Skateboarding has a long history. In particular, 1956 – the beginning of the roller derby commercial skateboard for the public. Genesis longboard is considered as a testament.

Work on the Roller Brand Simple Board began in 1958, when skateboarding began with some brands like Madrid longboard. Sidewalk surfing was a popular riding way at the time. Surfing in particular was a popular way to gain ride skills.

Whether you are a newcomer to the world of skateboarding or a skilled skater – genesis electric longboard reviews will bring you the best and greatest board in the market.

Electric Skateboards is a board brand that has climbed to the top of the world of skateboarding. Boards like the Genesis Electric Skateboard not only make skating enjoyable, but they also allow you to glide longer and with less power.

Genesis longboard is a best electric longboard in the market.

Electric motors are now being added to all kinds of products, from scooters to bikes, cars and boards. For those who live in the city, an electric skateboard can be the most attractive and best object for fast transportation.

Consistent with genesis longboard review, you do not have to pay for any fuel other than a small amount of electricity. And besides, you can take the board wherever you want to go where other vehicles cannot reach those inaccessible areas.

The Genesis Electric Skateboard: genesis longboard

Two things can drive the future of private transport – again at a very fast pace. The first is the motor which is going to come in the market in a smaller and more powerful form.

The second is the genesis longboard battery. The batteries that supply power to the board follow the same trend. For boards like the Genesis electric skateboard, it revolutionizes riding in the city. This board is awesome.

The combination of these electric skateboards with powerful motors and batteries instead of legwork to drive the skateboards quickly helps in dribbling across the city. As a result, the popularity of this board is increasing day by day.

Whether you want to go to work or hang out with a fellow skater board whatever you want, boards like Genesis Electric Skateboard will get you where you want to go quickly.

Genesis longboard is a best electric longboard in the market.

And most importantly – the electric boards are actually able to ride up the hill because of the powerful motors attached. It’s a board that old or traditional boards like kryptonics skateboard can’t do what it used to do.

I bet this personal transport will bring a renaissance into your life. Like most people you can find your choice of the best electric skateboards on your own. Well, my friend, you didn’t come to the wrong place, you came to the right place, you can pick the board of your choice from here.

Some best genesis skateboard review

Genesis Tomahawk Electric Skateboard


As a budget-friendly bestseller skateboard on the market, genesis tomahawk electric longboard will definitely be your choice. This board is dazzling your eyes no matter where you go. At least three-color boards of this brand are available in the market. The board is quite flexible.

And this board is light or thin in terms of weight. You can carry this with your skateboard backpack quite comfortably. This board isn’t just great to look at.

As well as this the board provides great feeling while conducting riding. Even you can enhance your room beauty while storing it with a best skateboard rack.

A brushless motor, a motherboard for power management, and a long-lasting rechargeable genesis skateboard battery make this board a separate board.

According to the genesis tomahawk review, The Tomahawk board has a 15-degree hill grade, which means it will bring you a different speed in all-mountain riding. This board is available at a very low genesis electric skateboard price, it is a board with great features and will support you enough.

One more thing – you should not be surprised that this board has been considered as the most investigative board of the year, due to this genesis longboard review!


The deck of the Tomahawk board is made of eight-layered grade, fine maple wood imported from Canada. The board is 42 “long and 7.5” wide. It is a board that meets all the dimensions of a longboard and can carry a rider weighing up to a maximum of 264 pounds.

The board has at least three colored wheels – black, green and orange. These wheels are made of polyurethane and have a diameter of 3.5 “. The wheels can move smoothly over rocks and grit.

As you can see in this genesis tomahawk review,the genesis tomahawk battery is mounted on the side of the bridge behind the board. This genesis skateboard battery is always covered in the black color of an aluminum housing.

A motherboard is also attached to this genesis tomahawk electric longboard and it is secured by battery pack screws. With best skate tool, you can tune it to its best position.

