The safety of a skateboard without a helmet is unthinkable. Helmets are a very important part of skating safety gear. Kid skateboard helmet protect their head, the most important part of the body.

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.

This is especially important for children, especially those who are developing motor skills. Considering the importance, the subject of our article today is the best skate helmet for kids.

Here we have discussed some of the best kid skateboard helmet. After reading this, you can decide which child skate helmet is perfect for your child.

Top 10 best kid skateboard helmet

10. Jbm Skateboard Helmet

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


The first kid skate helmet on our list is very affordable and offers a lot of protection. This JBM helmet is a very simple helmet and its design is very simple. It has multiple ventilation holes, basic color scheme and adjustable straps.

It has an adjustable bark on the back so that it can be tightly fitted even on small heads. These skating helmets for kids usually come in three sizes namely Small Medium and Large. However, you will need small longboard for your kids to ride on.

It doesn’t have a junior size, but it will fit a kid with a slightly bigger head, a little older, or a kid who has a lot of hair on his head. If the hair is big, you have to increase the size of the helmet, so if your child has dreadlocked dry hair or a huge afro, then this skateboard helmet kids time will be good for them.

You can find out more about this kid skateboard helmet from Amazon. Then take a look at which is the perfect color helmet for your child.

The price set for this skating helmet for kids is justified. This youth skating helmet has ASTMF1492 and CPSC certification is very important and it is understood that it will protect you with confidence.

The design of this toddler skate helmets is very simple and many children do not like to use it because it is not colorful. But it is a very nice helmet.

9. Triple eight lil 8 certified helmet

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


Triple Eight is a very well-known brand based in New York. These 8 logos are very unique and easily recognizable. Triple Eight manufactures a variety of high-quality safety gear such as knee pads, elbow pads, and hip pads.

Lil 8 is comfortable, safe, and nice to look at.

The Lil 8 has a standard size but comes with two sets of pads that you can customize to fit you perfectly. Skateboard helmets designed for kids are perfect for most kids of all ages. It is designed to fit heads ranging in size from 18 to 20.5 inches

These children’s skate helmets have ASTM F1492 and CPSC certification. This helmet is different from other helmets because it has a thicker lining and it also has a pinch saver padded chin strap which makes it more comfortable.

Triple Eight is an excellent skate helmet for kids. Perfect for any child but it costs a bit more. Below is another helmet called Flyber and it’s a bit cheaper

8. XJD toddler kids helmet

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


Another nice helmet XZ Simple is a helmet and it has no fancy features but it does not compromise on safety.

This youth skating helmet is made for a head size of 18.9 inches to 21.3 inches in diameter which means it is said to be an excellent skate helmet especially for those children who are 3 to 8 years old. However, if you know the size of your child’s head first, then it will not be a problem with big or small.

The back of this helmet has an adjustable strap and bark with which the youth skate helmets can be fitted as required. These helmets are available in four colors Pink, Black, Blue and Light Green. You can learn more about this helmet at

This toddler skating helmet has CPSC bike and CE certification but no ASTM F1492 certification. This means that it will give your child complete protection, but it is not like the helmets that are ASTMF1492 certified.

If you are looking for a kids skateboard helmet that is affordable and has these three types of certifications then you can check out the JBM helmet above.

7. Razor v-17 youth multi-sport helmet

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


This is a mid-priced youth skateboard helmets. The Razor v-16 is a nice and unique toddler skate helmets. It has a custom design, unique color range and multiple ventilation holes, a total of about 17.

This toddler skateboard helmets are designed for kids ages 8 to 14. This helmet is perfect for a head size of 22 to 23.5 inches depending on the size of the diameter.

This helmet is very shiny and has many color designs that kids love. Kids usually don’t like kid skateboard helmet that isn’t too pretty to look at.

They always like something colorful. You can take this helmet for your baby and hopefully, he will like it a lot. Check out this helmet from

This best kids skate helmet has CPSC certificate only so it is recommended to use it only for cycling. But it also works well in skating. Be aware that this is not for official skating. For the same size skating-rated helmet you can see the Triple Eight Gotham helmet below.

6. Proriderbmx bike and skate helmet

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


More nice youth skating helmet and affordable helmets. However, the provider has many options to choose the size and color. This is a nice skate helmet for Prorider kids. It is the most excellent helmet and basic helmet on our list. Much more than the price and because of the features, it can be called affordable.

It has no back straps but only an adjustable strap that fits your baby’s head perfectly. And this is one of the best scooter helmets for kids.

It has three different sizes and the X Small size would be best for kids. It is made for 3 to 21.5 inch head sizes for kids age’s three to six.

If your baby’s head is a little big then there will be some kind of problem. You can learn more about this toddler skating helmet and see all the colors.

