When you decide to buy good quality best cheap skateboards and at the same time think about your budget, the situation can become quite frustrating. If you don’t know the right skateboard, you can buy a bad quality skateboard at a low price.

And after all, a bad quality skateboard can never give you good service. And so if you want to buy the best chip skateboard you must buy it through a nice combination of price and quality.

And that’s exactly why you need to know what kind of feature a skateboard can be called a quality skateboard. Plus you need to know this that, there are some amazing health benefits of skateboard too!

If you have no idea about this then you have come to the right place. Our today’s article can help you a lot in this regard. You don’t have to search with the term cheap skateboards near me anymore!

One thing you should know before starting this Best Cheap Skateboard Related article is that we have an expert skateboard rider team that has created this guide based on their long experience.

In addition, the opinion of skateboard buyers has been given a lot of prominence in making this guide. We have tried to make you satisfied by purchasing the excellent best cheap skateboards at affordable prices and quality.

Are there any best cheap skateboards at all? And for whom is this board suitable?

Skateboarding is becoming increasingly popular as an excellent and extraordinary outdoor sport. And because of this growing popularity, new skateboard riders are getting interested in it. However, even if they are interested, since they are brand new in this sport, they do not want to buy skateboards like professional riders at a much higher price.

The need for such a cheap skateboard is so great to be familiar with this thrilling sport. If someone likes riding after a while, he can change his skateboard later if he wants. And if he doesn’t like it, he’s convinced that it didn’t cost him too much to buy a skateboard.

Now the question is there really a good quality skateboard available in the market cheap? The answer is yes! If you search a little better and know about the best skateboard brands among the different skateboard brands, then your search will be a lot easier.

There are many other good brands including Atom, Penny, and Darkstar who make high-quality skateboards for newcomers at low prices. These types of skateboards are of high quality and can take their place as very useful skateboards for newcomers.

Top Five Best Cheap Skateboards Reviewed

1. Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31-Inch Skateboard with Canadian Maple



Made from Canadian maple wood, this gorgeous skateboard will first catch your eye with its striking design and graphics. The deck profile of this skateboard rich in mild concave is designed in such a way that you can get maximum control, turn from this board. Also when it comes to displaying a variety of tricks, it can be said that this board is quite unique.

The company is committed to making your riding experience much smoother with ABEC-7 wheel bearings. It also has riser pads and cushions. The nice logo of Punisher Company is printed on one side of this deck, which adds to the beauty of the board.

You can get maximum service through its heavy-duty alloy trucks and bases. Because they are better than many other skateboard parts in terms of quality. Also, this board has heavy-duty grip tape to ensure your safety, which can keep you at ease in terms of traction.

But yes! When it comes to safety, wearing the best protective gear along with the integrated safety of this type of board can make your safety aspect much more robust.


** This 5-inch longboard has aesthetic and attractive graphics

** Deck made of durable and strong stiff Canadian maple wood

** Anyone over the age of eight can use this board

** This double-kick skateboard is able to provide excellent performance due to the concave deck system.

** Attractive custom prints have been printed on the skateboard tracks and bases

** Out of the box, ready to use


* Many have complained of stiffness between the wheels in the early stages

* Many people say that it is an average board – but in terms of price, this board can serve you well

2. MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard

 MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard


You can use this minority skateboard for a long time because it is made of 100% hard maple wood. This seven-ply stiff deck can weigh up to a maximum of 220 pounds. And so if your weight is in it, you can rest assured.

In addition, the Board’s Medium Concave Deck will be able to assist in performing a variety of tricks and stunts. Everything including the original aluminum trucks, carbon kingpin, and 78A high rebound bushing can make your riding so much better.

In addition to speed, long-lasting performance, and a variety of tricks, this excellent board has a lot of aesthetic graphic work. There is also nice grip tape on the top side of this skateboard to look very attractive. These best skateboards for beginners are a great gift for the novice as it is available at affordable prices despite being rich in many features at once.

You will also feel a lot more comfortable using this skateboard because of the kick tail and nose. And when it comes to overall performance, this skateboard doesn’t have to wait long to win your heart.