The top of the board has 36 grit grip tapes, plus a 530-micrometer particle size, the gray, Genesis logo that is embossed on the board makes the board super stylish, and is considered a good board for a worry-free cruise.

Performance and strength

genesis tomahawk electric longboard(fully charged) will help you ride more than 20 miles at a speed of about 20 mph. This may vary depending on the user’s weight, weather and road conditions.

The board is powered by a 36-volt, 4.3Ah-4.4AHz battery that is replaceable and takes about two and a half hours to recharge. On the word of genesis tomahawk review,the batteries weigh about 3.8 pounds and are called premium quality 1650 lithium-ion batteries.

This board has a wireless remote with a frequency range of 2.4 MHz, 300 mAh. The remote takes half an hour to recharge and is powered by a Li-on battery. It is a genesis longboard remote similar to a TV remote. And it is very easy to operate.

The motors are attached to the rear. The motor has a dual brush and each gives a heat of about 260 watts. A total of 520 watts of power is generated. The system control box is attached to the motherboard and a chip is attached to the remote box. This board also has different ride modes.

There is also an LED genesis longboard battery indicator called for protection needs. The board can easily pass over a hill with a slope of 20 degrees or less.

Genesis Hellfire Electric Skateboard


Genesis’s help fire helps you ride faster at a range of 20 miles per hour and can travel at speeds of up to 20+ miles per hour.

This remarkable board is capable of carrying riders weighing more than 260 pounds. It is powered by a 260-watt brushless DC motor. The board has a 36V, 4.3Ah-4.4Ah, 5500 mAh battery with a 3.8-pound 1650 lithium-ion genesis longboard battery and takes only two and a half hours to charge with genesis longboard charger. This board is great, if you like it, buy it today.

This board has a braking option with 300 mAh capacity with 2.4 GHz remote control. Consistent with genesis electric longboard reviews, Measuring the deck of the genesis hellfire, it is 35.4 inches long, 6.8 inches wide, and 5.1 inches long.

The deck weighs 16.5 pounds and is made of eight ply Canadian maple wood. The wheels are 3.5 inches high, two inches wide and made of polyurethane. The minimum age for boarding this great genesis hellfire is 18 years, and the minimum recommended height is four feet.

Genesis Stinger Electric Skateboard – Green Wheels


The Genesis Stinger Modern Electric Skateboard combines the aesthetics of an old school skateboard with all the benefits of technology. The deck of the board is 32.1 inches long, 7.9 inches wide and 5.1 inches high and weighs just 11.6 pounds.

It is made with eight-ply Canadian maple wood. The wheels are rated at 85A. The wheels are made of polyurethane. This wheel is 2.95 inches long and 2.95 inches wide. The Stinger can load people weighing a maximum of 264 pounds. And can quickly climb mountains with grades up to 15 degrees.

This board has a dual 250W-260W brushless DC motor that provides the output power of the Stinger board. At full speed the board can ride in a maximum range of 20 miles. And the maximum speed is 20+ miles per hour.

Battery capacity 36V, 4.3Ah-4.4Ah, 4300mAh. This battery is a 18650-lithium-ion battery that weighs four pounds This lightweight board has a 2.4 MHz remote control. This remote has a capacity of 300 mAh and takes 30 minutes to charge. The minimum riding age for boarding a Stinger is 18 years.

How we made a review of Genesis Electric Skateboard

To give you an unbiased review of Genesis Electric Skateboard, we have considered a number of issues. Among these factors were customer reviews, quality of materials and engineering, and the effectiveness of the genesis skateboard.

Despite the fact that electric skateboards are still in the development stage, many brands (like Genesis electronic skateboards) have enough information to give a clear picture of what they bring to the table. So read our Genesis Electric Skateboard review in its entirety, shall we? You will benefit

How Genesis Electric Skateboard Stacks in Competition

When you are going to invest money to buy a board that will be the best for any purchase, it is always important to check a comparison to see which product gives better value in keeping with your money.

