Longboard riding is associated with great pleasure or excitement. People are constantly stepping into this world with an interest in this extraordinary sporting. In most cases, parents are passing it on to their children. It is because there are many health benefits of skateboarding. Best krown longboards are a great longboard that can helpful for beginner longboard riders.

However, in most cases, parents do not want to spend more than two and a half hundred dollars to buy a longboard. At the same time, they want to ensure the full protection of children from the longboard.

And these best krown longboards are a great longboard that can ensure your safety with the help of best protective gear. So let’s find out about the best krown longboard who can protect you in any situation.

Best krown longboard – The ruler of beginner longboards

Krown longboards are very good quality boards at low prices. Its demand is worldwide. So you can buy these Krown longboards from online stores like Amazon.com and any local store. Being a basic board, this board is very effective as a beginner longboard.

These Krown longboards are designed in the style of skateboards ed-danmark.com/. For example, the Krown Elite Black longboard is designed for those who like downhill.

Its design is quite sturdy and high-quality trucks have been used. With low center gravity technology, you can go down the slope in a very gentle way with this board.

Krown longboards are made of quite high-quality material. Also, its wheel, bushing and some other material are adjustable. That means you can change them if you want.

So you can easily change the wheel or bearings etc. according to the needs of the rider in these Krown longboards.

Best Krown Longboards Reviews

1. Krown City Surf Longboard Skateboard 9 “x 46”


Krown City Surf is a lot like Krown Pintails. That means the shape is the same. The only difference is in length. City Surf is more than three inches. As a result, at City Surf you can dance as well as smooth riding.

But remember, if you want to dance professionally, you will need some best dancing longboards to perform the best dance. 

This krown sunset city surf longboard is assembled professionally. That means you can take a ride out of the box. It has a 6-inch aluminum truck, 71mm 78A high-rebound urethane wheels, and 60 grit black grip tape. All of these maintain industry standards. Skaters like it a lot.


* A sturdy and robust deck made of Canadian maple wood

* Different types of riding are possible due to the pintail shape

* The riding experience with 78a wheels becomes neck smooth

* This board has a lot of flex due to the 6 “aluminum tracks

* Quality Grip tape gives good traction


** A customer has had problems adjusting to this board repeatedly

2. Krown Freestyle Elite Drop Through Complete Longboard

Krown Freestyle Elite Drop Through Complete Longboard


If you are looking for a board for heel-down or sideways, Krown Elites is for you. It has low center gravity as it is Drop through mounted. As a result, you can get good speed with less effort from it.

This board is made from 9 plies Canadian Maple. As a result, this board is quite stiff and strong type. Being strong, it is quite suitable for higher speed and sliding. This longboard can be a perfect choice if you are interested in sliding with speed. And obviously, you will need a sliding glove.

Downhill or free riders benefit from the size of this board. Its short length boards will get a proper position while downhill riding. The smaller versions of this longboard have smaller wheels and can take a break free ride.


* Reverse kingpin trucks can provide better performance

* Drop through the shape of your choice

* Assembled, ready to ride

* Excellent graphics and color combination of different types

* ABEC5 Bearing with removable Shield can provide a smooth riding


** A consumer has complained about the seller’s delivery system

** Counterfeit products are on the market

3. Krown Krex2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard, 9.25×41-inch

Krown Krex 2 Bamboo Freestyle Complete Longboard


The krown exotics longboard allows you to ride in all styles. Its construction style sets it apart from other boards. It is made in a combination of bash and maple sandwich.

This longboard is becoming more and more attractive and popular as there are many types of riding style combinations. Also, if you are not sure about what kind of ride you want to take, then this longboard can be a perfect choice for you.

Using bamboo, you can ride it at your convenience.Because of the presence of bamboo in the making material, you will get good enough flex from this longboard. Balance is also an important factor while riding, and you will be amazed at the uniqueness of staying on balance while riding this longboard.

It has a 6-inch kingpin truck, 81mm 78a white wheels, ABEC7 bearings and sprays grip. Combining all these features, this longboard has become very popular as an extraordinary and quality longboard.


* Rigid construction in a combination of Canadian maple wood and bamboo

* Freestyle Shape can be used for any kind of riding

* Soft and large White 71mm 78a wheel

* Excellent quality bearing for smooth riding

* 7 “Black Trucks can give you good flex


** One consumer commented that the trucks were more rigid

4. Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard

Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard


This board is of classic shape type. That is, it resembles the shape of a longboard when it was first invented. We are told that the pintail shape is a very nice and functional shape, and the combination of these shapes in the longboard further enhances the usefulness of the whole longboard.

This krown pintail longboard is designed in such a way that the wheels do not stick together. As a result, you won’t get much wheel bite from this longboard while riding. Your riding experience will become and beautiful and comfortable.

The length of this board is ideal for carving, cruising, and dancing. Even when you go out for carving, you will not face any problem if you go after any hill type road in your road.