** Deck made of hard and strong maple wood

** Much more stable in terms of riding

** ABEC-9 bearing provides a smooth riding experience

** Tough and strong trucks can ensure long-lasting performance

** This skateboard has an attractive design and aesthetic graphics

** This fast-paced skateboard can add thrill to your riding experience


* Good as a starter board but you have to change the board after gaining some skills

* Grip tape can come up very quickly

* Nothing impressive

3. Landwalker Pro Cruiser Complete Girl Skateboard 31×8 Inch Skateboards Skateboard


We all know about the longevity of maple wood, and when we see this wonderful Landwalker Pro Cruiser Complete Girl Skateboard made of maple wood, we can be sure of its long-lasting use. And this feeling becomes even stronger when it is seen that all the parts of it are made of very strong materials.

Take for example the ABEC-7 precision bearings, which play an effective role in ensuring your speed as well as smooth riding. Also due to the much softer bushing, you can turn these cheap skateboards completely quite comfortably.

Another thing that makes this board more attractive is that the non-slip surface of the board can jeopardize your safety while riding. However, when it comes to safety, using a skateboard helmet and knee pads can ensure extra protection.

Double Kick This skateboard is built on a dual concave system which allows you to get additional benefits in terms of positioning. In addition to this, you can gain complete control over the board while performing various tricks and stunts.

Weighing about 220 pounds, this board can be used comfortably for a long time. The company even offers a limited warranty on various parts of this skateboard. You can use the board immediately after taking it out of the box, no assembly is required.


** Non-slip decks can provide extra protection

** A deck made of eight-ply maple wood can be used for a long time

** As it can weigh up to 220 pounds, use it safely

** Usable without assembly out of the box

** Excellent graphics work has been done to make the board attractive

** You’ve seen extra space on the board to design it yourself


* Some consumers have expressed doubts about its quality

* The bearing may not be as smooth as it should be

* Excellent as a beginner board but not as a professional board

4. Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard


The company that created this excellent board, a company called Krown, has a long history with skateboarding. Since 1997, thousands of riders have won the hearts of skateboards through the quality of these boards. And this krown Rookie Checker Skateboard is no exception.

This board is quite narrow in shape and due to its lightweight, you can carry it quite comfortably with a nice skateboard backpack if needed. If you are new to the world of skateboarding, this board can guarantee you some great experiences. As the first skateboard in life, this board can give you many happy memories.

Made in a modern concave design, this skateboard will not only ensure your comfortable riding but also because of its pop making you can easily learn a variety of tricks with this board.

Also when you come out with this skateboard rich in attractive design and aesthetic graphics, this skateboard will take your personality to a unique level. Assembled in a very professional way, this skateboard comes out of the box and is immediately usable. You do not have to assemble with special difficulty.


** The history of this company is deeply involved with skateboarding

** Assurance of exceptional construction and long-lasting performance

** All parts are of excellent quality and manufactured to industry standards

** Aluminum alloy tracks are quite stiff and durable

** Skateboard made in a modern concave design


* Many have complained that it is good in terms of price but not very good as a professional

* One has complained about the delivery of this product

5. ENJOI Skateboards WHITEY PANDA Complete SKATEBOARD New!


The specialty of this excellent ENJOI Skateboards WHITEY PANDA Complete SKATEBOARD is that it has been made through Resin 7 construction. And this construction uses 100% maple wood vinyl and epoxy resin glue which makes the skateboard much stronger. And as well as being strong you can get long-lasting performance from the skateboard.

This skateboard will also help you perform and learn a variety of new skateboard tricks on a daily basis. The great thing is that it is surprising but true that this deck is much stronger than the traditional skateboard deck. It is even possible to pop better from this deck which plays a very effective role in performing your various tricks.

Also, the trucks are quite strong even after being very lightweight and made of heavy-duty aluminum. When making this board, each deck is checked separately to see if the correct concave is calling each deck. So that you can expect maximum consistency from this board.

