Getting good skateboard insoles is a great and important thing for a skateboarder. And in today’s world of skateboarding, having a pair of good skate shoe insoles are very important.

A good pair of insoles will protect you from falling and getting small on the one hand and will help you to descend from a high place comfortably on the other. In a nutshell, these will not give you the tools you need to protect yourself.

Plus, when it comes to safety best protective gear such as best longboard helmet can give you ample protection.

If you haven’t done skateboarding then you can understand how much risk you can take in skateboarding. So, it is better to buy a pair of skateboard insoles, the skateboarding shoe insoles will protect you from these potential dangers.

Skate shoe insole has very good health support for your feet. Even skateboarding also has very good health benefit.

In our guidelines, we have discussed the factors that will motivate you to choose the best shoe soles. Then we have collected the best and finest insoles of the year – we will discuss them in detail.

Best skateboard insoles Review

1.Remind Insoles Medic Reflexology


Best shoe soles are designed for the normal movement of your feet so that they do not put any kind of pressure on your body joints. Guaranteed that your toes, knees, hips, and spine will feel comfortable with this great built-in insole.

It is a semi-rigid insole that flexes perfectly with the mechanical movements of your feet and is prepared in keeping with the bio-mechanically correct physique. It enhances your action skills like best skateboard tricks and relieves various physical stresses.

Blue Magic is a modern moisture-absorbing smart foam that is on top of other skate shoe insoles on the market. Blue Magic will help you retain energy while climbing mountains. Not only will it have a strong effect on you, but it is also a very strong and durable material.


  • Your legs will have a nice alignment, so it is good for the body
  • In terms of skate shoes with arch support, the service of this insole can impress you
  • Considering the shock absorb, its impact is very high
  • This insole can provide very nice and long-lasting performance


  • There are many counterfeit products on the market. If you can’t buy the right skate insoles, you are likely to get pain in your legs

2.Shred Soles Skateboarding Shoe Insoles


We value this brand so much because it has a layer of microcellular urethane in the shredded under the forefoot of this best insoles for vans. This brand has two unique features that are usually difficult to find in other brands of insoles!

First, it instantly reduces the pressure on your feet when landing (which is a good thing). And second, don’t let it bother you. Normally, these two features are great, but it looks like the Shred brand has found the direction you need!

We have created a layer by mixing the striped shredded foam of this insole so that it can give you long-lasting support and comfort, especially during skateboarding!

I have already said that there is a shredded microcellular urethane layer under the forefoot of this skateboarding insoles. The shredded bed is very soft which gives comfort to your feet and keeps you stress-free.

Foot Support and Protection – Primontek Skeleton is a composite design material that will soothe your feet and eliminate the possibility of injury during landing.


  • Unique in terms of comfort, this insole can give you comfort like a cloud
  • Especially if you are a new skateboarder, this product can give you a lot more support
  • Very nice product and so its stability is also very high
  • This insole will provide long-lasting support for best shoes for longboarding as well as snowboarding


  • The plastic in the skateboarding shoe insoles seemed a little too stiff to many.
  • Many customers are confused about sizing, so buy by looking at the right size

3.Footprint Orthotic Insoles


Kingfoam Orthotics skate shoe insoles will help you skate for longer by reducing ankle sprains and foot fatigue. Footprint Kingfoam Orthotics Insole provides a great cushioning system and protection.

Doctors also recommend the use of these insoles, and professional skaters such as Brandon Bebel and Aaron Home key also use these insoles.

Kingfoam Orthotics skate insoles will support your feet and heel cup foam will ensure foot protection. This insole is a little thin, but the efficiency is good. So, buy best shoes for longboarding with arch support today and bring it home without delay.


  • Much more foamy and quite comfortable
  • It can make your skateboard riding experience much better
  • This insole will support you for a long time
  • Perfect for beginners as it can absorb a lot of shocks


  • Several customers have complained that they have not been able to use this insole for a long time.

4.Dr. Scholl’s Sport Insoles


It may come as a surprise to many that this insole is preferred by most skaters, especially because it is comfortable to use! You will get a much better feel by reading this insole. Moreover, these insoles provide protection as well as comfort.

This insole may not be so good for high heats but for many this insole is comfortable. However, there are many advantages to this insole.

