Retrospec skateboard is one of the most beautiful and tasteful best skateboards we have ever seen, most probably the most beautiful and interesting skateboard ever.

The skateboard company originated in Hawaii, USA in the 1950s. Inspired by those who used to skateboard in the streets and this fresh & best longboard will give you the size and feel of a super classic surfboard.

ThisRetrospec skateboards longboard will not only make you move from one place to another, but it will also give you a nostalgic feeling like walking on a California beach and you will be at the center of everyone’s attraction.

Retrospec skateboard is an affordable longboard on the market because of it's design, product quality and comfortable.

Its size and sliced ​​corners are specially designed to create a skateboard with improved balance, accuracy, and speed.

Besides, its 60 mm wheels, which are made with perfect bearings of the AVEC-7 (ABEC-7) model, will ensure your safe journey. This board can withstand all your adventures and has the ability to run fast, extremely, and accurately.

The wheels of this board have a superior grip which has been strengthened using anti-byte technology to ensure your safety and long-term.

Jade board deck foundations have been used to create the 6-layer Canadian maple wood and hard bamboo that will make this best deck durable and strong.

On the Z Longboard Skateboard, you will find a durable, sturdy, and sturdy four-wheeled mate which has a majestic feel and is very nice to look at.

Retrospec skateboards review

If you are a beginner or newbie, we would recommend a cruiser to buy longboards. And in this case, our most favorite and trusted longboard is the Retrospec Z Bamboo Cruiser.

Who is Retrospec?

Retrospec is a well-known boarding and cycling manufacturer. They are very nice

Makes bikes and boards and thousands of customers are satisfied with their products. The thing we like best about them is their customer support. And this thing is very important for newcomers. They will answer all your annoying and stupid questions with a smile, just ask and see!

Retrospec skateboard Product details


Retrospec Z Bamboo is undoubtedly an excellent and best choice as best beginner’s skateboard. First of all, their boards of different colors will surprise you. There is no color that you will not find them.

Retrospec skateboard has a very different design and color.


The second thing is the price of the product which is incredible. Priced at around 50 dollars, this board is a value-for-money product.

Another thing is that you will not find anything inferior in it like the board of Walmart, the quality is maintained. In addition, the price is truly affordable for all the benefits offered by this beautiful little board. Retrospec skateboard amazon is quite affordable and aesthetic!

This board is one of the cheapest skateboards that are available in the present marketplace!


Now let’s talk about the facilities and features of this skateboard, you will find in it a beautiful handmade deck made of bamboo and Canadian maple wood. In a real sense, it is a long longboard. Its size will remind the rider of California’s past.

However, if you are looking for the best bamboo longboards, then you can take a look at our list.


The front and back of the board are beautifully designed. Its wheels are made of polyurethane (PU) which gives a very good grip. Wheel ball bearings are also very fast and AVEC-7 rated (ABEC-7). All in all, these will give you a stable and fast ride experience.


The board is a lot lighter. Any girl with a light build of 5 feet 2 inches in height can easily climb and carry it. However, this 6-pound board may seem a little heavy to some riders.

Ride Quality

The ride quality of this board is remarkable in a word. It is moving faster than we expected. The amount of value given to this board is really rare. We did not see any wheel stuck while riding gehe hier hin. Undoubtedly this board is the best among these prices.

Retrospec skateboard is an affordable longboard on the market because it's a ride quality longboard.

The downside of this product

We expected the retrospect to have AVEC-9 or AVEC11 bearings. Okay, we’ve probably done a little more than that. But if you are looking for other longboards, such as volador, they have abac-9 bearings on their longboards.

The main advantage of having high-speed bearings on a longboard is that it will help you to run the board at high speeds and pick up high speeds in a very short time.

However, some other riders did not find this board as flexible as they expected. To them, the board’s dock felt like a lot of hard rock. Therefore, it is advisable not to expect too much flexibility before buying this board. And this board is also not ideal for strong pumping.

Retrospec skateboard is an affordable longboard on the market with the best quality downside products.

Some riders have checked that this board breaks with too much weight. You must check this before you buy it. The maximum carrying capacity of this board is 200 pounds. Too much weight will put extra pressure on the deck of this board which will definitely not be good for your board.