The wheels of these best complete skateboards on amazon are quite nice which can handle the stress of street riding from your skate park very comfortably. But yes! This board does not come in assembly condition, you have to assemble. However, in this case, the additional advantage for you is that you can assemble this skateboard according to your needs. And assembling it is not a very difficult task.

Amphetamine bearings will speed up your skateboard riding at the same time and make your riding much smoother. In addition to all the nice features, this skateboard is available in the current market at a very affordable price.


** Excellent and strong construction

** Resin 7constructions that provide long-lasting performance

** USA Made Bushing brings a unique feeling to your riding experience

** You will get great control because of the excellent concave

** You can assemble this skateboard according to your needs


* Not too bad considering Beginner’s skateboard and pricing

* Doesn’t come ready to ride

Things to consider before buying the best cheap skateboards

Before buying a skateboard you should know that due to some features a skateboard can be called good quality. Also if you are a beginner then this buying guide will play a very useful role for you.

Even if you are a beginner, if you know these features well, you will be able to buy the best skateboard for beginners adults from the thousands of skateboards, and some amazing beginners longboards in the current market by choosing an affordable and quality skateboard.


The first thing to understand is exactly what you are going to purchase a skateboard for. The design and shape of a skateboard depend on exactly what kind of riding you can do with that skateboard. Also depending on the style, you can perform any kind of tricks with this board at all.

skateboard size

You have to choose between different styles and what kind of skateboard you want to buy. Suppose you want to buy a skateboard for riding on an urban road, then you need to buy a nice carving skateboard accordingly.

It also depends on the shape of the concave and the board whether it will be a pintail or a kicktail. And depending on the type of feature, you can easily perform various tricks with the board.

Also if you want to do normal riding then it is better if the wheel of your skateboard is soft. Again, if you want to perform different types of dance or skateboard tricks, it is better to have a hard wheel on your board.

Skateboard size

When purchasing a skateboard you must have an idea about the standard size of the skateboard. You need to know if this skateboard is going to be the perfect size for you at all! However, at present, there are many variations of sizing, which were not seen before.

Even 15 years ago, riders didn’t have much of a demand for this sizing. But as the days go by, sizing has become a very important issue as different types of skateboards have moved in line with the modern needs of the people.

Buy a skateboard by looking at the size chart according to your height shape among the different types of skateboards. However, even if you buy according to the size of your child, it may have to be changed again after a while due to the growing age of the child.

Skateboard part

Hopefully, you have an idea of ​​what kind of style and what size skateboard to buy. Now let’s look at the different parts of the skateboard. And the construction and building materials of the different parts of the skateboard should all be considered.

A skateboard has different types of parts and the combination of all those parts can tell whether a skateboard is good or bad. If you buy from the local skateboard shop, you can check it yourself.

But when you shop from different online stores like Amazon, you have to rely on different reviews and ratings from consumers. Also, a good quality brand usually makes good quality skateboards.

Grip tape

When you stand on top of a skateboard deck, good quality grip tape is used on the board to keep your feet well attached to the deck. This type of Grip tape can provide excellent traction for you.

A good quality grip tape is very necessary so that your feet do not slip out of the deck. Also, a pair of best skate shoes might be a great help on this issue! And as a beginner, you are more likely to get off the cheap skateboards for beginners, and in that case, Grip tape can give you extra security.

skateboard grip

Also, you have to rely a lot on the Grip tape when you are sliding on the winding road. Also in all these cases, nice sliding gloves can make your safety much more emphatic.

Skateboard deck

In most boards, this part is made of wood. And usually, everyone makes decks with maple wood. However, many people make cheap skateboard decks with brick wood.

In today’s modern technology, many people make decks with very high-quality fiber. These boards have very nice flex and at the same time, they are quite stiff.

Many eco-friendly people now use bamboo decks for their skateboards. This is mainly due to the widespread use of maple wood for various reasons; the number of maple trees is constantly declining from nature. Meanwhile, a maple tree can take about thirty to forty years to mature.

best cheap skateboard deck

There is also some variation in the price of skateboards based on these different components of deck making. However, almost all types of decks are now available at affordable prices. In this case, the price of the fiber deck is a bit higher.