And that’s why we’ve brought you Genesis Electric Skateboard with a review of some of its closest competitor boards. It will help you to make a good and logical decision by equipping you with information. At least you will not regret after making this decision.

Let’s compare this board with some other electric skateboards

Koowheel Electric Skateboard

Koowheel Electric Skateboard


The next board we would like to compare is the second generation D3M board from Koowheel with the Genesis line. This board can run at a speed of 25 miles per hour. The deck of this remarkable board is covered with soft seven-ply Canadian maple wood. One of the two power sources is a 350-watt motor and the other is a 3.5-pound lithium-ion battery. The board has an APU wheel.

Also, the board comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee so that you can purchase this board without fear. If anything, you will get your money back.

Compared to the Genesis boards, the D3M second-generation atomic board generally retains its own weight, although with lower quality wheels and deck materials.

Hicient Electric Skateboard for Adults


Our electric skateboards are made up of 6 layers of wooden boards that combine the highest quality wheels and the most expensive electric brush in the United States to purchase great board products.

This remote control is very easy to use. Its design is remarkable. And the genesis longboard remote control will be very convenient for you with this genesis longboard. There is a wireless design and different remote controls with different speeds for you to choose from.

Are you afraid of facing a traffic jam on the road? Would you be very upset about your car and want to get home early?

However, if you have an electric scooter at this time, you will be saved from getting stuck in a traffic jam on the road.

Electric skateboards are sufficient at this time for work when leaving work, if there are lots of cars and people on the road, if you want to go somewhere fast, etc. However, keep in mind that this board sometimes causes traffic accidents.

If you hide in a crowded bus every day, you will waste a lot of time on the road. Isn’t that very paradoxical? Sometimes the whole day goes by in a jam! And the electric board will always help you to avoid this.

SKATEBOLT Breeze II Electric Skateboard


The final board we measured on the opposite of the Genesis boards is the SKATEBOLT S3 board. The board can travel at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

With this the board is considered as another high-performance board. The board has two separate speed modes, ABS and great brake options.

The board’s remote control has an LED indicator light for the battery level and has the same eight-ply Canadian maple wood attached to its deck as the Genesis boards. It has the same or similar LG lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 26V and 5000 mAh. However, the maximum riding range of this board is fixed.

The brand has a well-known customer service department that is always ready to replace any of your damaged products. Overall, this board is as high-quality as the products of SKATEBOLT Genesis. However, both boards are not the same.

Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard


Opposite the Genesis boards we put the first electric skateboard it was an atomic board. This board has a dual 600-watt hub motor hidden in the wheels.

This board can be said to be another classic board. According to many, it is just like the Stinger board.

This bard is not much different from the Genesis boards. This Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard has a lithium-ion battery attached. The board is capable of moving or riding at a speed of 20 miles per hour. The board has a wireless remote.

This remote control runs on two AAA batteries. It has two different speed modes. And there is a battery power indicator.

In all, the board can ride a maximum of 13 miles in a row. And in many ways this board is a board with the same quality as the genesis skateboard.

Genesis Electric Skateboard vs MaxFind Electric Longboard

When placed on the opposite side of the MaxFind electric skateboard, the Genesis electric skateboard has three major advantages – speed, range and carrying capacity. However, according to MaxFind features, it can only run at 16 miles per hour (per hour).

And at this speed the top speed of the board. And the riding range is not satisfying. Because it can ride only 10 miles compared to the impressive 20-mile ride of Genesis.

Genesis longboard is a best electric longboard in the market.

The only advantage of MaxFind over the Genesis electric skateboard and many more is that it only takes an hour to fully charge the battery.

If you want to buy this board, I would be willing to pay 340 to 400 dollars or the equivalent for this electric skateboard. However, this board does not yet have a rating on Amazon.

