Whether you are a skilled rider looking for a new board or you are a novice rider looking for the perfect wheelset – whatever it is we have come up with detailed reviews of the best Kota longboards on the market to help you.

We first highlight the Kota Longboard then discuss, compare, and differentiate the other three boards. There are many longboard brands based on numerous models, options, designs, and qualities.

 In this Kota longboards review you will know everything about Kota boards.

Let us know about the four top and unique brands that have been created using new and innovative designs, technologies, etc. – but you will like. First, we will talk about some of the products of the Kota longboard brand.

Moreover, this is one of the best electric longboard brands available in the present marketplace.

Kota Longboards

Kota Longboard is a revolutionary and creative quality longboard company based in Denver, CO. This brand makes boards that help to enjoy fun riding. These boards are made keeping in mind the user experience and the riding of choice.

Kota is a unique brand. Just as it hosts electric longboards, it also offers conventional, analog longboards. The boards are remarkably designed for riders of all levels. Preference is given to prioritizing choice and overall board control.

The great design of the board makes the board more accessible and desirable to the climber. Kota makes their boards as their highest quality product and serves its customers with sincerity.

Various aspects of the product

 In this Kota longboards review you will know everything about Kota boards.

Kota longboards Denver cois made by handicraft with hard rock maple wood from America. Each board is tested individually to ensure the highest quality cut – as a Kota board. Hard Rock Maple is great, strong, beautiful and makes the Camber National Board that will help you to enjoy a great ride.

Kota Longboard is known as a unique board for its own made Kotagrip, and this grip is a clean, durable liquid finish grip. This fluid and clean grip provides comfort to each side of the board in the rain and even during high grip performance. A nice design will stick to the board.

Also, it is quite safe for the grip. But adding some best protective gears like best longboard helmet and knee pads can provide additional safety.

The models have different dimensions. Kota longboards for sale are handmade in the United States with great care. With care and craftsmanship, the brand makes a board that is truly loved by its riders.

As stated by the Kota longboards review this brand brings many graphic design boards to the market. From those you can choose the one you like. There are only four base styles in this Kota longboard review.

These four base styles are – SPED Bar, Newport 18, Handley Page, and Sop with Pip. Each board has specific specifications that will allow you to see which board is best for your preferred ride.

Kota longboards price

Kota longboards 2022 tend to be high priced, but the quality and type of craft boards you buy deserve this price. There are many price Kota boards in Kota longboards.

 In this Kota longboards review you will know everything about Kota boards.

Just as you are investing in a board that will give you a smooth ride and durability year after year, you will also get low quality products. You can find Kota longboards worth about three hundred dollars on amazon.

Kota longboards website also has a variety of unique customization options. Plus, you can take a look at Kota longboards facebook&Kota longboards Instagram for their social popularity and appearance.

How do I compare it?

We’ve listed a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

** Atom

** Volador

** Quest

Let’s compare Kota boards with these:

KOTA U.S. Flag Longboard


Easy to use

Kota longboards are much easier to operate and easier to control. The boards are fully assembled and the stock wheels run smoothly. The riding is very smooth, beautiful, and comfortable. A great board for beginners or pro riders.


Kota longboards are made in the United States and this artwork is applied as an oil-based stain. Each board is equipped with Kotagrip, a transparent, grip-tape-free, liquid, and weatherproof grip sealant.

According to this Kota longboard reviews, the experience of the Kotagrip Rider keeps the board adapted to the level and keeps the board in good condition in all types of weather.

Quality of design

This Kota skateboard is designed for a critical thinker and uniquely for a rider who wants to invest in a board that will reward him later in the day. The quality of Kota Longboard handicrafts is of the best quality. This board is very well protected by the company’s custom liquid grip.

The shape of the board will be preferred by riders. Because they can control this board by keeping it in easy balance. Lots of customization and unique options you can get through the Kota brand.


Contact the manufacturer for warranty information. The only call has a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty.

KOTA Lafayette Escadrille Flanders Red Longboard

KOTA Lafayette Escadrille Flanders Red Longboard


Newport 17 at Escadrille in Lafayette is our dedicated tribute to the perfect volunteer pilots of the first US-led fighter squadron. Fighter jets can be said to be a compromise between intervention and stability.

Like a high-performance jet, the Newport 16 is ideal for sharp turns and speeds. All Newport’s now feature Kotagrip, which we own.

How are Kota longboards different from all other boards? The answer is – different in terms of energy! This is the perfect combination of camber and carving for a great concave. This board will help you to ride with the best performance and comfort. Camber will enliven your ride.

If you compare everything from the core of the deck, you will understand that everything on this Kota skateboard is great. The Concave makes the board responsive during turning pointers.

Increase confidence with Concave Turning Response. The Concave Literal Curve provides power directly to the edge of the deck to help make the board tighter with your feet.

