Are you looking for a longboard to have a great riding experience? Do you want to break your limit on the ride? Below we have made a list of the most interesting and expensive longboards in the market. Hopefully, this Omen Longboards review will help you a lot.

Reviews and comparisons and overall longboard ratings of these longboard models will help you choose the right longboard for you. We will discuss the Omens Longboard and its various models, specs, niches.

Each rider has their own choice and each longboard has different features. Throughout our entire article, all of these aspects of omen boards have been discussed.

What is an Omens Longboard?

Omen Longboards own features to make it unique. These omen skateboards are widely popular for their durability and high-quality materials. This longboard is ahead of its other competitors due to the far-reaching thinking of the designers who are both riders and engineers.

This team is always innovating for a unique, versatile, and enjoyable ride for the rider. They are using their experience in longboard riding to meet the needs of skateboard enthusiasts. They also start their venture with omen longboards UK. From now on you can buy that.

According to this omen longboards review, another great aspect of omens longboard crew is that they offer more than just longboards. Moreover, omen longboards sugar is a product that you can rely on.

Product specs

The omen boards body is made with a trash reef. The longboard is moving forward with its own merits. The board has a high level of quality and is perfect for every skill level rider like playshion longboards.

This model measures 6.9 “x 33” and has a 19.125 “wheelbase. We have seen its best performance on all roads including Downhill Grade, Straight Away, Side Walk.

A special feature of the Trash Reef Board is that it is shaped like a skateboard but can be ridden like a longboard. It is easy to ride, has a high carrying capacity, and is perfect for creative tricks.

Since durability and versatility are the hallmarks of omens longboards, it is not surprising that a layer of bash is added to the trash reef to create a strong and light board.

This Pre-assembled board comes with wheels, bearings, grip tape, and other necessary hardware. This wonderful board was created by Jared Wright.


Omen Longboard is a very high-quality longboard and is suitable for all types of riders. Pro or beginner riders of all types can use this longboard. omen skateboards are somewhat affordable compared to other longboards.

The Trash Reef model can be found for so much money. Currently available at a few online shops such as Amazon. You can always have a blast with this omen longboards review.

Rider Team

This "omen longboards" article will tell you everything you need to know.

The luck of the Omens Longboard is so good that a team like Team Ryder is associated with it. We exchange gear for our excellent video and photo coverage.

If you would like to proudly represent our gear, email us with your best riding video and a paragraph on why you want to ride for our Omens Longboard. Below is a list of Omen board’s current members. Let’s hear what they want to say!

Hello, my name is William Or week. I live in Holly Springs, North Carolina. I have been skating downhill and free riding for 5 years. Freeride is my favorite skating. Big stand-up slides are nothing more than explosions and the feeling of skating on the sidewalk.

In addition to this, I also love racing and taking tight lines. I’m currently riding the 2021 Roswell Deck because it’s a very versatile board that allows you to ride any way you want. The huge shouts of 919 Downhill and North Carolina Downhill helped me get to this stage today that I will never forget.

This "omen longboards" article will tell you everything you need to know.

Tiger de Villiers

My name is Tom Tiger de Villiers, I live in Scarborough, a small village in Cape Town, South Africa. I am 18 years old and I love to ride down the hill of fast track. I have been skating for about 3 and a half years. I enjoy the oriented side of skating.

I love to conquer my mountains and enjoy them so much that the feeling I get is nothing else. Nothing compares to a tight pack run. It is a type of skating that will refresh your sense of living and will mean survival.

Skating has made my life more enjoyable than ever. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some awesome people through skating and now I’ve had the opportunity to ride for a nice company. I’m really excited.

This "omen longboards" article will tell you everything you need to know.

Jackson Loney

My name is Jackson Lonnie and I am from Perth, Western Australia and I am 20 years old. He had been a skateboarder since my dad was a kid, and I had skateboards around when I was growing up.

In 2013 I got my first longboard and immediately I fell in love with it. I continue to learn by riding on small hills. Then slowly the big road and the speed ride of 120 km per hour changed my lifestyle.

I mean, I’m downhill / frying. Because I don’t feel like it in anything else. There is nothing more enjoyable in the world than riding with friends.

This "omen longboards" article will tell you everything you need to know.

Isaac Thomas Marten

My name is Isaac Thomas Marten and I am 21 years old. I was born in England but grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been riding a skateboard since I was 6 but at the age of 18, I became serious about riding. For 3 years I have been making boards by cutting tree trunks.

