.

The board stays close to your back. The closer the board is to your body the better the weight distribution will be. That is to say, it is a nice feature.

The OBED backpack is very nice as a skateboard backpack. You will feel like you are wearing a heavy vest. Because the bag is low profile, it is much smaller than the other backpacks on the list.

This back is very durable and made of thick fabric. It has heavy-duty padded back straps. Zippers are an indicator of the quality of many skateboard backpacks. The board compartment zippers of this backpack are heavy-duty zippers.

The storage compartment has a regular weight zipper. This electric skateboard bag is very solid when electric backpacks are locked inside. This backpack is not designed for boosted boards but boosted devices fit very nicely.

The OBED backpack is no longer very much available in the market but has created a bag similar to Slick Revolution which we have already discussed above.


* Weight distribution is very good

* Suitable for many types of boards


* Quality is not too high

* Board (grip tape or wheels) stands out at the bottom (board cover recommended)

7. Backpack for LOU Electric Skateboard

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.


The LOU electric skate backpack is one nicer backpack on our list. The style of this backpack is very nice. This backpack is made for LOU boards, meaning it will only fit small boards.

Unfortunately, the straps on these backpacks don’t work perfectly. The board should be placed in front of the backpack i.e. the whole weight will be distributed in front of the backpack.

Although the weight of the LOU board is not very high, due to the poor weight distribution of this backpack, after a long carry, there may be a problem with the back of the rider. The backpack has a single laptop pocket and a front zipped pocket. The entire electric backpacks are made of comfortable cotton and nylon material.


* Beautiful to look at

* Rumi

* Laptop compartment


* Weight distribution is not very good.

8. Evolve Backpack

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.


This backpack came on the market two years ago and this backpack received a huge response in a community. It’s very nice to see. It has various compartments and pockets.

This evolve backpack also has a padded slip for the laptop. Another nice feature is that it has an insulated compartment inside for the water bottle. Designed with 3D mesh on the back for better breathability.

Logos are reflected for nighttime visibility. Many customers say that the quality of this backpack is not very high. Especially the board straps of the device are not very well prepared, they may break after a few months of use.

Another thing is that the lower part of your backpack will move out of the backpack and the grip tape will come in contact with your shorts.


* Reflective stripes

* Insulated Bottle Compartments


* Outdated

* Cheap board straps

* Bottom part of the board protrudes (board cover recommended)

9.GoRide Tech Backpack

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.


You can compare the Goride backpack with the LOU backpack. It is specially designed. It allows you to carry a relatively compact and electric skateboard.

You mount your board to the front without mounting it to the back of the backpack. With Cure, you can easily attach your board to your backpack. However, it will not do a very good weight distribution.

You may have back and shoulder pain if you have been carrying your board in a gourd backpack for a long time.

The carrying capacity of this electric skate backpack is 19.5 pounds. It has a laptop compartment and two bottle holders.


* Price is low

* Suitable for many types of boards

* Includes laptop compartment


* Quality is not very good

* Weight distribution is not good

10. Deck Hook for electric skateboards

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.


Many riders prefer the deck hook. It is largely convenient and effective. It’s a very simple matter. It has an attachable aluminum hook so you can mount and carry any type of skateboard.

The device adapts to a boosted board or reverse or traditional Kingpin truck. The deck hook clips any 2 strap backpack via a patented snap system. The straps magnetically locate in place. One of these can carry up to 40 kg. Just slide the snap lock down to release. ]

Some riders love deck hooks. Because the weight distribution of this deck hook is very nice. The closer you put the weight of the skateboard to your back, the better. But most of the weight in this electric skate backpack is distributed towards the front which is away from the rider’s back.


* Affordable price. The most affordable on our list

* The quality of the material is very good

* Suitable for many types of boards


* Weight distribution is not very good

* There are not many reviews as it is new in the market

* Board is not fixed (board could dangle)

The ultimate guide to choosing an electric skateboard backpack and bag

We have already discussed how convenient and necessary it is to use an electric skate backpack. But how do we know which is the perfect backpack for us? What are the things to keep in mind before buying a backpack?

Why can’t we use normal skateboards and longboard backpacks? This is because these boards are very heavy and these backpacks cannot carry so much weight.

Electric skateboards are about 3 times heavier than normal longboards. Carrying more than a few kilos of weight for a long time can be dangerous for your spine and back.

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.

This is why most hiking backpacks are bulkier (and a bit uglier) than normal bags. Even if it doesn’t look good, if you carry the whole set up for a 3 day hike, the real thing is to protect your back from any kind of serious injury. That’s why we have to use bags specially made for carrying heavy electric skateboards.

Fit and Comfort of Electric skate back packs

In order to choose a backpack, you have to take care of it very well. This is very important. If you have to carry a long time and have more than one heavy item inside, you need to use a comfortable padded strap bag.