If your budget is very tight then this kids skate helmet is an excellent option for you. It has CPSC certification so it can be said that security is guaranteed but there is no ASTMF1492 certification.

The following flyer helmets have all kinds of certifications.

5. Triple 8gotham helmet

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


Another Tripl 8 helmet and this is their Gotham series helmet. It works as a nice helmet for adults and a nice helmet for little kids.

This helmet has a ventilation whole feature. This means that its indoor environment will be a bit warmer than others, so it is perfect for use in winter or cold weather. You can have a blast with a best skate sunglass on.

This is the smallest size of three different sizes xs / s. It will fit for a head with a diameter of 18.9 to 21.3 inches so it is an excellent helmet for small children.

This is an excellent option. You can choose colors that reflect light at night. It gives more safety for your child if they skate or cycle in your neighborhood in the evening. The light from the childrens skate helmets will be reflected and as a result cars or other cyclists will be able to see them. Learn more about it at amazon.

In addition to some nice features of this helmet, it has dual certification (ASTM and CPFC). However, it is a bit expensive so maybe not everyone can afford it.

If you want to buy it for more than one child, the price will be much higher. See triple8 above for more affordable toddler skateboard helmets.

4. Nutcase – Little Nutty

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


Little Nati is a nice-looking toddler skating helmet compared to the ones on our list. Specially designed for children, this helmet has all the necessary regulations (CPSC, ASTM). This helmet has an excellent pirate design.

These skating helmet kids are designed in a slightly different color than the traditional color. If you want, you can also choose any other color like racing stripe or silver color. If your child does not like pirate designs then you can take those designs too.

This kid skate helmet is perfect for 3-6 year olds and is perfect for a head measuring 16.9 inches to 20.5 inches in diameter. With this on your feet and wearing skate shoes, you can have a blast!

It has additional padding facilities so you can make it fit and comfortable as needed. You can even use it according to your child’s needs for up to 1 year.

See more about this on Amazon. Although it is a nice kids skateboard helmet, it is a very expensive helmet. However, the price does not matter to the child’s hobby. If you need a more affordable skate helmets for kids.

3. Mongoose Boys Street Youth Skull Hardshell

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


One of the most excellent designs on our list is the childrens skateboard helmets. Mongoose has designed this nice helmet for these little kids especially for boys but girls can also use it. With this one your girl can ride best cheap skateboard without fear.

The back of this helmet is designed with a skull shape. And ventilation holes designed like the eyes and nose of the skull. Many kids love it because of its attractive design.

Due to its design shape, its features are very nice and it has all the features required for protection. It only has STM F1492 certification for skating. You can also use it for other roller sports with ease.

This kid skateboard helmet has a thick padding feature and will fit nicely on a head with a diameter of 20.5 inches to 22 inches. This helmet is very attractive to look at, it is comfortable and affordable. It would be the best helmet on our list if it had a few different sizes. See more about this helmet on Amazon

2. Bell Hello Kitty Child and Toddler Helmets

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


One more unique helmet. These kids skate helmet is manufactured by Bell Company whose main source of income is to make high-quality helmets. Don’t make the mistake of taking any equipment other than a helmet from them.

It is a nice girls skating helmet for girls and boys can use it as well. It is a Helmet Kitty based helmet designed with a whisker, pink plastic bow and 3D cat ear. Even if your child is wearing roller skate, then this helmet will be the best.

Its design is very nice and if your child likes it then feel free to buy it. This helmet has both STM and CPSC certificates. All Bell helmets already have this certificate suit.

This two-size kid skate helmet for kids is available in the market. One is for 3-5 year olds and the other is for 5-6 year olds. If your child has a lot of hair on his head, then the groom size will be better.

The 3-5 year old Saizati is perfect for heads with a diameter of 18.6 inches to 20.5 inches. If your kid doesn’t like this design, you can check out Bell’s more helmet designs from Amazon.

1. Flybar Dual Certified Helmet

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


Finally the flyer helmet. This youth skate helmets is the helmet of a company that is slowly gaining the trust of the customers and the number of their customers is increasing.

The first thing you will notice about this childrens skate helmets is its ventilation hole. It has 12 vents for adequate ventilation. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

This kid skateboard helmet has an adjustable strap and dial so you can fit perfectly on your baby’s head. The smallest size is 20.6 inches to 21.6 inches, perfect for heads aged 6-8 years old.

This childrens skateboard helmets has several color and graphics options including the splatter option. Learn more about these helmets on Amazon. Even your child is interested in free ride riding, then this helmet can give ample protection.

This helmet has two certifications, and the price is reasonable according to the features.