Each Kota deck is handcrafted with American hard rock maple from the rich forests of Wisconsin. Rated at a hardness of 1450 pounds, it is twice as hard as other maple varieties. So, it can be said to be the best among the Kota longboards.

The Kota deck style is named after the historic military aircraft. Their name is Draw Nights of Air. The name Kota was also coined at the same time. The title ‘Knights of the Air’ was given to the brave pilots who flew early in the war.

The Knights of the Air carry more courage, honor, and spirit than a merchant. It embodied a code that defined the behavior of these pilots. The design of our board is built while maintaining respect and esteem towards them.

At Kota, we are inspired to do the same. We prepare boards for thrill-seekers, veterans, pilots, skiers, bikers, athletes, outdoor nuts, and of course longboarders.

We like to have fun. But we do what comes out of our mouths. What else do you know about our engines?

This board is a high-performance longboard built in a refined style. That board-Kota at the top of performance and style. It will be your choice, pick it today.

Let’s compare Kota products with similar products from Atom, Volador, and Quest.

Atom Drop Through Longboard (40 Inch)


Then now we will learn about Atom Longboard. The specific model we are comparing it to is the longboard 40-in’s atom drop. This bamboo and black color design are made from a combination of raw and high-quality bamboo.

So, if you ride this bamboo longboard while wearing best bamboo skate sunglass in a hot sunny day, then it will enhance your skating personality.

Atom Longboard is a great quality board that fits your budget. Even if it is low priced, it will give you a strong board for sprint, cruising, and navigation. The 40-in Atom Drop Longboard is moderately flexible with dimensions of X10 in.


Atom drop longboards tend to be very low priced. However, the price is not so important here when you are willing to buy a good quality product at a very reasonable price.

Easy to use

This board will help you to overcome small obstacles with pleasure. This board is the best for you when it comes to combining atom drops into longboards.

Our only recommendation with this board is that you thoroughly test all of its hardware before purchasing, then purchase.

For ease of use, we rated this board 3 out of 5 because the board is only moderate in terms of flexibility, which will challenge a new rider or an unaccustomed driver. Its radius of rotation is quite wide.


This Atom longboard is great for a wide range of terrain and provides good facilities for long journeys or long-distance travel. Since this board is through in style, there is no doubt that it will be your choice. You can buy a board today!

 Although the bushings on this board are quite stiff, they can be adjusted with the trucks. This allows the rider some customization to get a response at the turning point.

Quality of design

Atom’s Buy Drop Through Longboard is designed with a combination of top-shelf gear and an eye-catching design. Although the bamboo maple combination makes a beautiful board, it adds little wood cracks and paints to the tails of the board. Strong materials are associated with overall visual design and aesthetics.


The company that manufactures Atom Longboards offers a 30-day limited warranty that will recover any defects in the board or craft defects within 30 days of the board’s purchase. Contact the manufacturer for details.

VOLADOR 40inch Maple Longboard


Inside Volador Basic

Let’s compare Kota longboards with this 40-inch basic longboard cruiser which is a board that is primarily suitable for those looking for a smooth and colorful ride.

The cold-pressed 6-ply hard maple deck brings amazing physical performance, and it provides successful power to heel most riders.

The deck shape has passed engineering tests to avoid wheel bite from any angle, so keep your mind in chill mode during any final ride and enjoy great riding.

The little volador concave is specially designed for those who enjoy strong paddling and high-speed rides.

All hardware is made with the best materials such as genuine aluminum alloy truck, carbon steel bolts, chrome steel bearings, high rebound PU wheels.

Only with these top groove parts can we fully explore the possibilities of the board. This company only makes riders want to run. The only goal for the company is to make the riding ride as beautiful and enjoyable as possible

Environmental care

Longboarding is a perfect and great game to enjoy nature. As you walk around the city you can feel the wind or observe the mountain scenery while descending the hill. Also longboarding has many health benefits.

As presenters of the boards, we have tried to make them environmentally friendly, minimizing their negative effects as much as possible.

So, we collect durable wood using methanol-free epoxy glue. Again, we collect off a coat for reuse. It must say a healthy board. And this board brings more joy.

Geometric art

The geometric concept was originally introduced to add some old flavor to the board.

Technically, we made the following graphic sustainable. So, the Kota skateboards will never be deleted over time.

A stationary cruiser

With a 32-inch wheelbase, a 45-degree truck, and a wide 9-inch-wide deck, the board serves as the perfect cruiser for a few hours of comfortable travel.

A speed racer

Tighten the truck a bit, press the bearings, give the board a strong pedal, then you discover it yourself on a great ride. The accuracy and quick response to its changes is always a standard aspect of your riding trip.

Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


Our last longboard means Quest Longboard can be compared to their Super Cruiser Longboard skateboard. Something needs to be said about the features of this board: It is a 44-in board. This board is made from a combination of cruiser hard maple wood and bamboo.