I am creating a custom setup for my brother-in-law and other locals who can’t buy a new setup if they want to. Skateboards cover a huge part of my identity. I always try to recycle and find new and innovative ways to use the old gear.

My favorite style is the downhill ride. I love to free myself with the wind. It feels a lot like flying. The Omens Longboard is my favorite board since I started Downhill Ride. Kakav’s ergonomics and style are incomparable. Lots of love for fame, catch you on the heels.

This "omen longboards" article will tell you everything you need to know.


My name is Hagan Key and I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have been skating since I was 12 and when I was 8. I started skating because my dad wanted me to surf better so he took me to skate.

I am currently competing in the BoardR / Grind for Life Contest Tour. Among the 10-12 age group skateboarders, I am ranked in the top 10 in the world. I love skating with my friends.

I love skating with my old school friend Kirk and his friends. Bowl is my favorite type of skating. I like it because I can use my tricks here effortlessly.

I also like half-pipe / mini ramps and little vert. My favorite female board is Alien Board Size 6.0. I also like the Human Skull Board. Its size is also 6.0. My sponsors are Omen, Gram USA, BC omen surf craft, and Sport and Ramp 47.

This "omen longboards" article will tell you everything you need to know.

Nathan Welsh

I am attracted to sports. When I first started there were no good roads near me and no longboards in my area. So, I liked what I could do, it was a technical free ride.

Then I went to the hill college and there was a wonderful road around me and there I fell in love with Dirt Fried. In my eight years of downhill skating, I have gained some wonderful memories and some wonderful friends.

I’m from Apex North Carolina and I’m 20 years old. I started skateboarding when I was 3 years old. In 2011 I edited my first longboard and it was too early.

This "omen longboards" article will tell you everything you need to know.

Kurt Harley

A fearless leader and designer of most omen’s boards. He has been skateboarding for 56 years. Kurt was in the pro skating pool in 1986 for Turning Point, Vance, and Pepsi.

In 1986, legendary biker Sherlock hired him for a downhill ride, and in 1998 he skated downhill, the only standup at the ESPN X Games.

He also competed in Street Lewis and NBC’s Gravity Games from 1997 to 2004 and the George Games in Oregon. Even at the age of 62, Pool Ebnoff Parks is his passion.

This "omen longboards" article will tell you everything you need to know.

1. Cronin

I’m J. Cronin, age 34, and I’m a Houston-based graphic designer and illustrator in Texas. He has dedicated his life to the culture and art of skateboarding and he is making his illustrations more beautiful and advanced.

“I always surround myself with art and music for inspiration,” he said. It always inspires me to do my job. I want to see where my artistic journey takes me.

In or out of the skate world I am always looking for opportunities and looking for new ways to combine my interests and passions with my art and creativity.

Omen Barfight Longboard Skateboard Deck With Grip Tape


The Omen Longboard’s Barfight Longboard is made with Accelerated Rocker. This longboard has a flat mounting location. It uses advanced wheel flares that help keep your feet from sticking to the board.

These omen boards are a bit longer and have a long flat tail. Barfight is a board that will easily attract you. It has the power of Pop Oli and Pivot Turn.

This longboard has a 22.5-inch wheelbase and you can keep your feet directly on the truck while riding. Tight turning radius This board is very nice.

Omen Barbarian Longboard Deck with Grip Tape


Omen Barbarian is called the Wooden Matrix. AT Omen’s Longboard is the company’s first fiber carbon board. A carbon matrix. It has a 1-inch drop feature and can give the gift of an enjoyable jerk-free ride. A perfect longboard for traveling, sliding, or learning.

With the drop, you can know where your feet are while riding, where to put them. This longboard was born to give a comfortable ride in keeping with the speed.

The Omen Barbarian Board is 36.5 inches long and 9.75 inches wide. It has a 30-inch wheelbase. It has a 1-inch drop concave which is 0.6 inches deep and maple is 9 plies. This is a Zero Flex tank.

This will help you maintain your balance while riding in your area or on a hillside. You can set the Kilmars on a 164mm caliber truck, 79mm orangutan 60 during a free ride or downhill ride with this deck.

OMEN Cephalopod Mini Cruiser Longboard Skateboard


Ease of use

Omen longboards are easy to use. It will always be a good companion for you. It is different from all other longboards and is designed to suit beginners or pro-people of all types and ages.


The Omen Longboard did not disappoint us. Its performance is remarkable and reliable. It is designed with this in mind so that everyone can use it. Even if you live in the UK, omen longboards the UK is also available.

