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Longboarding, also famous for skateboarding is a fun activity of riding on a longboard deck. From adults to teenagers, whenever they get free time everyone is getting into this exciting sport. If you are also want to enjoy longboarding, just like your other friends at first you need to choose the best longboard decks to feel the smooth ride.

Being a professional in this sport, I will guide you on how to choose the right longboard deck that will save your time and money.

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How to Pick the Best Longboard Decks

A longboard deck is mainly a long, flat board used to stand on while skateboarding. Usually, longboard decks come in lengths ranging from 33” to 60”. Due to shape and length range, they are different from the skateboard. Everybody likes longboarding because it’s great for enjoying various styles of skateboarding including, cruising, downhill, freestyle, slalom, and craving.

Apart from fun, longboards can also be used for short-distance traveling. 

When it comes to selecting the right longboard deck, a few characteristics such as shape, length, width, material, and built must be considered. Also, see the style of longboarding that you are planning to pick. I have stated some important factors to help you figure out what you need.

Cruising / Carving

For regular trips to school or shopping malls, smaller size longboards are the best fit. It will make cruising easier by permitting you to navigate through the busy footpaths without hurting any walkers. But if you want to incline to try some hills then enhanced stability longboards will do great.

Picking the Right Deck Length

When it comes to picking a suitable cruising deck, boards ranging between 28” and 46” are seamlessly fine. You may start with smaller boards as well but if you are just a beginner, it’s safe to stay within this range. It’s not very challenging to find an appropriate-sized deck for cruising and carving. Below are the brief descriptions of different-sized decks to support you find the comfy one?

best longboard decks is very essential for good riding

Picking a Smaller Cruising Deck

Long Longboards are not perfect for young riders who are beginners, have a low height, and have no confidence in longboarding. Tall riders who are assertive about their boarding abilities also can use short cruising decks and know how to switch between different longboarding styles.

Picking a Mid-sized Cruising Deck

While you are so much confused about where to start, it’s always very safe to go with mid-sized longboards ranging from 32” to 42”. Due to their medium size, they are perfect and comfy to attempt any style of longboarding. I highly recommend this range of longboarding for street cruising and is widely used by armatures for short-distance trips.

Picking a Longer Cruising Deck

For any longer-distance, long cruising decks are very convenient and smooth. You can enjoy relaxed rides with these decks and practice advanced skateboarding styles on flat surfaces. For expert riders, longer cruising decks are the perfect ones who can handle the heftiness without losing balance. These boards are much heavy, keep them in your mind.

Picking a Kicktail or No Kicktail

Twin Tape shape decks longboards are easier to ride for everyone and provide an exotically beautiful look to the boards. But that doesn’t mean that people will not prefer using Kicktail when given the opportunity.

Picking a Deck with a Kicktail

Deck with a kicktail is perfect plus suitable to attempt interesting tricks, make quick turns, and pop up and down curbs. It’s totally the choice of beginners that they will pick decks with or without kicktails.

 Picking a Deck with no Kicktail

There are a lot of deck options for beginners but No-kicktail longboards are highly recommended for beginners because they maximize the effective wheelbase resulting in enhanced stability.

Free Ride

Even though there are many exciting longboarding styles, the free ride is commonly practiced and highly enjoyed by all riders. When it comes to picking the right deck style for freeride, beginners can go with drop-platform whereas intermediates must consider drop-through decks.

Picking the Deck Style

Some deck styles are considered to be perfect for a free ride, although you can go with any type of deck. Where downhill decks are far longer than the average board and totally rigid-flexible boards are appropriate for parking lot fun instead of down steep roads.

Considering the views of experienced longboarding riders, drop-platform and drop-through deck styles are the best options appropriate for free ride discipline. Drop-through decks are quite easy to manufacture than drop-platform decks therefore they are more common.

Drop Platform – for the beginner

With drop-platform and double-drop decks, beginners will love the free ride style faultlessly. Drop platform decks come with the lowest platform that makes longboarding quite easier for beginners who are still practicing how to keep balance and taking baby attempts of slides. With enhanced stability, learners become able to practice tricks and quickly turns with drop-platform decks

Drop Through – for intermediate

Lighter and slimmer, drop-through decks are perfect for those people who want to attempt flip tricks and carry boards as a style statement.The Drop-through deck doesn’t weigh much and can be carried easily, Due to its slimmer construction. But make sure you pick a drop-through deck with little flex because flex doesn’t support free ride discipline and creates a disturbance.

Choosing Deck Dimensions

For free ride style, you have to pick decks in the length range of 38” to 42”.

Without this range or shorter you won’t be able to maintain the balance while with longer decks, you will feel so uncomfortable and won’t be able to enjoy a smooth ride.

As far width is concerned, it correlates with the length hence not that much significant. Drop-platform and drop-through decks with a width range of 8.5” to 10.5” are generally used for free rides hence anything in this range will do great.


Just like freestyle, downhill is also a longboarding style that requires a little training and a suitable deck. Beginners are highly recommended to use drop-through decks for this style but intermediate riders will find top-mount far comfortable.