However, its price is much lower. This insole is designed to absorb moisture and it also gives good support to the feet so that it can reduce muscle pain and pressure.

Dr. Schulz’s Athletic Series Sport Massaging Gel Advanced skateboarding insoles are specifically designed for people who do not experience any fatigue in the leg and foot muscles.

And this skate insoles massaging gel is designed with the help of advanced technology, which will help us to keep the pressure on your lower body joints less and increase your joints more.


  • This insole is ready to adapt to any kind of athletic competition
  • If you feel fatigued in your leg muscles then this best shoe soles is the solution for you
  • Flexible insoles will give you maximum support for a long time
  • Doctors suggest this insole for any kind of foot problem
  • Suitable for any type of sports shoes including skate shoes, running shoes


  • Several customers complained that they did not feel much difference in terms of comfort.

5.Shock Doctor Active Ultra Insole


You might be surprised to learn that this skate shoes with arch support, which sold for 60, is now at the top of the skateboarding market. This insole has gained popularity especially due to the safety features and orthotic support/correction of this insole.

This insole is not # 1 in our list just because of the financial value. However, if you compare it with the rest of the products left behind, you won’t find a second one like this skateboard insoles.

The best athletes in the world use these shoes or insoles. And these insoles are prepared using the advice of shock doctors. Moreover, this insole is made in the shape of any size of the foot so that it can provide extreme comfort to everyone. And with that, you have to give the previously promised support.

This insole is quite efficient in absorbing moisture. The top air / FX layer of this sole will also give you a proper ventilation facility so that the feet do not get sweaty. These insoles have forefoot and heel shock domes that absorb any moisture. Otherwise, your knee lower back, and even the hip would be more likely to be transferred.

The full foot control bar is an attribute that helps keep the forefoot and heel always in your favor. This feature will reduce the pressure on the joints in your lower body.


  • This type of insole is one of the best manufacturers in the world
  • This insole is ready to fit any type of foot due to the adaptive arc technology.
  • This insole can be your skateboarding partner for a long time
  • You will feel full control because of these insoles on the feet


  • To some, the heels of these insoles seem too high, making them feel quite uncomfortable

Skate Shoe Insole Purchase Instructions


In addition to protecting, you from falling, getting small, or injured, skate shoe insoles work for many more purposes.

First of all, if the best insoles for vans is prepared with good quality equipment, it will help you to distribute the pressure in all the parts of the whole leg.

This type of insole will give you protection. If your insole is not good, you can use it to cause severe finger pain. So, it is very important to buy good insoles.

A good pair of insoles will not only give you comfort. It will give you many more benefits besides comfort. Such a good insole will help you to move from one place to another very fast so that you can manage skating well and efficiently. There is the benefit of comfort and ease!

In a hot sunny day, you can have a blast with your skate sunglass, sports shoes with a best insole. And obviously a best skateboard.

There are many best shoe soles on the market that you can use year after year. Again, some insoles appear in the market with new updated versions year after year. Such insoles are made in two ways – one for skaters with weak fingers and toes and one for skaters with strong feet.

If you look in the market, you will find all kinds of insoles. And with patience and time, read our guidelines thoroughly, a subtle idea will be achieved. As a result, the task of choosing your best insole will be solved easily. Let’s move forward now

Are you going to buy shoes?

One thing to keep in mind is that most people may think this is true. It doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you buy when you go to buy shoes for yourself, it matters which genre the shoes fall into.

But these are usually the same or old things and do not adjust at all with your feet. And they certainly don’t play a role in solving any of your natural problems.

These are bad for the needs, only that they are not specifically designed. In the case of skateboarding shoes, this often happens when the shoe appears in a new tab. which matches exactly what you need – you may not find too many people.

So, remember to go ahead on your own to identify what you need. And we always have this guideline with you – to help you choose the right hockey skate insoles.

And yes, one more thing to keep in mind. That is, many shoe brands do not offer the facility to separate the insole from the shoe. It’s a very annoying thing. But it’s not such a big problem.

If you fit the skateboarding insoles on the shoe insole that you bought, you will win! Instead, you will get the benefit of two insoles. So, don’t think of any problem as a big problem, maybe it has become a blessing for you. Can’t say, right?

It may not be so comfortable, but it works better and better than other tools. You will feel comfy when skateboarding with best carving longboard and a favorite skate backpack in your back.