This compact, lightweight, durable board is perfect for all rides, including fast downhill rides, boardwalk rides, and street rides. According to experts, this board gives a nice ride gift.

Quality design

First of all, let’s talk about the materials and the cocktails for stunts that made this board more interesting. Alike DB longboards, Trash Reef is a board that has a lot of working capacity but is very light in weight. This is another matter of choice for the omen boards.

Its Paris Silver truck with free frequency 75mm 78 wheels and ABEC free quick bearing. The combination of signature design with advanced materials has made this longboard an excellent longboard which is beyond expectations.


This board is nice to look at. Its design will attract you to beach travel or surfing. This board made from the composite of bamboo is very eye-catching. We prefer white wheels to wheels made of strong material because of their attractive color.

Made by Trash Reef, this skateboard has become even more eye-catching because of Jared Wright’s aka figure. All in all, the skateboard as a whole is not very sticky, but overall, it is very eye-catching and attractive.


** Perfect for professional riding due to the high-quality material

** Durable and light bash composite board

** Suitable for all types of riding

** Affordable but efficient and reliable


** Medium price

** Length of longboard

** The smallest omen longboard of 2017

Omen Shredpuppy Cruiser – Tabla de skate


The graphics of these omen longboards are very beautiful. After a long period of research, this type of attractive graphics has been developed, which is suitable for any age group. Besides, the deck is very strong and sturdy. Whether you are a beginner or a pro-level skateboarder this board will suit you.

Since the beginners have been talked about, you can imagine that this longboard is very safe. The skateboard is suitable for all types of riding such as downhill rides or free rides or street rides. Its performance is also remarkable.

This skateboard has all the features of other skateboards. According to skateboard experts, the graphics of this amazing skateboard will attract any type of rider. If you like skateboards made with a mix of graphics, performance, and sophisticated features then this skateboard is for you.

To find out about it more, you can even search with the term omen longboards Reddit. With the best skate tool, you can have a blast tuning this cruiser.

Omen Boards Mind Full Longboard


Another great gift from Omen Longboards for skateboarders is the Omen Board Mindful Skateboard. This is an omen sugar that you will fall in love with the first time you see it.

This omen cruiser is perfect for beginners to pro-level riders and riders of all ages. This skateboard is 41.5 inches long and 9.12 inches wide. It is a board that is very durable and strong.

It uses advanced quality material which makes it even more extraordinary. Its sophisticated wheels are perfect for all types of rides. While riding it you will feel like you are flying like a free bird.

Not to mention its graphics. The graphics go very well with the excellent design. It is very beautiful. This skateboard is also affordable compared to its features.

All in all, the Omen’s Longboard Company has created these Omen’s Boards Mindful Longboards with the convenience of skateboarders in mind. This is an awesome skateboard.

Let’s compare omen skateboard with other Longboard brands.

1. Quest Longboard


This time we will discuss quest boards review. The skateboard model of the Quest Longboard that we are going to review is called Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard. This longboard is about 1 foot longer than the trash reef board of the omen’s longboard and is 6 inches long.

The deck is made of hardwood maple and is made by Bash so that the rider can easily ride with it. The design and style of this board are also very beautiful by the Southern California Skateboard Riders. This is a professional-style board.

This "omen longboards" article will tell you everything you need to know.

It is available in the market at a very affordable price which will surprise you. Quest Board is a company that pays close attention to the quality, design, features, and style of their skateboard which gives a 100% guarantee to their customer.


The price of this omen cruiser is suitable for all types of people. This is a very affordable skateboard. Those who want to ride a skateboard as a hobby can also buy it. It’s worth so much.

This high-quality skateboard can give its riders a very nice ride. This model has several designs. The rider can choose any one of his choices. This Quest Super Cruiser Longboard is available on amazon.

Ease of use

The inside of this longboard box is covered by bubble wrap for protection. Grip tape and other hardware materials are attached. This board is perfect for beginner riders.

It is elevated above the ground due to the setting up of top mount trucks. The feeling of riding is different from other drop decks. The rider can get a nice omen surf craft gift by riding on this skateboard.

Its turn response is extremely perfect. This omen sugar is unique among the price skateboards. It gets ready to ride with its rider as soon as it gets out of the box.


Considering the good side of the rider, it uses a strong and durable board which is very useful for the rider. Looking at Nuniyata, we have given this board 3 out of 5 longboard ratings. You can always rely on quest boards review.