If using a backpack causes pain in your shoulders and back, there is no point in spending money to buy a beautiful bag.

Board Straps of electric back pack

The board strap makes the difference between an electric skateboard backpack with a normal bag. In the normal skateboard backpack you will find the stripes towards the end and in the electric skateboard backpack, you will have to mount the board on the back of it.

A lot closer to your back. Best carving Skateboard straps stay on the back of the backpack or inside the back compartment.

A good board strap is able to carry the weight of the electric skateboard. Board strap designs include tint type, such as click type, elastic strap and Velcro strap.


Almost every electric skateboard bag has more than one compartment. Check out Litter on the product’s website to find out how much the backpack can carry. It should be clearly written on the product’s website. The amount of litter written in all the compartments together is not just that of the main compartment.

To choose the perfect backpack for you, first calculate how many kilograms you will carry each day. But that is not all. You pick the bag according to your need. Carrying a large bag on your shoulder can cause various problems. Carrying a bag larger than the board can cause more shock.

Weight Distribution

The weight distribution of a backpack like fit and comfortable should also be taken into consideration. If the weight distribution is not good, it can be dangerous to use the bag no matter how good it is, no matter how comfortable it is and no matter how good the padding of the strap is.

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.

If the weight distribution is not good, carrying the bag can cause pain in your back. If you want to carry heavy items like electric skateboards and laptops in bags then you must buy bags that distribute good weight.

Durability and Padding of Back packs

How durable an electric skateboard backpack will be depends on its material. This material shows how safe the products are in your backpack. It is very important to use a strong and durable electric backpack. Since in this backpack you will carry your valuables.

We recommend using bags made of heavy-duty material. Polyester is very popular for its lightness, durability and comparable affordability.

Also the material at the bottom of your backpack is very important. If you are thinking of carrying a laptop in your backpack, it must be very strong.

Otherwise, your expensive board may fall on the concrete and damage it. We also need to look at the material of the connected webbing and the strap. Because if the material is not good, you will not be able to use the backpack for a long time.

The back panel should be contoured and padded. This will increase comfort. It should be noted that foam channels can provide cushioning, which will increase breathability. When riding in warm weather, use a pack of suspended mesh system to facilitate ventilation.

How thick the shoulder straps will depend on the size and type of backpack. Thick padded straps provide much more comfort and support while thin padded straps are much more flexible. The ventilation system is much better in mesh straps.

Back pack Theft Protection

If you travel abroad or in the country with your electric skateboard, you will need to use different modes of transport to travel to different cities. Anything can happen while walking with your electric backpacks.

Unfortunately, thieves have become more cunning than ever before and they now steal bags as well. For this reason, it is better to have slash-proof mesh net or padlock in the backpack for extra security. This will protect your board and other personal belongings.

Compartments and pockets

It is very good to have more compartments and pockets. Military backpacks have many pockets and compartments. One can keep different things in one pocket.

Such as a compartment for a laptop, a wallet for small but important things like wallets and keys, a pocket for snacks, a pocket for a water bottle. The advantage is more if there are more pockets.

Water resistance

Fully waterproof electric skate backpacks are a little hard to find, especially the slightly larger waterproof models. Because such bags require a lot of stitching. There is always a little space in the zippers and it is very difficult to make water proof by stitching so much in a bag with a zipper.

Strong and durable fabric is used in almost all backpacks and some of them are also waterproof. Some backpacks can also be coated with a water repellent treatment. However, it is best to use a removable rain cover.

It is better to buy a rain cover of a slightly larger size so that the backpack will fit perfectly. Waterproof sacks can be used for more protection of electronic gadgets such as remote controls, chargers, laptops and documents.


If your electric skateboard is heavy and large in size then you need to buy a groom backpack for it. Buying a small backpack with straps on the back will not be comfortable.

Looking for electric skate backpack?This electric skateboard backpacks can be your choice.

When buying a backpack you need to make sure that it is perfect for your electric skateboard. Weight distribution will not be good if the backpack is not perfect, using the wrong size backpack can cause pain in your back or neck.

What kind of backpack do I need for my esk8?
If you want to buy the perfect backpack for your e-skateboard, you have to pay attention to its size, material, stripe. Also choose backpacks that have separate compartments and pockets for storing tech gear and water bottles, wallets. You also need to pay attention to the padding of the backpack straps.

Which is the best backpack for an electric skateboard?
In our opinion Alter Bags Native Backpack This backpack may be the best e skateboard backpack on the market. This backpack is the best backpack on our list because of its awesome features. This backpack made of advanced material is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

How heavy is an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards offer a compact and lightweight means of personal mobility with electric skate backpack. Hover boards weigh an average of 25 pounds to 35 pounds. Electric skateboards weigh an average of 12 pounds to 18 pounds. You can easily carry these in your backpack.

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