Quest Longboards’ is the name of a traditional longboard shop in Southern California that provides its customers with an authentic longboard so they can enjoy a beautiful ride. The quality and construction of this board fit all types of riders from start to finish.


This Quest Super Cruiser is designed for riders of different levels and with it is accessible. The board is available at a lower price. You can buy this Quest Longboard from Questboard.com and Amazon.com for a very reasonable price.

Overall prices can fluctuate due to different designs. This board is great for offering professional quality. This has been made possible by Quest’s long-term success in the surf and board industries.

 Easy to use

This quest longboard is made with grip tape and all its hardware. This board is great for beginner type riders and easy strolling or cruisers. The board is lifted from the bottom of a drop through the deck with the top-mounted truck setup.

This top-mounted truck setup gives the rider a smooth and interesting ride experience with great pleasure. Anyone can learn very simple rules on how to manage it right after buying it.


The Quest Super Cruiser longboard can be a challenge for some riders due to its toughness and tough stock bearings. The flexibility of this board depends on the shape of the riders and their preferred riding style.

But you can enjoy a better ride by upgrading the stock bearings and wheels of this board in a very easy way.

Quality of design

We must say something about the design. In this case, we think that this board lacks in-depth crafts and other issues. Of course, in this case, the low price is noticeable that some of the designs have been omitted for this reason.

The weak points of our design of this model are the low overall durability of wheels, bearings, and boards. At first, no one will be able to understand the faults of this board, but only after a few rides will the rider notice the overall bad bearings of the board.


It is difficult to get information about the specific warranty of this Quest Super Cruiser. It is better to contact the product manufacturer directly to know the product warranty in detail.


Whether you are just starting or wanting to buy a solid board – choosing the best board is the hardest part. So, it is better to look at many options and then think about your needs and then you can choose Kota skateboards.

Even you can carry this with your best longboard backpack at great ease!

After a good look at some of the local and wide and professional quality longboards on the market today, we recommend this Kota longboard to any rider looking for higher quality and reliability.

We feel that Kota Longboard is an organization that leads artisans and handmade boards and for that we have rated their boards five out of five.

Although there are many low- and medium-priced longboards in the market, the detail and craft boards that the Kota Longboard brand makes cannot be matched by other brands.

Kota longboards with great, smooth, custom facilities and attractive design provide riders with a truly colorful ride experience. Kota skateboard also helps to make caching milled, smooth web, etc. with ease in hilly areas.

Although this board is a little expensive, the value that the board will give you is nothing compared to this. This brand will give you long-lasting, practical custom fit boards. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, or how hot or cold the weather is, or where you’re playing.


Is Kota longboards still in business?

It is still unclear if Kota longboards is still in business. The company has not updated its website or social media since early 2019, and no new products have been released. However, there are some indications that the company may still be operating. If you are looking to purchase a longboard from Kota, your best bet is to pick the product from our compilation of amazon products.

What is a good price for longboards?

There is no definitive answer to this question as prices for longboards will vary depending on the brand, size, and condition of the board. However, some general guidelines that may help you determine a good price include checking online classifieds or resale websites, asking friends or family members, or using a price calculator.

Which longboard is better for beginners?

If you’re new to longboarding, then your first choice might be something like a cruiser or a cruiserslide. These boards are easy to ride and can handle some rougher terrain, but they’re not the best choice if you want to learn how to carve. If you want to start off slow and work your way up, a board with more concave might be better.

Are drop deck longboards good for beginners?

Drop decks are a type of longboard that are designed for beginners. They are easy to learn on and provide good stability. They are also lightweight, making them easy to transport. However, some people argue that drop decks are not as good as other types of longboards for beginners because they lack stability and don’t have the same maneuverability.

What is the best longboard brand?

Longboarding has become a popular activity for both adults and children alike. It is a great way to get exercise and have fun at the same time. There are many longboard brands available on the market, but which is the best? It can be tough to decide which one to buy.

Is a cruiser or longboard easier?

For many skateboarders, the choice between a cruiser or longboard is a no-brainer. They’re both comfortable to ride and offer the same variety of tricks. But is one easier than the other?
Both cruisers and longboards are easy to balance and cruise on, but they have different tricks that you can do. A longboard is good for cruising down a smooth surface and doing basic tricks, like ollies and kickflips.

Is Kota Longboard worth it?

Kota Longboard is a very popular longboard skateboard brand. It’s known for its unique designs and high quality. Some people say that it’s worth it to buy a Kota board, while others say that the prices are too high. Ultimately, it depends on your budget and what you’re looking for in a longboard skateboard.

Should you buy Kota Longboards?

Kota Longboards are a great option if you’re looking for a quality, affordable longboard. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Additionally, Kota boards are made with strong construction and materials, so they’ll last you for years to come. If you’re looking for a longboard that’s reliable and easy to use, Kota is definitely worth considering.

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