Rimable longboard was originally a China-based company and initially gained popularity in making roller skates in a very short time. The latter gradually began to make everything from scooters to skateboards. Although not an American based company, this company called Rimable is not lagging behind the American products in any part.

The company has been gaining a place of trust among consumers by making skateboards for a long time. And who doesn’t know about the most famous Rimable drop-through longboard and Removable Rimable pintail longboard of this company. These longboards are very remarkable and durable in terms of quality and structure.

The special feature of Rimable Company is that they are constantly improving the quality of their products by keeping a separate eye on consumer comments and advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I also used several products of Rimable Longboard when looking for Best Beginner Longboard and I liked it quite a bit.

Today we have tried to put together a list of the top five products of this company called Rimable. Our expert team has reviewed these products in light of their own experience using each product themselves. Hope this rimable longboard review will be a big help!

Top 5 Rimable Longboard amazon Recommendation

Here you will find all kinds of products starting from beginner level to fully expert level. We believe that the extraordinary performance of these products will always fascinate you. The Rimable Company has also created several excellent skateboards, especially for performing a variety of the best skateboard tricks.

1. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard (41-inch)


You can take all the benefits you want from a standard drop through longboard with just about all the benefits you get from this excellent product. You can even take a nice sharp turn with this longboard. This RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard is one of the best carving longboards for everyday cruising with people.

The deck height is great and easy to push, as its 60mm PU wheel is able to ensure your excellent riding experience. This longboard is also a great choice for downhill riding.

The shape of this 41-inch longboard is a bit like freestyle, so you can try many different riding styles on this longboard with great ease. It also strengthens the structure of its aluminum trucks. And smooth bearings play an effective role in ensuring maximum speed in this skateboard.


** Freeride Shape longboard!

** The 9-ply maple deck ensures maximum durability

** Seven-inch aluminum trucks can give great flex

** The PU wheel ensures smooth riding

** This longboard is quite fast


* One consumer complained that the longboard could not carry much weight

2. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard


As a mini-cruiser, this excellent 22-inch skateboard has gained a lot of popularity in just a few days of marketing. The reason for this is that it is quite attractive and strong. This skateboard is available in several designs and colors. It is also used as a fashion among teenagers and kids. Again it is quite popular even among adults as a skateboard in fashionable.

By wearing attractive clothes, skate shoes, and nice skate sunglasses with this skateboard, anyone can bring a unique aesthetic look into their personality. Although adults use this board, it is more commonly used among young people. This board is seen to be quite used even as a campus longboard.

With 3-inch aluminum tracks, decks made of hard and durable material and good quality bearings, the PU wheel is able to take your riding experience to a unique level. All the features are in an effort to make your riding easier and smoother.

And the best part is the affordable price. You can buy this skateboard at a very reasonable worth. This skateboard is quite adept at carrying weight, capable of carrying up to about 196 pounds.


** Quite aesthetic and attractive look

** Amazing design and color

** Used as a fashionable product

** It is also used by children and adults

** Available at affordable prices

** Made with strong and durable material


* Some consumers have complained that the color does not last long

3. RIMABLE Canadian Maple Freeride Concave Deck Longboard (Drop-Through, 42Inch)


Although this skateboard has some freestyle style concave, it is basically a Drop through longboard. It has gained a lot of popularity due to its very nice and attractive design. However, the board is also much stronger and more durable in terms of structure gehe hier hin.

Also, the nice flex of this longboard deck can make your riding greater. In addition to this, the shock-absorbing power is also very good due to the very good flex.

 Made of 8plynaturally hard maple woods, this board can be used for a long time without any problems. All the excellent graphics work will keep you fascinated.

Its ABEC-9 bearings can ensure very smooth riding, and the PU wheel can guarantee long-lasting riding. Being 42 inches in shape, you can easily balance this Rimable longboard.


** Remarkable design and strong structure

** Longboard made of maple wood is why it is durable

** 9 Ply maple made of wood

** Aluminum 6-inch reverse kingpin

** Long-lasting wheels and smooth bearings

** This longboard can take a nice grip even in the grass


* Better for beginners, experts expect something more thrilling

4. RIMABLE 41 Inch Drop Deck Complete Longboard


As a drop-down deck, this longboard lowers the center of gravity a bit, so you get a lot more control over this longboard and become much more stable.

The performance of this longboard is very nice and comfortable for general cruising. This longboard is also considered as a good choice for general side-to-side travel and carving.

With this 41 inch longboard, you will get top mount trucks, which is able to make the performance much better. Also, this longboard has a symmetrical shape and its concave is also somewhat medium type.

Its aluminum trucks are very nicely polished and the finishing is also excellent so you will get very high rebound bushings from here.

Due to the 80 * 51 PU wheel and very high-quality bearings you can expect maximum speed as well as smooth riding experience from this longboard. Also, this rimable drop deck longboard will be delivered to you in a ready-to-ride condition, no need to re-mount.


** Excellent control and highly stable

** Gives excellent performance for cruising

** Top mount Trucks

** Medium concave

** Symmetrical shape

** Ultra-high rebound bushings

** Ready to ride out of the box


* One consumer claims that this longboard is not long-lasting

* Not able to carry much weight

5. 41 Inch Complete Maple Cruiser Longboard Skateboards Rimable Freeride and Dancing Cruising


This longboard made of hard seven layers of maple wood from Northeast is very strong and capable of long-lasting service. This longboard can handle any kind of stress, even if it has a lot of crack resistance. This longboard has the ability to stand with normal wear and tear.