Our advice for Quest Company is to be smoother with the rider in mind and to update the bearings on the Quest Super Cruiser Longboard for the ride a little more. Although this longboard is great for riding, its performance will be better with the upgrade.

Design Quality

No board’s overall value has made the model popular. But its efficiency has pushed it back a bit. Its price is relatively low. Several areas need to be upgraded to fully satisfy the rider.

The beginner may not understand that much but because of its wheels and bearings, it is lagging behind the competition. This low-budget longboard deserves praise for its design.


When it comes to the style, like omen longboards, this Quest Super Cruiser board is also really nice. It has great art like Omen’s Longboard. This art is extremely visually pleasing.

The improved material of this board has made this board great. This board comes in the market with several colors and different art designs. However, boards of any color other than standard black are more expensive.


** You can ride right out of the box

** Price is low according to the standard

** Can be easily ridden

** Boards made of a combination of hard maple wood and bash

** Board of standard length


** Bearings and wheels need to be further upgraded

** The board is quite stiff

** Medium speed

** Quality and style can be made better

2. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill / Cruiser Freeride


Our next longboard is Sector 9. We will discuss the quality and price of Aperture Side Winder Drop Throw Downhill / Cruiser Free Ride Complete Longboard. This Sector 9 model has amazing turning ability with a sidewinder truck. It is perfect for cornering or keeping pace with the wind on the sidewalk.

The Aperture SideWinder is a 36-inch-long cruising board that is perfect for downhill rides. It is 36 inches long and 9 inches wide with a 26.375-inch wheelbase.

Its most notable feature is the use of a double pivot feature to make its Gullwing sidewinder truck more perfect and comfortable. Sector 9 Longboard companies affix the “Certified Complete” logo on their products to verify the source, quality, and validity of the Longboard.


The Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder is the most expensive longboard we have ever reviewed along with omen longboards. However, its price is a bit high, but its quality and ride can be relied upon with confidence. This board can be found on Amazon for about so many dollars.

Ease of use

This board is excellent for downhill rides and cruising. Its Double Pivot Truck Rider is perfect for optimal control and perfect turn which is not available in other models. The Sector 9 Aperture SideWinder is as easy to ride as the Omen’s Longboard.

This "omen longboards" article will tell you everything you need to know.

In particular, the omen matches the trash reef model of the longboard that we discussed above. All the hardware materials of Sector 9 are attached and ready to go on the ride as your companion as soon as you get out of the box.


The performance of this board is very excellent. Its riders will love the perfect turning and controlling capability of the truck. It’s kind of performance when you hold its truck tightly, it’s kind of performance when you hold it a little lighter, it’s really surprising. Due to the lightweight of this board, it can be easily carried.

Our advice to the company is that the wheels need to be upgraded a little more for faster speeds and it would be better to use a slightly larger wheel for mountain rides such as 80mm wheels.

However, the wheel that is currently used can give a very comfortable and smooth ride. . The awesome design board is really surprising.

Design Quality

Flexible but strong and durable. The Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder has been created for daily use. Sector-9 Drop Throw Deck has been added to the 89mm 60A 9-ball wheel and Sector 9 ABEC 5 bearings.

This board is made using high-quality material which makes skateboarders put it on their list of favorites. This longboard is specially made for those who weigh less than 175 pounds. Its beautiful design can attract the attention of skateboarders. Which we also saw on the Omen Longboard.


The artwork and color combination of this board makes the board more attractive. The length of this board guarantees its smooth and comfortable ride.

A top-of-the-line truck helps maintain balance while riding. This board has been painted on the beach, lined with trees using matching colors. The color of the wheels may vary, but the main pattern is marble.


** Top of the line helps in perfect control during the ride

** High-quality material has been used

** A flexible board that gives comfort ride

** Lightweight

** Suitable for smooth rides

** Can be used in all types of environments for various daily ride rides


** The truck may cut at high speed. To solve this problem, the truck may need to be tightened

** Cannot be used by riders weighing more than 175 pounds

** More expensive than other models of longboards

Final Thought

After a comparative review of these 3 longboards, we once again reviewed the trash reef model of the Omen longboards. Reviewing the price, performance, ease of use, design quality, and style, we rated the Trash Reef Omen’s Longboard model 4.8 out of 5 stars.

This board is easy to use, strong, durable, flexible as required, advanced material, affordable, and perfect in all respects. AT Beginner or Pro Level is suitable for all skateboarders.

In our opinion, the rider will not easily forget the riding experience of the Trash Reef model of Omen Longboard. This will be a great memory in the heart of the rider.

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