Make sure the insole fits your legs

When you look for the right insole that will fit you, a little test will make the job much easier for you. The test is very small, but this test will help you go a long way and save you money and time. It will also help to reduce the workload.

First, place the insole you see on the ground. Don’t put it in your shoes. All you have to do is stand with one foot on the insole. After doing this, lift your other leg into the air so that all your weight and mass come and rest on that standing leg. Stand like this for a while.

This test will help you understand how much pressure you will feel while doing skateboarding and how much you will be able to stay still even after so much pressure and how you will feel or get relief from this insole.

Also, you need to make sure that your heel is “curled up”, which means you will get great support from the heel that will give you a chance to feel more comfortable.

If your chosen insole and heel pass this test then get ready for the next test. The next test is to try to get these accessories out of your shoes.

If the insole can be easily removed from the skate shoe, you can open and insert it whenever you want. And you can check it whenever you want to see if it fits you.

The level of support should not be changed so often if the sizing is not stopped. If so, you may need to return to the drawing board for a more appropriate answer. So, you now make sure you are stable and bound.

One last thing to do. That is, you need to make sure that your skateboard insoles do not take up too much space. If it gets too big for the inside of your shoe, it can cause you pain and discomfort. Keep this in mind to avoid any kind of pain.

Take care of your insole

The insole on a skateboard shoe does not last a lifetime! Of course, nothing is permanent! However, if you take proper care, your insole will last a long time.

Doctors recommend that you change your insole every year. So, use as much as you can in a year, then change. Here are some tips to take care of your insole:

It is best to remove the insole after you have used it, but this is not always the case. But sometimes it is wise to do so. The reason is that moisture accumulates between the shoes and the insole, the moisture will be removed when you open the insole.

However, if you do this, you can expect that the smell of your shoes will not go away, but it will decrease a bit.

Wash them – If you notice that they are dirty after removing the insole, you should wash them. This will keep the insole fresh and will not give off any bad smell.

However, it is better to do the washing yourself. And yes you can use mild soap. And yes, let it dry in the sun. When dry you can use it again.

Take good care – let’s say the insole is like a car. Just as you will take care of your car, you will also take care of your insole every day.

If there are errors in care, keep in mind that the two are going to be different. Understand that you are doing yourself a disservice. You may be saving some money but you can do yourself a disservice. If it is before the age of twelve months, and it continues to happen, you should go to a specialist and have it replaced to keep you safe.

Large profiles vs. small profiles

There is no difference between the hockey skates insoles used in skateboarding. It all depends on what kind of skateboarding you are going to do.

If you are someone to whom height is a ridiculous thing, then you need to look for some higher or bigger profile. And if you are not one of them or you are a beginner or a novice player, it would be better to choose a lower profile than you need.

With this, if you buy a best campus skateboard to ride around in your college, it will be very nice for you. The insole label has been chosen for complete disclosure because the insole manufacturer has two options, a “High Pro” and a “Low Pro”.

We’ve seen that it’s helpful to split them into two because they’re two completely different types of skating. But, wearing the best shoes for skating is compulsory for the best outcome.

Large profile

A big profile is what you think it is! It’s for those who can’t play at all! Or better said for beginners. And this profile is good for those who will jump or skate from a very high place. You can have a blast with large profile insole with your best beginner longboard.

A lot of padding will be needed to relax the feet and protect the toes. This will help you to sweat less and skate longer. However, it all depends on how good or bad your insole is. If you do not have a good insole, you should collect it as soon as possible.

Small profile

This does not mean that you are bored with what you are doing. That doesn’t mean you’re down 100 feet or anything. This allows you to enjoy skating more comfortably and efficiently while you skate longer

You will also find profiles of large insoles in the market. But that doesn’t encourage you to go that far!


Do shoe insoles work?

Yes! This type of insole works. Because in many cases it is seen that they have got relief from chronic leg pain due to using the insole. Also, if you are a sports person, then the insole can give you extra comfort with your best shoes for skating.

Can you replace shoe insoles?

Normally, the skateboard insoles remain in nice condition for a long time. So, you don’t have to worry about replacing the skate shoe insoles frequently. But, yeah! You can change your insole anytime.  Even with the best skate shoe insole, you won’t even need shoe gels.

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