Whatever it is, no matter what material you use, the deck has to be strong and sturdy. Otherwise, it is useless to expect long-lasting performance from a skateboard. And so if you want to buy an affordable skateboard, you have to make sure that the deck is of good quality.

Skateboard trucks

The part that holds the two wheels on either side of your skateboard together is called the track. And based on these trucks you turn and grind while riding.

cheap skateboard trucks

In most cases, skateboards and longboard trucks are made of aluminum. Also, the most important thing is that these trucks have to be much tougher, if not strong it is not possible to ride with two wheels stuck together.

However, in the case of some skateboards, it is seen that they use plastic trucks. Don’t forget to buy a cheap skateboards on amazon with this type of truck as it can break down in a few days and even in a few hours.

Skateboard bushing

The inside of the skateboard tracks has a rubber-like part on the inside, based on which you can turn. And this part is also called bushing. Unlike these types of bushing trucks, they can come in a variety of shapes.

skateboard bushings

If the diameter around this bushing is much stronger then your skateboard will also become much more stable. It’s really surprising that the performance of your skateboard depends a lot on a small part like Bushing.

The bushing should be checked very carefully when purchasing cheap skateboards at Walmart. There are a lot of companies that don’t pay much attention to Bushing when it comes to making cheap boards.

Skateboard wheel

When you first go shopping for a skateboard, you might want to focus on how beautiful the graphics are and how strong the deck is. On the other hand, the issue of wheels may escape your attention.

Skateboard wheels are usually made of a kind of hard rubber material. In the case of some of the cheapest skateboard wheels, they are made of plastic.

skateboard wheels

However, the problem with plastics is that they are more likely to break when hit by a hard rock or something else. Also, the plastic wheels can’t withstand the roughness of rough and rough ground most of the time.

However, if you want to skateboard on a flat road or skate park, you need to find a skateboard wheel that is a bit stiff. And if you are riding downhill type on the uneven and rough ground then a slightly softer wheel is better for you.

This is because the rough wheels of rough terrain can usually cope with the stress and the riding also becomes quite smooth. In modern times some nice rectangular wheels are made, which are completely different. If you want you can try this new type of wheel.

Skateboard bearings

These small ball-shaped bearings in the wheels help the wheels to rotate smoothly. Because bearings are not a very expensive part, the price of a skateboard usually does not change with the quality of the bearings. However, in terms of quality, there are not many good bearings on the board.

If the quality of the bearings is good, then your riding experience is much better and smoother. At present, you can buy separate skateboard bearings at low prices.

Most good skateboards usually have the ABEC 9 bearings. And these bearings are so good in terms of quality that your riding will be much smoother and faster.


The curve in the deck of any skateboard is called a concave. And depending on the shape of this concave, you can control just how much control you have over the skateboard.

Skateboard brand

We always say that if you buy the best-branded products in the market, you are less likely to be cheated. But the thing to keep in mind when buying the best-branded product is the price of the product.

There are many good brands in the market, buy a good quality skateboard from them. A skateboard that has a combination of price and quality is what you should buy.


What is the best skateboard for a beginner?

There are lots of the best cheap skateboards that you can buy as a beginner! From them, we’ve compiled the best and top 5 skateboards that can amaze you with high performance and top-notch quality.  These top 5 are the best skateboard for a beginner when you are going to buy with a budget limit!
1. Punisher Skateboards Butterfly Jive Complete 31-Inch Skateboard with Canadian Maple
2. MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard
3. Landwalker Pro Cruiser Complete Girl Skateboard 31×8 Inch Skateboards Skateboard
4. Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard
5. ENJOI Skateboards WHITEY PANDA Complete SKATEBOARD New!
What is a reasonable price for a skateboard?

It is difficult to answer this question in a short time. The price is determined according to the variety of skateboards. Such a simple skateboard is fine if it is within $100 dollars. However, if you buy a skateboard made with many expensive materials for $ 300, it can be said that the skateboard is affordable.
However, if you are going to buy a beginner-level skateboard, then the price between $120 to $170 is a perfect average price. And there is no such thing as the best cheap skateboards under 10!

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