Magneto Longboards is the name of a new and future brand in the longboard industry of best longboard brands. The brand originated in Carlsberg, California, where the skateboard industry once began.

A team of product experienced engineers purchased the trade name MAGNETO from a UK company and successfully relaunched the Longboard brand.

The Magneto brand makes quality Longboards and cruisers that are available at a fixed price. The services that you will get on the promise of Magneto LongboardsDirector are positive.

Magneto longboard is a good standard longboard with classic design.

Their services are admirable as we know from experience that less expensive product means less quality product. But from this experience of Magnet Longboard, we can say that the quality of their products is good and the services are excellent.

In this magneto longboard review, we present a review of some of the longboards in the MAGNETO product lineup. By reading these reviews, you can easily understand which boards give the best and best results, as well as find the board of your choice. Longboarding is quite amazing, and longboarding has lots of health benefit.

Top 5 Magneto Longboards

1. Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill, and Dancing

Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards for Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill, and Dancing


MAGNETO Longboard products are the best for cruisers, carving, tricks, and even downhill rides. And we like this brand because the products are smooth and beautiful to look at.

Bamboo longboards have an incredibly innovative design and size that makes the boards look beautiful when cruising around town. Besides, the logo of the MAGNETO Longboard made of graphic and burnt wood mold looks very beautiful and elegant.

So, if you want to know more information, you have entered the right website. The important things we are explaining are below, stay tuned.


The most important part of a longboard is the deck. MAGNETO bamboo longboards usually have flexible decks shaped in a drop-through style. Measuring 36.5 inches in length and 9 inches in width. Decks of this size are ideal for carving anyway.

This bamboo drop-throw longboard deck is made from a Canadian maple tree. This deck is made of high-quality hardwood. So, it is safe to say that this deck is durable and strong. Is smooth and beautiful.

The MAGNETO Bamboo Longboard Deck is made with the necessary materials. This deck has all the ingredients needed to make a great deck.

You can organize this aesthetic deck with the best longboard racks in your room! Even you can carry.

The most important part of a longboard is deck. Magneto longboard 's deck is awesome.

Also, these elements ensure the strength and flexibility of the deck. Besides, this deck uses fiberglass which will make the deck feel lighter. And this material makes the deck stronger as well as durable.

Another important element used in making this bamboo drop through the longboard deck is its carbon fiber. This fiber helps to ride downhill with enough balance. Moreover, because of this carbon fiber, the deck would be presumed to be somewhat firmer and lighter.

So, with that said, with this board, you can do the carving, cruising, and endless riding together. No matter how fast and wherever you want to ride – just enjoy. However, atom longboards have the same quality decks, if you are interested! But atoms are not bamboo-made!


The most interesting part of a longboard is the trucks. These trucks help to enjoy this fun sport called skateboard. Moreover, it also helps in longboarding on hostile roads and places. trucks are 6 inches in size. These trucks are made of good quality aluminum – this size is considered the ideal standard for carving and sharpening.

If your board trucks are loose, you need to tighten them for better carving and cruising. Also, this truck component is very important for riding and cruising in hilly areas. So, from beginners to mid-range players or skilled players – everyone loves these trucks.

You can see the article about how tight should longboard be, to have the best understanding.

The wheel

Usually drifting is quite convenient if the board wheel is soft. The standard wheel size is 7 mm. by 53 mm. For quick carving and cruising, it is important to keep the wheel slightly loose.

However, if you want to enjoy longboarding downhill, you should not loosen the wheels of the board, but you should fit it tightly with the board so that you can stay stable with the board.


High-quality bearings are attached to the MAGNETO bamboo longboard. The quality of these bearings is good and very smooth. ABEC Company has rated this bearing at 11 standards.

2. MAGNETO Carbon Longboard Review

MAGNETO Carbon Longboard Review


Since its inception in the 1950s, the brand has gradually risen to the top of the skateboard industry. And if you are looking for a good, reliable product that is widely used in the world, then buy the products of this brand with your eyes closed.

Deck design and separation / description

You already know that Magneto products are made of bamboo and fiberglass. The use of fiberglass and carbon will offer you a better board. The use of bamboo will increase the flexibility of the board as well as guarantee you a strong board.

Also, we have already assured you that you can play all kinds of skating sports including cursing, freestyle, downhill skating, dancing, carving with this board. There are lots of cheap skateboard available in the marketplace, but magneto is quite amazing in terms of quality. 

Now let’s talk about the design this design is made in the style of a classical skateboard like Vinnie. This design will not leave you without fascination. Moreover, this board looks nicer because of the MAGNETO logo made of carbon fiber.


The deck of this skateboard has Reached Trucks which will make you more attracted to the board. And the advantage of these trucks is that it reduces the pressure while riding and increases the sliding capacity.

These Trucks recesses are designed parallel to the ground to help you enjoy comfortable and seamless skateboarding.

In addition to these qualities of firmness and flexibility, the board has thousands of features. For example, it has 7 high-quality rebound wheels which are 63 mm in length. And 53 mm in width. And they have 8-inch Precision Gravity Trucks that will give you tremendous stability and help you skateboard comfortably.

Wheels and bearings

From my long experience in skating, the high-quality stainless-steel bearing wheels on this board help the wheels to move smoothly. Not only that, but the 36.5-inch-long and 11-inch-wide frame will help you maintain adequate footing and stability.

3. Hana Longboard Collection | Longboard Skateboards


Are you looking for a board that will be very flexible and can be used for multipurpose work with all the facilities together, again being durable and durable?

If your answer is yes, then I can assure you that you have come to the right place, you don’t have to look anywhere else. Because we have brought for you the Hana Longboard of MAGNETO brand.