* Strong and long-lasting construction of maple wood

* It is used in a versatile way due to its pintail shape

* The soft and large wheels ensure a comfortable riding experience

* Trucks providing excellent flex

* Grip tape can provide quite a bit of traction

* Each component meets the industry standards


** Not so suitable for overweight people

** A consumer claims that parts often need to be replaced

5. Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard


Measurement of The Flame Rookie Skateboard is 7.5 x 31.5”. This is a very ideal type for rookie skateboarders. It is quite light in weight. Very comfortable and simple with it you can learn different types of tricks.

In addition to being light in weight, the shape of this best krown longboard is also a bit narrow. And so if you want to get a new foot in the world of longboarding, this board can be a great companion for you.

Although it is a beginner’s longboard, at the same time it can help you maintain balance as well as help you learn any kind of best longboard tricks.

This longboard is available in many color combinations in the market. You can choose the color of your choice according to your choice and personality from here.

You can even give a longboard to someone as a nice gift. Even if you know the color of his choice, you can buy him a longboard of that color and give him a present.


* Lots of hard and strong construction made of Canadian maple wood

* Delivery in the ready-to-ride condition is not required to be assembled separately

* Top-notch Aluminum 0 trucks

* Precision speed ABEC7 bearings

* These longboards are available in the market in a variety of colors according to the choice


** Some consumers have complained about its wood

Krown longboard — the ultimate entry-level longboard

Krown makes many longboards every year. You will find different varieties of pintails on Krown brand longboards. Other longboard brands do not have such pintails. People usually search online with the term krown longboard Reddit to find something good about in the community of Reddit!

Krown’s boards are very good and come in a variety of styles. The decks of these boards help quite well for beginners to get used to.

The krown longboard price is not too high. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. You can upgrade it anytime you need it at a low cost.

Beautiful Wood

Krown’s decks are of good quality. You can choose a longboard of your choice from different varieties of longboards.

The decks are originally made of hardwood maple. This hardwood maple is the best wood deck to make. Bamboo is again used to make some decks.

best krown longboards

Some longboard decks are again very flexible. Those who ride cruisers feel comfortable in them. This type of bat can absorb the shots well if the road is uneven.

There are also several Krown longboards made of a combination of bamboo and maple wood. Almost all of them are good in terms of quality.

Grip tape and other features

Different brands use clear or black grip tape. There is not much difference in this. However, the clear grip is used for a better design.

The Crown Company usually makes these two types of longboards, top mounts or drop threes. The main difference between the two is in the truck-mounted.

Drop through is more stable and can be pushed easily. But these maneuvers are not very good and cannot take a sharp turn. This type of longboard is usually used to move around the area and to walk on the street in public.

This longboard manufacturer also makes decks of different lengths. The longer the longboard, the better its stability but they will not take a good turn again. And so if you need a sharp turn later then you need to use a shortboard.


The main weakness of the Krown setup is in this place. They use traditional or reverse kingpin trucks on board. Or the reverse kingpin truck is very stable and can turn well from the traditional.

Longboard trucks come in different sizes. Shorter trucks can maneuver more and wider trucks have better stability. However, the track length is not a must for practice.

There are the trucks on board to prevent wheel bite. Longboard trucks are great for beginners. You must change the bearings during the upgrade as well.

Decent wheels if you want to series

Krown adheres to certain standards during wheel set up. The wheels are usually white or black.

Cruising white wheel provides good support. You will also get a good grip. So there is no fear of falling after carving.

The black wheel is used in pintails. These are skinny. The result allows cruising and light carving. You can easily push as the grip is low. The Crown Company manufactures many types of bearings for the wheel for your convenience.

The funny thing is that even though the company gives different names to those bearings, they are most likely the same type. You will try to change the bearings after a while. As a result, you can easily push and cruise.

All best longboard brands have their own creativity and unique features. Best krown longboards are quite innovative and most suitable for beginners.

Final word

These longboards in the market can be used by anyone from beginners to various longboard beginners. In addition to simple longboards, you will also find complicated longboards in the market.

The price is not too high. But you will get a lot of good quality as well as many features from these. They are also sustainable. You will see many positive reviews about Krown Longboard online. Many have praised such longboards.


Are Krown skateboards good?

At first, these boards are quite affordable and are usually used as beginner boards. With these longboards, you can do different styles of longboarding. And in terms of features, it is no less than other longboards available in this price range. Krown longboards official website also has a good online-based reputation.
And yes! Of course, if you want to increase the budget, you can buy better longboards. However, in this budget choice, this longboard is considered to be quite nice and good. Also, our expert team has chosen these products a lot because of its affordable price.

What is the best material for a longboard?

It is very difficult to say which the best material in one word is. However, if the construction is good, then it is possible to make good quality longboard with any kind of material. However, maple wood, birch wood, fiber, bamboo, and hybrid materials are being widely used in the current market.
Best krown longboard also uses Canadian maple, in some longboard they use the combination of krown longboard bamboo and maple wood.

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