Some quick longboard tips

You can skip reading this part if you think you have acquired enough knowledge about longboards.

Longboards are the longest of all types of boards. They are usually 36 centimeters long and weigh 8 to 9 pounds or more.

Have you ever missed surfing to California or Dustin Beach? Many players have missed out for sure. And that’s why longboards have been created. They look a lot like ordinary surfing boards and are inspired by surfing.

Now you may be wondering, who is Longboard really for?

Longboards are great for long-distance riding, carving, mountain racing, trick shows, and even freestyle climbing.

Longboards may at times seem a little bizarre and heavy to carry. So we do not advise you to buy a longboard for a daily commute. However, if you want to use it for a regular commute.

You need to know about 5 types of longboards

Not just retrospect longboards, you need to know about 5 types of longboards at present to choose the best longboard.


These cruiser skateboards are made to be inspired by the surf. And it is most suitable for newcomers. It looks a lot like your surfboard.

Its decks are smooth and flat and there are no cocktails in the dock. Typically, on this board, you will see high-degree trucks and soft wheels. Easy to travel or long journeys very easily. You will feel a lot of cruises while riding it.


These boards are spelled with the idea of ​​bending or carving. They usually have a thin or small dock. This is designed to avoid danger while taking narrow turns and to prevent the wheel from getting stuck.

The flexibility of this board is remarkable. You can pump on this board to accelerate. These usually do not have any kicks. However, you cannot show the trick with it. The soft wheels of this board tend to get a good grip on the ground. Atom 41 inches longboards are quite amazing in this category.


Downhill boards are very hard and smooth. They usually have wide and low degree tracks and soft wheels. All these things together give you a stable and enjoyable travel experience in low places. Rimable downhill longboards are quite amazing in this category.


These freestyle longboards look very fragile. However, the freestyle board is ideal for showing different techniques and surfing. It has a drop-throw deck for maximum speed. The small size of the cocktail will help you to easily lift the board by kicking.


This freeride longboard is a combination of freestyle and downhill. With this board, you can simultaneously show tricks and enjoy the pleasure of climbing low places. It looks a lot like the middle of these two boards. In it, you will find bullet-shaped and Drop through decks.

Retrospec skateboard quip skateboard


There are several well-known brands that make the best skateboards out of quality, and Retrespec is one of them. It is said and believed that quality and beauty can be present in all products at the same time, which is why we also want to make a combination of both beauty and quality while making skateboards.

This is a small-sized cruise skateboard. It is made of sturdy plastic, which makes it an all-around skateboard. It also has many classic features and retro designs that many have liked and admired.

On top of that, this Quip Skateboard is quite thin in weight which makes it very easy to carry and you can keep it in your skateboard backpack safely without any fear of any kind of damage.

Quip can be that powerful, high-performance, easily controlled, and portable skateboard of your dreams. Made with high endurance injection-molded plastic, this all-around skateboard features soft wheels that are ideal for withstanding all the bumps and curves of the road and at the same time give you the comfortable ride you would expect from a retrospect.

With this retrospect longboard, you can easily walk around the city and take a comfortable turn due to the molded design and get a good grip thanks to its special design. You can put the skateboard in the backpack or leave it in the locker which will make your day fun and easy.

Retrospec Quip Complete 22.5 “and 26” Classic Mini Skateboard


This small but powerful quip skateboard can be the high-performance ride of your imagination. The perfect balance of this board and the combination of ample beauty and edge with it is bound to amaze any skeptical skater. The 1970s saw Venice Beach usher in a fascinating, perfect, and completely different era of California magnetism.

With this mini plastic skateboard, you can easily climb any side road, narrow alley, and sandy road with the goal of “I don’t care about anything”. Very small and everything seems to be connected. This retrospec quip skateboard review will guide you to the quality of this product.

The retrospec quip skateboard 27 didn’t bow to the usual 9-5 standard. Like its predecessors, we made it so that the board would fit your movement, without causing any problems. Made with high endurance injection-molded plastic, this all-around skateboard features soft wheels that are ideal for withstanding all the bumps and bumps of the road and at the same time give you the comfortable travel experience you would expect from a retrospect. Live.

