Do you love to ride a skateboard? Which skateboard brand is better and which skateboard is the best? There is nothing to worry about. From this Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard review, you will be able to know about some popular skateboards made with the best quality material.

And at the same time, you can find out which skateboard is right for you. Hopefully, this krown rookie skateboard review will help you make the right decision when buying a skateboard of your choice.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard Review

It’s very common that you go to a krown skateboard shop or a krown skateboard website and buy a skateboard. But before buying, it is better to look at the reviews and check and choose. Even better, take the help of a skateboard expert or someone who has experience buying several skateboards.

In this article, we will discuss the Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard brand and all the details about this brand that you as a buyer need to know. First, we will talk about this brand. It is very important to know the brand or manufacturer when buying products. So let’s find out about the krown skateboard brand.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard review

Krown skateboard company has been working as a skateboard manufacturer since 1998. They supply high-quality skateboards to the market within a limited budget at a significant rate.

The krown skateboard company understood the difference between the skateboards of big retail companies and the skateboards of professional-level very well and its effect was seen in the various skateboards made by the company.

They have proven themselves as an ideal brand by supplying high-quality skateboards by krown to the market within this limited budget for over 20 years.

krown rookie skateboard

They have extensive experience in making all the necessary tools in the world, from skateboard to longboard, pad, and skateboard. The skateboard made by them is suitable for beginners or experienced people.

Krown rookie skateboard reviews and analysis

The krown rookie skateboard has a wide range of features and innovations. Its attractive design and its smooth and comfortable ride on the road or in the skate park will give you a new experience.

It is fully assembled which means you can ride as soon as you get out of the box. The best quality decks, trucks, bearings, and wheels make it unique and every piece of equipment is of the best quality and durable it can be said with confidence.

This is evidenced by their 20 years of production experience and the fact that they supply high-quality skateboards on a low budget. Even it is quite nice to know that skateboarding has some health benefits too!

If you have decided to buy a krown rookie checker skateboard then you have made the right decision. If you want to know more about the krown rookie skateboard then read this whole article. We will discuss all its features step by step. And let’s not exaggerate, let’s find out the rest.

Design and factor

When you go out riding a skateboard, you may not feel very cheerful if the design of the board is not good. And from that point of view, this skateboard has soaked the skateboard world in a unique way for a long time through its own design.

The krown rookie graphic complete skateboard is designed with several color stickers that make it even nicer. This skateboard is 31.5 inches long and 7.5 inches wide which is perfect for a beginner.

This Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard has several designs. You can choose any one of your choices. This attractive skateboard of different designs will undoubtedly give you a wonderful ride.

Even you can perform some amazing skateboard tricks with this skateboard, as this design will allow you to do so!


The deck of this skateboard is made of Canadian maple wood. This wood is beautiful to look at and more durable than other woods. Its concave shape is very comfortable for the ride and helps to master the techniques of the skateboard ride very fast.

It weighs just 4.8 pounds which is very light and easy to carry. You can easily carry it with you when you go to a coffee shop or any other place to rest during the ride.

Another good aspect is that there is black grip tape on the top of the best deck that will help you balance the body while riding at a faster pace.

The black grip is made with high-quality raw materials to ensure your body maintains balance during the ride.

Before buying complete skateboards you must be sure about the quality of the deck. Skateboards made with poor-quality decks can never be the ideal skateboard. It has a carrying capacity of about 220 pounds which is suitable for anyone new or experienced.


krown rookie skateboard trucks

The best skateboard truck you have purchased must be equally good in terms of quality. It is because it depends on the movement of the wheels of your board and the various necessary turns.

Those trucks can give you long-term service if they are quite strong in terms of quality. And from that point of view, be absolutely sure that this board will be like the truck and your mind. You need to tighten the trucks as per the rule and your needs!

Its truck length is 5 inches which is the ideal ratio for a 6.5-inch wide board. These complete skateboards are long-lasting due to being made with aluminum. Made of aluminum, it will never break and will not scratch when rubbed on the corners of sidewalks, stairs, or skate parks.

Wheels and bearings

The wheels of the krown checkered skateboard are 52mm wide and soft enough to make your ride more enjoyable. You can loosen the wheels as needed while riding on rough or smooth roads. The striking graphics design of the wheels made the skateboard more attractive.

krown rookie skateboard Wheels and bearings

Its bearings are also highly developed. ABEC has given it 5 ratings. Undoubtedly, this skateboard will be a long-term companion for everyone, new or experienced.

However, you can replace the bearings after a certain period of time to keep the performance intact.

Crown Rookie Full Skateboard: Size

This medium-sized skateboard weighs very little. It can be called a standard skateboard. It is easily portable. This will be the best choice for newcomers

Crown Rookie Skateboard: Grip tape

This krown rookie skateboard wolf has a black grip tape wrap that will help keep your body in balance. This will ensure that you do not accidentally slip while riding.

You can easily control the board because the legs are stuck in the grip. Some users, however, have complained that the grip is quickly broken.

Should you buy a Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard?

Considering all the features of this skateboard, this Skateboard is undoubtedly a good skateboard in a low budget. Although it has some disadvantages, nothing better can be expected in a limited budget. This is really the best skateboard for beginners.

It will turn into a really nice skateboard if you modify it a bit like yourself. Everything is fine, but I personally did not like the design of the board with pictures of animals.

Hopefully, through this article, I have been able to give you some ideas about Crown Rookie Skateboard.

Krown rookie skateboard review: Final word

We have discussed everything you need to know. Hopefully, its sophisticated feature will attract you to buy it. For your convenience, we have discussed all the details of the krown rookie skateboard in this article. It is so popular because of its advanced equipment.

Hopefully, this krown rookie skateboard review will help you choose the right skateboard for you. Before buying a skateboard it is important to know a little bit about skateboard and its market so that you can buy the skateboard of your choice.


Are krown skateboards good?

Very useful for newbies who want somewhat better quality than the skateboards of big companies. Due to its concave design, newcomers can master the technique of riding very fast. The controlled speed of its bearings is effective for new learners.

Is krown rookie brand a good brand?

 It can be given a rating of 5 out of 5 for the best quality on a low budget. It is very effective in teaching children. It is designed for newcomers who are interested in learning skateboard rides. Its advanced raw materials and equipment have made it unique.

Is krown brand a good brand for a skateboard?

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard – the best skateboard on a low budget- its structure is made of maple wood and bamboo. They are quite aware of their customer service and for them; they are quite popular, advanced skateboards, light in weight which will give Aider a whole new experience.

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