Compared to MaxFind, the Genesis electric skateboard is a clear bargain that you have to climb to the top. Especially since Genesis is a tested and proven e-board.

Genesis Electric Skateboard vs Swagtron Voyager

Swagtron Voyager is a classic longboard that many people using retro boards can enjoy looking interesting. However, despite its opposite or divergent persuasion, the Swagtron Voyager cannot beat the electric skateboard but it can with genesis longboard.

When it is within range, the Swagtron can travel up to 15 miles on a single charge, very close to the 20-mile limit of Genesis. At speed, it can reach 15 miles (per hour) or ride. But for speed, you can unlock it by increasing it to 30 miles (per hour).

Despite its 2.5 out of 5-star Amazon rating, this electric skateboard also has the advantage over Genesis that it has a higher carrying capacity of 330 lbs.

For electric skateboards, the price of which is equivalent to three hundred to five hundred dollars, its price is also limited. But overall, the Genesis board is the best. This board is the best in terms of performance, range and battery.

Genesis Electric Skateboard vs Benchwheel Dual 1800w 2017 Edition

The Benchwheel Dual 1800W “sidewalk surfing” is revolutionizing the world and for a special reason. If the Genesis electric skateboard has a search competitor, this is it. The board is equipped with a powerful motor.

Along with genesis electric longboard reviews, the board can ride at 24 miles per hour and has a good range of 15 miles. This certainly gives Genesis a good run as to its value.

Genesis longboard is a best electric longboard in the market.

But if you are someone looking for quality, this is a better choice for you than choosing Genesis Electric Skateboard.

 Since Benchwheel is a very high-priced product, you will have to spend around four to six hundred dollars to purchase this board. Unfortunately, Benchwheel is still new to the market and has not yet been rated on Amazon. However, it seems that there are many possibilities. This is an eboard, you can pick this board.


I guess it’s a non-brainer – especially in light of what has been said above. But Genesis Electric Skateboard is definitely the best board as an investment.

This board is always there to give you the best experience. Due to the high technology, it can be called an e-board which you will enjoy riding every time you use it.

It has quality materials for making durable electric skateboards. Plus, it will probably be the best electric skateboard on the market for you.

Last word

All in all, the Genesis Electric Skateboard is a great board, especially for the low price. Boards are becoming a rare collector’s item in the world of skateboarding with Jesse permanently out of business.

This is very important for those who own Genesis’s electric skateboard.

For now, spare genesis skateboard parts for Genesis Electric Skateboard are still available through various retailers and auction sites. However, over time, parts of this replacement will one day become as rare as boards.

Do you own Genesis Electric Skateboards or have an opinion about them to share with our readers? We’d love to hear more about this in the comments section below!


Is Genesis Tomahawk Electric Board Really Safe?

The board has a UL certificate with IPX4 waterproof rating, which means full battery setup, and the motors are free from electrical accidents when they come in contact with puddles or during heavy rains.
This board has an LED battery indicator light which is easy to note and this light is very reliable. You can run it yourself because it doesn’t have a brush.
By running the protected grip tape over the entire length of the board, you can be sure that you will not fall or lose balance during a sudden break.
There are three ride modes as well as board and cruise control options for more secure riding. But if you wear your best skate shoes and use the best protective gear during this board ride, you will feel extra protection.
This genesis skateboard can give you a lot of protection on any kind of bumpy road. This gear will reduce your health risk from any kind of accident.

What is the price of Genesis Tomahawk?

genesis tomahawk electric longboard review states that, it can be purchased at a high genesis electric skateboard price on the official website, which is absolutely valuable for every cent considering the top support and strength it provides.

Upgradeable batteries will be on the market soon, which will increase the maximum speed and range, so for a higher price, this genesis longboard is doing very well!
The board is fully set up with a manual, wireless genesis longboard remote and genesis longboard charger, battery charger and a kit. This board is for everyone on a budget, look for upgradeable boards with existing benefits!

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