Globe is the world’s largest manufacturer of skateboards and longboards. The longboard and cruiser lineup products of this company are very pleasant and impressive. This brand not only offers both types of globe longboards but also brings the best longboards to the market in terms of their quality and price. The globe longboard uses dozens of quality materials on their longboards. The brand is as popular for its craftsmanship as it is for its durability.

Globe longboard is a best longboard in the market.

globe longboard has a special reputation for making cruisers of exceptional size, shape, and design. Some of the Globe Cruisers are so amazing that you’ll keep looking.

In this post, I have highlighted 10 popular Globe Cruisers and Longboards. My purpose is to give you a brief and a bunch of ideas about exactly what each board is and what you expect from it.

I have also tried to explain clearly in this globe longboard reviewi.e.globe skateboards review, how each globe longboards differs from other boards in the globe longboards lineup. So, stay with us. Let’s see what lies ahead:

Globe blazer


The blazer is a beautiful, quality, and smooth-rolling Little globe longboard cruiser. It is one of the best and most popular products in the world. These globe cruiser boards are made with a soft surface, a medium cocktail, and a hard and durable deck, ideal for easy cruising.

There are 3 sizes of blazers. Normally, the size of 26 ″ x 6.25 blazer is sold more. (Compared to Sagano). A Big Blazer version measures 32 ″ x 9.125 ((compared to Cromant). And the size of an XL version is 36.25 ″ x 9.75 ″ ″.

The blazerlongboards globe is made of maple wood. Epoxy resin is used for this purpose. As a result, this globe longboard sale weighs relatively less. It has a stylish diamond tail (compared to the fishtail used for chromatic) and has a larger cocktail than the size (size 4.75 in version 28).

Like the Sagano brand, the blazer combines the 4.5 Traditional Kingpin Tensor with Truck, which will give you better skills and protection. Its 72mm (83A) wheels are much larger than the Sagano and are very suitable for cruising. Plus,globe longboards amazon will let you enjoy a good and comfortable journey.

Globe Chromatic

Globe Chromatic


You can always stay put with this longboard, even if anyone asks you, are globe skateboards good? you will say Chromatic is a classic city cruiser, after reading this globe longboards review.

This cruiser is 33 long and 9.5 wide. It has a beautiful 4 ″ angled kicktail (with a grip pad). It has a 2.5 ″ flat deck for carp hopping.

This globe longboard skateboard deck has an interesting fishtail surfboard-like design with a little camber’s surface. The Chromatic Cruiser has a maple core. Different versions of wood have combinations and great graphic designs – for example teak wood and resin or cherry wood.

This globe skateboards review will be your guide towards a comfortable journey, and Globe Chromatic is one of the swords of this sultan.

The Cromantglobe longboard cruiser has a six-inch tensor truck, as you can see in this globe skateboard review. Its ships are very tough which helps to navigate the pool and skatepark and even do some freestyle tricks. It adds a 62mm 64A name wheel. This wheel will encourage you to have a good and beautiful riding.

Globe Prowler Cruiser Complete Longboard – 38″ Black

Globe Prowler Cruiser Complete Longboard - 38" Black


This Globe Prowler is basically a 36 ″ long slick globe drop through longboard cruiser. This globe longboard complete has huge wheel cutouts on the front and rear that keep the globe longboard wheels nicely attached to the deck and help you have full control over the board. The arrow-style direction and swallowtail give the Prowler a very distinctive look compared to the standard cutout size.

Its deck is very sturdy and beautiful which is purchased with 9-ply maple wood and layered using epoxy. globe cruiser longboard is very durable and long-lasting. Drop-through trucks make the board suitable for a low-speed ride and short-distance cruising.

The elasticity and side surfaces make this globe cruiser boards safe and comfortable for you. This board allows you to ride downlight hills at the same speed. The 160mm RKP slant truck Prowler on a longboards globe is very smooth which gives you the feeling of great riding.

And the 89mm 63A wheel rolls quickly and smoothly despite gaps in the ground, making a great ride in the palm of your hand with this cruiser boards globe.

GLOBE Skateboards Byron Bay Longboard Complete Skateboard

GLOBE Skateboards Byron Bay Longboard Complete Skateboard


The Byron Bay Longboard looks like a pint. But there is a kicktail on this board. It measures 43 “by 9.5”. It has beautiful bamboo flax for fluid carving and a kicktail for carve hopping.