This longboard is considered to be one of the best longboards in the world in many respects. Moreover, this is one of the best carving longboards available in the market.


The board has a roughly shaped deck just to the right of the bat. Its length is 42 inches and its width is 9.5 inches. With this shape, you can stand with your feet effortlessly and comfortably. So you can enjoy the game with maximum comfort.

The wheel

Also, 32-inch wheel ways and 60 mm. The size wheel further increases the attraction to the board.

Magneto longboard has a very good quality wheel.


Moreover, Paris style trucks increase the smoothness of the board and as a result, you will feel like you are skateboarding on smooth terrain.

So, if you are looking for a skateboard to enjoy smooth riding, this board will be suitable for you.

In addition, the cut-out shape protects the wheels from getting hurt and helps with fun carving.

Design and construction

However, being made of bamboo does not mean that the board will break or crumble. This board has a maple core that makes the entire board durable. Wear your best skate glass, and have a blast with this aesthetic designed longboard.

So, we can say with confidence that you can use this board for a long time without any hassle.

Since this board is not so big, you can easily carry the board in your arms. So, if you are thinking about carrying the board, the space-saving board, etc., then you should choose this board.

4. Magneto Hana 42-inch Pintail Bamboo Longboard


Let’s talk about the construction technique of the skateboard. The flexibility of this board is good because it is made of bamboo. As a result, you can easily increase your speed during longboarding.

In the world of skateboarding, the MAGNETO skateboard is considered to be the most valued board. The products of MAGNETO’s Hana collection are also considered the best products in the market. The Pintail product is probably the most stylish in their collection.

This is quite safe to ride, but if you want to have extra protection then best protective gear might give you a blast. And with that a longboard helmet can give you an extra comfort on safety.

The wheel

Needless to say, don’t think of this product as ‘glamorous but of poor quality’. It has a 31-inch wheelbase and four 60mm. Its wheels and Paris style trucks.

Moreover, we can guarantee that anyone can use these items and enjoy a stable and beautiful skating anywhere.


When making this board, the manufacturers make it with your wishes in mind. As a result, they can make aesthetically pleasing boards. The use of bamboo and maple makes the board more attractive.

However, bamboo and maple wood on the board are not just used to show people! You already know that bamboo ensures the flexibility and durability of this board and maple coating enhances it.

So, you can do skateboarding without any thought.

Now, let’s take a look at a few more benefits of this board. One of the benefits is that the grit sand surface of the board helps you get the right traction on your feet.

In addition, the board has a designed cover that ensures the protection of the feet from wheel injuries. And above all, if you want to have a lovely cruise or freestyle on the beach, in the city, or anywhere, this board is your choice.

5. MAGNETO Maple Deck Kids’ Skateboard Review


Is your child a fan of the legendary Tony Hook? If the answer is yes, then by purchasing this board you could help them follow their ideal person.

MAGNETO makes this product primarily for children. And if your child is a fan of this legend, they will definitely like this product.

This board is suitable for children aged 5-15 years. So, if you want to give your child the best gift, choosing this board as a gift does not seem to be a shortcoming.

Besides, the board’s huge wide deck of 26.5 inches in length and 6.75 inches in width is suitable for training young players easily. However, that is not enough! Besides, it has a smart and good graphic design which your children will easily like this board.

Are you worried about whether this product will be sustainable or not? Or are you thinking that small children will use it so the board may break? We can only assure you that this board is made with a lot of heavy material which makes the board durable and strong and long-lasting.

And the 5-inch aluminum trusses and steel axles ensure a maximum level of stability and help increase the durability of the board. Also, this board has four pre-launched high-quality traction wheels.

The thickness of these wheels is 52 mm. And the wheels are made of polyurethane at 95A. These wheels help players to skate long and beautifully.

Lastly, there are seven consecutive maple board levels arranged on the top and bottom of the board that help the player stay steady with the board.


There are numerous longboard warehouses in the market. But it is really difficult to choose the best longboard out of them. But I hope that the things I have discussed will help you a lot in choosing the best longboard.

Honestly, the first time I saw the MAGNETO bamboo longboard I fell in love with it! That’s why I chose this board. This Magneto Longboards will never let you be dissatisfied with the combination of design and different elements.

In magneto longboard, Magneto bamboo longboard, magneto dancing longboard is the best longboards.

Moreover, you can buy this board at an affordable price. The brand is also providing benefits for you. So you can buy the board of this brand without delay.

Finally, I believe that the MAGNETO Longboard Review I have given will help you a lot, especially when you use this board. Plus, you’re encouraged to read this magneto slot machine longboard review, and I have to admit that I’m satisfied with using Bamboo Longboard. So, I’m personally recommending you to buy this product!


Are Magneto longboards good?

The MAGNETO brand makes quality Longboards and cruisers that are available at fixed prices (between $ 150). The services you get from the magneto longboard Amazon are positive.

Their services are admirable as we know from experience that less expensive product means less quality product. From this understanding, we can say that the value of their goods is decent and the amenities are outstanding.
Even you can carry this longboard with best skateboard backpack at ease!Magneto Longboardsare one of the best-selling products on amazon.
Is bamboo longboard good?

Excluding minor issues, the bamboo longboard can be said to be better than the maple longboard as the bamboo board is comfortable, flexible, and durable. Bamboo board is a one-time investment product so it will not be easily damaged.
By purchasing this type of longboard, you can enjoy comfortable sports.
Is bamboo skateboard better than maple?

It is difficult to comment directly on whether one element is better or worse than another. Because each element has its uniqueness and at the same time has usefulness.
In this case, it can be said that the bamboo board is flexible as well as comfortable.
It is better to choose a rigid dropper for freeride and select a flexible axis for cursing and curving.

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