As the board’s length is quite important for smooth rides, decks ranging from 37” to 43” are perfect for high-speed downhill.

Choosing the Deck Style

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Any deck can be used for downhill longboarding but if you want to do it perfectly without facing any obstacles, a few deck styles are ideal.

For years, I’ve been down-hilling at mountain roads and from my experience, the drop-through and top-mount decks are surely the best to go with.

Where drop-through decks offer enhanced stability and are widely used by legendary longboard racers, at the present time, youngsters find top-mount decks pretty efficient to wind the road down in a crack.

Drop Through – for the beginner

As a beginner, if you face problems in maintaining a balance or speeding up, with the drop-through deck you can enjoy a flawless ride with higher stability.

As they are designed lower to the ground, riders find them more constant and do not fear to effort speedy rides.An added advantage is that drop-through longboards can also be used as top-mount decks with a little practice.

When it comes to picking the best deck for beginners to attempt downhill, drop-through is the only perfect option!

Top Mount – for intermediate

Not like drop-through decks, top-mount decks have tricks directly attached to the bottom of the longboard. This feature provides better grip to the riders allowing them to bend and turn quite easily. Tuning of top-mount decks is essential to experience stability at high speed.

For downhill style, top-mount decks enable superior performance letting riders slow down while sliding through the tight corners.

However, great skills are required to explore the potentials of a top-mount deck and if you’re a passionate and over-experienced rider, this deck style is ideal for you!

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Choosing Deck Dimensions

For downhill style, decks with lengths ranging from 37” to 43” are seamlessly fine. Smaller than this length will lead to high-speed stability issues whereas a longer deck will make it challenging for riders to attempt downhill drills.

For beginners, longer decks are recommended, ranging from 40” to 41”, until they learn to maintain balance during high speeds. The width for a downhill deck is not as significant as long as it varies according to the longer ranges.

Commonly, width ranging from 9” to 10.5” is satisfactory for downhill. If you’re wearing bigger shoes then a wider deck would do great and if smaller, thinner one will be the best fit for you.

Best Longboard Decks

Loadedboards Bhangra Longboard Skateboard ~Blem Deck Only~

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This 48.5” long and 9.5” wide longboard deck is maybe the best bet you may find on the market. It is made of two vertical cores, both made up of vert-lam bamboo. Although there are slight paint imperfections, the functioning is perfectly fine.

With the truck size of 180mm and 70mm or smaller wheels, this deck is truthfully light in weight and best for freestyle longboarding.Good flex and plenty of space make it very easy to enjoy some groovy movements!

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck (10″ x 30″, Natural)

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This board leaves it all up to you whether you can use it for cruising, freestyle or downhill.All you got to do is to pair it with right trucks as well wheels and you’re good to go.

Considering its width, it’s perfect for riders with big feet and provides stability.Moreover, it comes with a grip tape that just makes it even superior for a stable ride.From shape to weight to curves, everything is good enough to let you enjoy some fun moves or ride while longboarding.

Whether you want to do some tricks or enjoy street cruising, this board is going to serve you fine by all means.

SCSK8 40″ Bamboo LongboadSkatebaord Deck with Stained Wheel Wells

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Using the length of 40”, this long longboard is made up of a fine blend of bamboo and maple to make sure stability and good flex.From fun cruising to everyday commuting, this deck is flawlessly fine to go with.

You can also use it for downhill longboarding style because of its good flex and rigidity.People with craze of attempting longboarding maneuvers must consider buying it because of its super sturdy design.

Moreover, it works perfectly fine with heavy trucks and wide wheels to provide enhanced stability

Loaded Longboards Fattail Flex 2 ~DECK ONLY~

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It is vertically laminated bamboo longboard deck with the length of 38” and flex 2.It’s one of the top-notch quality deck that will allow you to go with any longboarding style, from cruising to carving to freestyle.

This brand Loaded makes decks with different flex.Where flex 1 offers rigidity, flex 3 provides exciting flexibility. If you’re not so sure to go with any of these, flex 2 is the safest option for you.This deck features pretty a wide and refined platform with two truck options.

Bamboo pintail Deck Longboard Skateboard 44” X 10″

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This last longboard deck also on our list is a bamboo deck with the dimension of 44” X 10” and pintail feature. Apart from its artistic design, this deck is also perfect for cruising and with a little tuning; you can use it for downhill style.

It’s flexy, robust and lightweight which indicates, this piece is just right to do some tricks and enjoy groovy movements.This high quality deck is superbly finished and also supports painting and stickers nice-looking well so you may add some personalization to it.


Longboarding is truly a fun activity that also gets flexibility into your body and keeps you healthy.To enjoy this sport at fullest, you first need to get your hands on a right longboard deck that must be helpful of your style and status.

Decks that work well for advanced and intermediate riders might not be good choices for beginners.Moreover, in addition to the styling of a deck, its dimension also plays a vital role to backing a certain longboarding style such as freestyle and downhill.

Make sure, check all the style and dimension of the decks before purchasing one.

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