 If it were any more stylish it would be the nicest toddler skate helmets on our list. For an eye-catching helmet you can see the triple 8 or little knot at the top.

Buying guide of kid skateboard helmet

In addition to choosing the best helmets on the market, you also need to know what to look for.

This is our buying guide for choosing the right skating helmet for you gehe hier hin.

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


The most important part of a kids skateboard helmet is whether it fits in your head. You can’t rush to buy a single helmet because it will be a waste of both money and time if it doesn’t fit you.

You can measure the diameter of your head with the same measurement tape. To measure, take a measurement 2.5 cm above the eyebrows or around the circumference of your head from the forehead.

This will allow you to know the exact size of your head and buy the perfect helmet for you. There are different types of standard helmets available in the market and you can choose any one from these. Even with one wheel skateboard, this helmet can provide nice protection.

Description of different types of toddler skateboard helmets and which one to choose for you

Full face

These childrens skateboard helmets would be best for maximum safety. Since your whole face will be covered, if you suddenly fall down, your head or jaw or any other part of your face will not be directly injured and you are not likely to get pain. It is very important to use it for those who ride very aggressively.

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


These kids skate helmet match the name. These helmets are very nice to look at. These helmets are very light in weight and are specially made for races. However, the price of these helmets is much higher .You need to have a comfortable helmet, even with your backpack is on.


These kid skate helmet come in two types, full face and open face. The full-face version offers a lot more protection and is made to meet all the conditions of BMX racing but the open can only be used for flatland riding and dart jumping.

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.

Mountain bike helmets

These helmets are very nice for extra coverage, excellent ventilation and retention. If you prefer downhill skating then you can use these helmets.

Time trial

This helmet will come in handy during time-sensitive racing. An excellent aspect of this skate helmets for kids is that it gives you aerodynamic benefits.

Aero Road Helmets

It is a completely new type of helmet on the market. These helmets are a combination of trial helmets and vented helmets. As these helmets are thinner in weight, you will not have any problem in your movement and it also has aerodynamic benefits.

Road helmet

These helmets are multi-purpose helmets. These can be used for skating as well as other sports such as cycling, bike riding, etc.

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.


Although helmets are used for safety, you need to be sure that the helmet you are wearing can give you complete protection.

The outer shell of the kid skateboard helmet must be made of durable plastic and the inner shell must be made of hard rubber which will prevent you from getting hit directly.


Our face gets sweaty while skating and as a result, we often suffer from discomfort. The rider can often lose his balance after wiping the sweat with the sleeve of his shirt. A proper ventilation system is needed to avoid this.

So before buying a helmet, make sure that the helmet you are going to buy has a proper ventilation feature. Having a proper ventilation feature allows you to pay full attention to your ride and keep your head cool.

Straps and retention

Last but not least, the headline is about straps and retention systems. Straps keep your helmet tight and you can easily open your mouth when eating chocolate bar or something else, drinking water or talking.

Choose a strap that forms a V form below your ear lobe. You can also take normal straps. Retention is also a very important issue. This is how easily you can fit your helmet tightly or loosely with your head.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the helmet should have enough padding, it will make the helmet much more comfortable and will absorb your sweat. Some helmet pads can be removed so you can easily wash and reuse them.

Why would you wear a skateboard helmet?

* It doesn’t matter how professional you are. When you set foot on a skateboard for a ride, you are at risk until you have full control of your board. You can fall at any time and that’s normal. So it is important to use a helmet so that you do not get injured when you fall.

 Kid skateboard helmet is the best place for you to find the kids helmet.

* You could ride at a slow speed but there is still a risk of falling and if you fall your skull may be injured. Your wrist or collarbone can recover, but a brain injury does not.

* Always keep in mind that you need to buy a good helmet, not an ordinary helmet. Each helmet is designed differently for different sports depending on the safety and physical activity required of the Wii Sport.

* When buying a helmet, make sure that your helmet is made in accordance with all the standard rules and all the standards are certified. Other helmets out there may be good and durable, but not reliable.

Things to consider

If you prefer colorful products, then choose a helmet from a brand that has many different types of helmets. Most brands of helmets do not use more than two or three colors.

The youth skate helmets looks nice because of the graphics of the kid skateboard helmet. Some helmets use only the brand logo while some helmets have different graphics designs. Graphically designed helmets cost a little more.

FAQs of kid skateboard helmet

What size skateboard helmet for toddlers?
These types of helmets are suitable for 5 year old children. These helmets are made for a head with a diameter of 18-20.5 inches. These helmets will ensure the safety of your child.

What is the best baby and toddler helmet?
Check out our article above for the best helmets for kids. These helmets are nice to look at, can be found on a budget and will be very comfortable and safe for your baby.

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