This is a great top countglobe cruiser boards that have a small concave that helps with surfing style commuting and carving. Get ready for a smooth and flowing ride with a long wheelbase and mellow flex. You can rely upon this globe cruiser review, as you’ve done before like sector 9 fractal review.

The Byron Bay board has a 150mm RKP slant truck and a large and smooth 80mm (6A) globe wheel for crouching and carving.

Summary: globe longboard skateboard Great surf style board for cruising and great for fast commuting. Theseglobe long boards are also great for good speed, very smooth and comfortable ride. Having flax, it can be called a long carving longboard.

Globe Arrowhead Bannerstone Longboard-9.75×41 Longboard Skateboard

Globe Arrowhead Bannerstone Longboard-9.75x41 Longboard Skateboard


Bannerstone is a beautiful freestyle deck originally made for sliding. It is 41 degrees long and has 6 wheelbases measuring 32.5 inches. This board is similar to Spearpoint in terms of size.

The only difference is that it has a top mount truck and comes with a great drop platform that helps keep your feet safe while sliding. This helps to keep the legs under control on the board during the small concave frying of the board.

The top mount design of this globe cruiser longboard helps keep the board functional as well as keeps the board moving at a certain speed. The deck of the globe bamboo longboard helps you to enjoy a beautiful and great ride.

A bamboo coating is provided to prepare the banner stoneBordon which is not found in other fried boards. This coating does not affect the stability of the board. Especially when riding and sliding in the mountains.

The shape of thisglobe longboard drop down is made suitable for good riding. With this board, you will find great 160mm size slant trucks (as well as soft bushings) and large smooth 72mm (6A) globe wheels. This is one of the best globe bamboo series longboards.

Summary: Another beautifully crafted globe board on ourglobe longboard review list is this globe cruiser board. Thanks to its top mounts and deck and wheel cutouts! This board is best for carving. If you like it, buy it today.

Globe Hg Bantam Clears Cruiser Boards


The Bentham is a mini-cruiser (many might call it a small cruiser) with a size of 23 “x7”. It has an 11.5 “mini wheelbase. The board is a penny-style directional fistula cruiser-sized board. Some versions of this Bentham (ST version) have hard and heavy plastic globe longboard decks on the board.

Other boards (EVO version) are made with maple wood hardware. And these boards are flaked. Almost all Bentham board decks have amazing designs that add beauty to this little cruiser.

This Bentham is made for short commutes. This globe board is easy to carry due to its small size. This board is quite light. It has a very light and small concave. However, this board is an extraordinary board from all sides.

It has great and smooth (6A) 59mm globe wheels that help you ride comfortably. There are also 3.5 “Tensor Trucks, but don’t think of them as children’s toy Trucks.

The quality of these trucks is many times better, as well as they are long-lasting. Although small in size, this board is nothing less than other boards in terms of quality.

Summary: Bentham is a beautiful and smooth-riding mini cruiser that helps you ride in short distances; it can be easily carried in your best backpack. Can also be used indoors. Bentham is a very light and durable board.

Globe Geminon Micro-Drop Complete Skateboard


The Globe Geminon can be said to be more than a single longboard model globe drop down longboard. Several design boards in the Globe lineup bear the name of this Geminon. Although there is one similarity between these boards, both boards are designed for fast freight and downhill rides.

Updated versions of the Geminon board use the Geminon 35, a classic 35 ″ freeride big cutout size as well as globe drop through longboard maple wood. New dimensions are added by combining globe drop through longboard trucks with the Geminon kick.

The Geminon Drop Down is a large board that is 41 “cutout in size (beautiful to look at). It has a globe drop deck longboard construction; it has a coconut layer. This globe geminon review can be the biggest door opener in your longboarding journey.

The Geminon Evo has two sizes. One is 34 “and the other is 36”. This board has a bamboo core and a top and bottom layer made of great olive wood which lasts for a long time. This globe bamboo longboard version is primarily tailored for downhill (no large wheel cutouts, attached to deck wheels).

All versions of the Geminon have 160mm slant RCP Trucks and 60mm wheels on board. These wheels are standard at 8A or 63A. However, it depends on the riding goals (for example – free ride or downhill) and the version.