Also, the grip of this longboard is very nice; as a result, it has non-slip capacity. It can be quite a surprise to hear the weight-bearing capacity, this longboard with a carrying capacity of about 200 kg is very strong.

Despite being quite strong, this longboard is much lighter than other boards. This allows you to easily carry your longboard backpack. In addition, thanks to these high elastic PU wheels and quality ABEC 11 bearings, your riding experience will be much smoother and you will be able to get maximum speed.

You can give this longboard as a very nice gift for your loved ones. You can also use this longboard with ease for downhill riding. Designed in a freeriding style, you can use this longboard as the best dancing longboard in a very smooth and easy way.


** Top-notch quality panel material

** Northeast made of hard maple wood

** Capacity to carry 200 kg

** Excellent grip and non-slip capacity

** Applicable to both beginners and professionals


* Some customers have complained that it can weigh less than 200 kg

Some of the best features of Rimable longboard

While some of the models we’ve discussed above are the most talked-about models in the Remnant brand, the rest are never far behind. The rest of the models are also becoming quite nice and popular all the time.

This brand is occupying the place of consumer confidence in a very nice way; there are very few consumers who are not satisfied with using these products.

And you can see that impression of consumer confidence in Amazon Review. Most products have 500+ positive reviews and on average they are above 4.5 and most reviews are 5. As a result, you can easily see that these longboards are very different from many other longboards in the market.

Riding style

Rimable has worked with many different riding styles. There are several longboards in it which are made in a somewhat freestyle style. Longboards made in this style are quite nice and can be used in different riding styles.

skateboard riding style

Separate quality longboards are also made for cruising, freeride, rimable dancing longboard, and downhill riding. However, the longboards that can be used for multi-purpose in this company are comparatively more famous.

Attractive design and color

Many other longboard brands have a variety of longboard models in a variety of designs and colors, just as there are probably no removable longboards. However, with a few products of Rimable Longboard, they try to win the hearts of consumers.

After a long study on the reluctance of consumers, they come up with individual longboard models, and in a short time, those longboards became popular with consumers.

These models have all the nice designs and color ceremonies. However, this company always tries to make their longboards a little faster than other longboards.

Deck and wheel

This longboard company always strives to ensure that the overall performance of their models is very good. And the quality deck and wheels are very important to make this performance better. In addition to this, their structure has to be in a very nice way.

The quality of the deck and wheels of this removable longboard is very good so the wheel byte is not so much. As a result, you are less likely to get into an accident with your longboard.

skateboard deck and wheel

However, for extra protection, we always advise using the best protective gear of good quality. The company, therefore, does not compromise on mounting good quality decks and wheels while making these longboards.

This is the endeavor of this longboard manufacturer so that you can get maximum performance during your riding experience.


The connection between the deck and the wheels establishes a little better quality trucks. When the quality of the trucks is good, a longboard is able to provide much lasting performance.

Also when a truck holds the deck and wheel in a very tight and tight way, there is very little chance of an accident. However, using a good quality knee pad along with a nice longboard helmet will ensure your extra protection.

skateboard trucks

Rimablecompany uses aluminum trucks in all the models of this wonderful company. These sturdy trucks play an effective role in ensuring your long-lasting riding experience.


The only secret to making a good quality longboard is to keep the quality of each part of the longboard intact. Most ordinary longboard companies do not pay much attention to bushing; they provide high-quality bushing and get high bones.

However, Rimable Company never compromises in terms of quality. By providing the highest quality bushing provides longboard quality as well as good service and long-lasting performance.


Since these longboard companies try to keep the speed of their products good, they give bearings of good quality ABEC ratings. These bearings simultaneously make your riding much smoother and provide maximum stability.

In addition, the lubricant of these bearings is much higher, so you can be sure of the speed. Good quality bearings can also improve the overall performance of your longboard.


Are Rimable longboards good?

Rimable is a decent enterprise and does deliver-decent learner skateboards and respectable trainee longboards, even if you’re searching for a downhill riding and freeride, these boards can give you optimal satisfaction. The enterprise has been achieving a place of faith among customers by manufacturing skateboards for a long time. Also, the Rimable longboard price is quite affordable.

Is it easier to ride a skateboard or longboard?

Just as a variety of tricks and stunts are performed with a skateboard, this is not done with a longboard. Longboards are basically made to make your riding experience much more comfortable.
And since longboards have been created with comfort in mind, it goes without saying that longboard riding is much easier than skateboarding.
In addition, the wheels of the longboard are much larger and softer, which makes your riding much smoother.

Is longboarding good exercise?

Longboard Riding has many health benefits. In a nutshell, you can do great cardio for free. Doing such an excellent physical exercise regularly will keep you physically and mentally healthy. It is because there are many types of health benefits of longboarding.

What is a Rimable skateboard?

Rimable Longboard is an excellent longboard manufacturer. The difference between other longboard brands in the market is that they do not have many thousands of products.
The company has created a handful of products and each product has the ability to deliver great performance and service.
Another thing is that this company has some freestyle type truck longboards. This is very nice. You can use this longboard for a variety of tasks, from cruising to downhill and dancing.

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