Are your bearings too dirty? Do you want to know about how to clean longboard bearings? Cleaning these is a very important maintenance part that you should not leave out. If the bearings are clean, they will rotate properly and the risk of sizing will be greatly reduced.

You can easily tell the difference when walking fast of cleaning longboard bearings. Cleaning longboard bearings allow you to move faster and enjoy riding more. Not very good at how to clean bearings on a longboard? You need to know also, how to take out longboard bearings.

You can use these as a Christmas Gift!

How to clean skateboard bearings article is the right place for you if you want a smooth riding.

You can read this article on how to clean longboard bearings or watch my video below to know more about this. You can learn more deeply in the article and it will take less time to learn in the video. Also, you need to know how to clean longboard wheels.


Whatever you need in this case

1. Skate tool: longboard bearing cleaning—longboard cleaning kit

2. Your dirty bearings: speed rings longboard

3. A longboard bearing lube such as bones speed cream or sewing machine oil

4. towel or old rag

5.Alchohol based cleaning solution e.g. methylated spirits or ethanol

6.Container with a lid such as a glass jar

7.atime, around 30 or more minutes

How to Clean Longboard Bearings: Built or Normal Bearings

Before starting on cleaning longboard wheels, I would like to say that there are two types of bearings. One is the built-in longboard speed rings and the other is without this specification. Most riders usually use regular cleaning bearings, also known as non-built-in speed rings. This means that they have fidelity bits because their bearing speed is separated from the ring and spacer.

How to clean skateboard bearings article is the right place for you if you want a smooth riding.

And if you use built-in bearings, you can be worry-free because these built-in bearings have spacers, speed rings and bearings together with best bearing cleaner. You can use this for your best skateboard decks, but you need to separate your bearing from your decks.

If you keep losing a one-speed ring each time and finally decide to move on to the next built-in bearings then the thing called “Zealous” is a great option and a very cheap option gehe hier hin. You can take a look at it on Amazon if you want.

I will have a very useful tip for those who are in a lot of trouble with regular bearings. The tip is to keep the small components away or elsewhere when cleaning the bearings.

Keep them in a place where they will not be lost. And this losing thing happened to me quite a few times. Try the thing, I hope the tip will be useful in your case of how to clean longboard bearings from marbel longboard.

Speed ​​rings basically come in and out of truck and wheel nut bearings. And as a result, they help reduce friction. Even if you lose one of them, it won’t be a problem on how to clean bearings on a longboard.

But try to keep at least a one-speed ring and keep it inside the truck against onboard bearing cleaning. And the main function of the spacers is to reduce the weight between the bearings perfectly. And as a result, you will turn very smoothly while taking turns and it will remain stable. This is how to clean a bearing from best skateboard.

And not only that, it will greatly increase the durability of your cleaning longboard bearings. So you understand that these are very important for bearings. This will allow you to enjoy a smooth journey.

How to Clean Longboard Bearings:Procedure

Remove bearings and bearing shields

So let’s start the process. First, remove the wheels from the longboard using the skate tool. Then remove the wheels using the axle of the longboard truck as a lift for cleaning longboard wheels.

The core of the wheels will come out through the bearing whistling along the edge of the axle. The core is a thing that attaches well to the bearing wheel and you need to know how to clean longboard wheels.

How to clean skateboard bearings article is the right place for you if you want a smooth riding.

When you are able to remove the bearings from the cores of the Hills, remove the shields of the bearings with the blade you have. You may need a lifting device inside or outside the shield.

And the function of this bearing shield is to protect the bearing balls from various harmful elements outside. So keep it in the middle of something so that it is not lost.

Shake it up

Carefully separate the shields from each cleaning longboard bearings, then the actual work will begin. Then place the bearings in any container or container of your choice. I usually use large size mugs, cups or other improvisations because it becomes very difficult and random when working. You can carry these with your skateboard backpack.

Now fill the container with the solution or other medicine of your choice. Then keep shaking very hard to close the mouth of the container until all the dirt comes out. Use this for your beginner skateboard.

How to clean skateboard bearings article is the right place for you if you want a smooth riding.

You can use the bonus cleaning unit as an alternative on how to clean longboard bearings. It is such a good and reliable solution that you can clean 8 bearings at once and in each case, its cleaning quality will be the same and you will get excellent output.

This is a great option for you if you want to “dye” and use it easily. One bottle is for your cleaning unit and the other bottle allows you to add and clean the solution of your choice on longboard bearing cleaning. You can use this for nice brands like kryptonics.

Lubricating at bearings:

When you take the bearings out of the container and after drying them well, all you have to do is lubricate each of the bearings. And in this case you can use the choice of lubricant with complete freedom.

It is very important to keep the bearings lubricated as this protects the bearings from overheating. If the bearing is not properly lubricated, it becomes very hot and sizzling.

How to clean skateboard bearings article is the right place for you if you want a smooth riding.

If you skate in the rain, it is almost obligatory to clean and lubricate it very well after each skating. This is because when skating in the rain, it tends to rust and damage your bearings.

Which later became a cause for concern for anyone. If and only if you have fancy water-resistant bearings or ceramic bearings, you can avoid it. I use a lubricant called Wheelset for this purpose, you can use any good and sweet lubricant you want in this case.

Below are some things you can find on Amazon.

Bone speed cream

How to clean skateboard bearings article is the right place for you if you want a smooth riding.


Sector 9 Bearings Cleaning Kit

How to clean skateboard bearings article is the right place for you if you want a smooth riding.


And among other options, there is thin, light longboard bearing grease on how to grease longboard bearings. Which you can buy as you wish. And the oil must contain the sewing machine oil. And you have to take the lubricant.

And as long as they allow your longboard bearings to rotate properly and stay away from thickening, they will be with your bearing service. So now the rest of the options are in your hands!

Why thin lubricants?

Lubricants basically have a very good roll speed and as a result not so much grime accumulates in the bearings. But the advantage of a thin lubricant like oil is that it has the best protection. It also allows the bearings to rotate very quickly and last long.

However, it attracts more dirt than thin things and attracts dirty things.

How to clean skateboard bearings article is the right place for you if you want a smooth riding.

Meanwhile, oil does the same thing. When traveling at high speed, there is a possibility of oil leaking from the bearing. This can be identified as a problem when it overheats the wheel and can cause the wheels to siege. Another thing is that it makes the wheels a lot dirtier and grumbling. You’ll see if this is your thing.

Finishing up

After lubricating each bearing you must remove excess oil from the outside. Then you attach the bearings to the wheels as before.

But do not forget that the longboard speed rings are on the outer side of the bearings. Note that one will be opposite the truck and the other will be opposite the wheel nut.

Now it’s your turn

It is very important to clean the longboard bearings properly and regularly and it does not take much time to do it. If you follow our guidelines of how to clean longboard bearings, hopefully, you will be able to do this very easily and you will be able to run your longboard smoothly.

However, it is quite important to understand the basics of “how to remove longboard bearings”. Plus, you need to clean your bearings every time you skate in the rain or every two months. This will keep your bearings very good and you will continue to get the benefits of the ride. That’s why you need to know how to clean skateboard bearings.

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