Quip’s short kick tail and molded patterned brakes will help you control any sudden turns, hazards, and last-minute gifts. Our latest version has 5 “trucks that will help you apply more control, balance, and better technique. All of this makes it easy to use and carry in a bag.

Best performance, low cost

The Quip is a board that is beautiful, light, and suitable for climbing at any time. It is an ideal board for hard road traffic due to its high-quality structural material and design.

Completely ready to climb

Nothing could be easier than climbing on a newly bought coupe board. It comes ready to climb and all you have to do is start running!

Lightweight and portable

The quip board will fit anywhere! You can easily put it in a backpack, trunk, locker, or cupboard without any hassle. Even you can keep them in a skateboard rack to enhance your room’s aesthetic look.

Small but strong

Cruise is very confident that your board is made of 22.5 “6” or 26 “× 6” injection molded ultra-flexible plastic.

The fastest rich skateboard

Its extremely smooth and flexible polyurethane wheels will give you a better balance and a comfortable experience while touring the city. Lightweight AVEC – 6 who have accelerated the speed of carbon-bearing quip.

Retrospec’s message for all

In retrospect, our principles are rooted in the world of love. We want to work sincerely for the development of the world’s environment and we will continue to work tirelessly for a more livable world. With the help of some small but talented inventors, we design and develop the best product affordably after a lot of research without any kind of negligence, so that the product can last a long time. Dividends are just a by-product that comes from our morals; we never determine our success by profit or money.

Retrospec skateboard is an affordable longboard on the market.

It was for retrospect just out of love for cycling and skateboarding. The gear bike we have made has become a symbol of our commitment which is a low-cost and environmentally friendly vehicle. Since then, we have produced hundreds of products just to meet your one goal, to make your commute outside comfortable and comfortable.

We have proudly created a platform where we can work and achieve our goals and conquer the unknown.

Final Word

Plus, tidal skateboards from this company have gained lots of popularity recently. Despite some negative aspects like bearing and weight-bearing capacity, we think the Retrospec skateboard board is worth buying at this price! It is very easy to buy for newcomers and it is also easy to operate. Speaking of which, we love it so much!\


Is Retrospec a good skateboard company?

Retrospec is a skateboard company that has been in business for a long time. The company produces high-quality skateboards and skateboard accessories. Retrospec’s boards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit a variety of riders. The company also offers a variety of skateboard training programs to help riders improve their skills.

Which skateboard brand is best?

Since the early 2000s, skateboard brands have become increasingly popular. There are many different skateboard brands available on the market today, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran skater, here are five factors to consider when choosing a skateboard brand: design, quality, price, performance, and customer service.

How good are Retrospec longboard?

Retrospec longboards are a great way to get into longboarding. They have smooth, consistent rides, and are easy to control. They’re also affordable, and available in a variety of colors and sizes. If you’re looking for a quality longboard that’s easy to use and fun to ride, Retrospec is a great option.

Are Retrospec skateboards made in USA?

Retrospec skateboards are a relatively new invention that have taken the skateboarding world by storm. They are made in the USA, and they are a distinctly different style of board than what is typically seen on the market. These boards are designed to be more stable and easier to control, which makes them perfect for those who are just starting out or who have difficulty mastering more traditional skateboards.

What skateboard did Tony Hawk use?

Tony Hawk is one of the most successful skateboarders of all time. He has won numerous awards and is known for his incredible skills on the board. However, what board did he use to achieve these accomplishments?
Tony Hawk used a variety of boards throughout his career, but his most famous was the Pro Deco. This board was designed by Tony himself and is considered to be one of the best skateboards ever made.

Is Retrospec cruiser good?

Retrospec cruisers are often compared to golf carts because of their low capacities and maneuverability. However, retrospec cruisers offer a unique cruising experience that can’t be found in other types of vehicles. They’re perfect for small towns and villages, or for people who want to tour areas without having to worry about getting stuck in large cities.

Is Retrospec good skateboard brand?

Retrospec is a skateboard brand that is known for its retro style. The company was founded by Tomas Huet and Victor Fernandez. They based their brand around the idea of celebrating classic styles of skateboarding while also introducing new and innovative products. Retrospec has a wide range of products, including decks, trucks, wheels, and even clothing. They have a loyal following due to their unique style and high-quality products.

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