Six Easy Best Skateboard Tricks For Beginners

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Best skateboard tricks for beginners are very Important who want to perfectly skating. The very first important thing you should get good at is riding your skateboard, if you’re not comfortable on your skateboard then learning new things will just become ten times harder.

It’s also very important to know what your stance is, either you’re regular or goofy. Regular is when your left foot is facing forward or is near your nose and your right foot is on your tail which is your power foot and goofy is just vice versa.

Best skateboard tricks for beginners

Now that you’ve figured out what your stance is its time to just ride on your skateboard, let’s just keep the tricks aside for now and enjoy riding on our skateboards. How do you get good at riding your skateboard? It’s very simple just ride your skateboard everywhere

You go, ride it to school or ride it to the store, practice turning on your skateboard and try going faster and faster on your skateboard until you see that you’re not falling much and you have full control of your skateboard.

Before we start learning best skateboard tricks for beginners it’s very important to know how to bring your skateboard to a complete stop and also how to fall off your skateboard. It doesn’t matter which trick you’re learning or where you’re learning it there’s always a high chance of you falling off your skateboard.

Falling on your back or bottom is a lot better than falling on your arms or wrists as it reduces the risks of injuries. If you’re riding on your skateboard and your wheels hit a crack of your foot slips off always try to roll over and fall on your back.

There are hundreds of tricks you can do with your skateboard but did you know that you’ll have to learn a few tricks before you try those advanced tricks?

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These 6 best skateboard tricks for beginners are the basic tricks you must learn on your skateboard as these will help you get even more comfortable on your skateboard and you’ll also be able to build your own style. Make sure you chose the right skateboard for you and always wear your protective gear.


Ollie-skateshouse_skateboard tricks for beginners

An Ollie is pretty much the first trick everyone should learn on their skateboards. Ollies can help you get up and down curbs and over certain obstacles. Just remember you can only Ollie as high as you can jump. There are 3 main steps to know when practicing the Ollie.

Step 1: Stand straight on your board and make sure your shoulders are aligned to the nose and tail. Keep your back foot on your tail and your front foot just near the bolts. Bend your knees only just like you’re about to sit on a chair or when you’re doing squats.

Step 2: Pop and jump, to pop your skateboard you’ll have to put pressure on your back foot hit your tail on the ground so that it makes a noise and jump. This has to be done all in one motion not separately

Step 3: Now you’re in the air and all you have to do is slide your front foot forward to level your skateboard out and land on the ground. Remember to bend your knees every time you land so that your legs absorb the impact.

2. Pop shove-it

Pop-shove-it-skateshouse_skateboard tricks for beginners

The pop shove-it or the backside pop shove-it is basically popping your skateboard and scoping it backward your back with your back foot making the skateboard do a 180-degree turn, sounds complicated? It’s actually a really easy trick to learn.

There are 3 steps you need to know when practicing the pop shove-it. When practicing the pop shove-it we suggest practicing the normal shove it. This is the same trick but just without the pop.

Step 1: Place your feet in the same position you’d place your feet for an Ollie but without your back foot hanging off the edge and start bending your knees.

Step 2: Pop the skateboard and jump, while jumping use your back foot to scoop the skateboard backward and let it complete the 180-degree rotation.

Step3: Use your front foot to control the rotation of the skateboard then catch it and land with both feet on. This trick is mainly done with your back foot your front foot will not be touching your skateboard at all while you’re doing the trick.

3. Frontside-180

frontside180-skateshouse_skateboard tricks for beginners

A frontside-180 looks really cool but it’s also a really easy trick to do. All you have to do is an Ollie and turn your body 180 degrees and you’re done. For this trick, you need to have your ollies down really well.

Step 1: Before you’re about to pop into an Ollie your body should start turning almost as if your chest is facing forward. Use your shoulders to help turn your body.

Step 2: Pop into your Ollie and if you did step 1 correctly your legs will follow and turn. When rotating in the air make sure you don’t fully rotate your body, lets your legs do the full rotation first. Letting your body rotate first will make you lose your balance.

Step 3: After you’re done rotating just land on bolts and keep your knees bent to absorb the impact.


backside180-skateshouse_skateboard tricks for beginners

This trick also involves a 180-degree turn but your body and skateboard move in a backward motion. Just like the frontside you should have your ollies down well and make sure you follow these steps while practicing this trick.

Step 1: Place your feet in the same position as you would for an Ollie with your back foot a little bit on the inside of your tail.

Step 2: Prepare for the Ollie and start turning your shoulders, after popping your skateboard just like the frontside your feet will guide your skateboard if you did step 1 correctly.

Step 3: Bend your knees and land on your bolts. This trick can be a little tough for beginners so in the beginning you can try landing on your front foot and use your back foot to drag the skateboard around.


kickflip-skateshouse_skateboard tricks for beginners

A kickflip is a really cool simple trick to learn, to do a kickflip you basically pop your skateboard like an Ollie but the only difference is you use your front foot to flick the skateboard, this makes the board do a 360 rotation under your feet.

Step 1: Place your feet like how you would for an Ollie but keep your front foot a little angled and under the blots.

Step 2: pop your skateboard and in the same time flick your front foot upward and outward while lifting your back foot.

Step 3: Let the skateboard complete the 360 rotation under your feet and land on the bolts keeping your knees bent.


heelflip-skateshouse_skateboard tricks for beginners

A heelflip is a really cool easy trick to add to your list too, like the kickflip you’ll have to flip your skateboard but this time using your heel.

Step 1: Place your feet in an Ollie position with your front foot toes hanging off the edge of your skateboard.

Step 2: pop your skateboard and jump slide your front foot out so that your heel catches the nose of the skateboard and flips it.

Step 3: Bend your knees and let your skateboard rotate, catch your skateboard with both your feet and land on the bolts keeping your knees bent.

These are the six basic tricks to learn before you try the advanced tricks. Just remember to always keep practicing and be patient, you can’t a trick in one day. If you’re having problems with a trick look back at the steps and try again.

If you land a trick once don’t give up on it, keep doing it until you become more consistent at it. Chose the right skateboard for you and get yourself some comfortable skate shoes and always remember to wear your protective gear.

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