Summary: Geminon is a freeride and downhill board that focuses on speed and durability. These globe longboards offer several advantages based on mounting style, precise height, wheel-mounted fit lock-in.

GLOBE Skateboards Globe Sun City Complete Cruiser Complete Skateboard


This Sun City is a 30-degree Stubby Cruising cruiser shaped like a fishtail short surfboard. This cruiser is made of 6-ply stiff maple wood.

There are different versions of it available in the market, one of which has a great coconut top layer. The Sun City is shaped like a carver or slide skateboard that is about the size of a surfsket.

It is 19.5 long and has a wheelbase of 19.5. A wide deck is created by adding small kicktails to these which transforms it into the best board. Moreover, its colorful design will fascinate you.

The Sun City Globe has 5.25 “tensor trucks that make the board more enjoyable for skating and extreme skating.

It has 72mm 6-inch wheels which are enough for smooth cruising! Although this wheel shape is not large enough to be wheel bite when taking a tight turn. However, the deck and wheel will be your choice.

Fertilizer Summary: Theseglobe cruiser boards are great as a fun surf-style mini cruiser and carver for surf warmup and parking lot driveway slashing or cruising on the sidewalk or sidewalk on the beach.

GLOBE Skateboards Sagano Cruiser Complete Skateboard


Like a jar, this board is remarkable in one word. This board is also not an option for stashing the backpack inside a desk.

The Sagano is another mini–Swallow Tail cruiser that is lighter than the Bentham board and shorter than the Street board.

The Axe has a 13.5 “wheelbase size. It’s made in surfboard style. The design is based on 60s boards. The Sagano board has a 5.125” size kicktail which is a very important element because it rides comfortably. Helps to do.

Sagano is made of free-ply maple and resin wood. Added beautiful olive wood top and a bottom layer which makes the deck more unique.

This board has 56mm (6A) retro wheels that combine grip and speed. The wheel and 4.5 “tensor SKP Trucks together make this board a great board.

Fertilizer Summary: A good quality retro style, surf-style mini-cruiser for slashing around. Can be folded inside a desk or a backpack.

Globe Spearpoint Complete Skateboard


This Spearpoint is a freeride drop through longboard that also has a cutout shape. This globe drop down longboard is good for those who want to commute faster. There are two versions of this board.

One is a 40 “size version and the other is a 33” size version. This board has a large wheel cutout that will help you freeride and switch riding, although this board is a square tailed directional board that helps you commute comfortably.

The drop-through design of this board makes the board more stable, resulting in better speed; Especially when frying on the downhill. It has a bamboo coating which keeps the board somewhat flexible and light.

The mini version of the globe board has a 22.5 “size wheelbase, while the larger version has a 30.85” wheelbase.

Each version has 160mm RKP slant trucks which are very durable and great. The mini version has a 62mm 6A wheel. On the other hand, the larger version has 69 mm (63 A) wheels on the board.

Summary: as per this globe cruiser review, this Good commuting/pushing and frying board, durable and sturdy, 300-dollar worth board. Beautiful and great quality bamboo material and graphics.

The evolution of the longboard

Longboards are usually faster than skateboards because of the type of wheels, hardware quality, construction materials, and long frames. Where the skateboard is wide on both sides, the longboard is long and narrow throughout the deck.

Designed to be like a surfboard – with flexible and smooth wheels – etc., the early purpose of the longboard was to give a taste of surfing the sea while cruising on the road.

This globe longboard article will help you to know about longboard evaluation.

Even though the longboard is relatively smaller than the surfboard, the design of both boards is similar. The only difference is that after many years this change was brought.

With long and wide decks, you will get good stability. There are many types of longboards. These differences in size, shape, and region are observed.

Many different brands have changed the size and shape of the longboard and helped transform the longboard into a new and unique design. With the addition of globe drop deck longboardglobe longboard deck elements, the Globe Longboard has become popular among skaters as one of the best boards for easy riding.

Good value for money board

The Globe brand brings numerous boards to the market based on design, style, and price. You will get boards worth 180 dollars from boards worth 90 dollars. You will get a general match of these boards.

And that is the beautiful design and good quality material that will help you to have a beautiful ride. Globes made of everything from bamboo to fiberglass or plastic are different from longboard classic cruisers to kick tails.

If you are looking for a cruiser to ride, freeride, or trick or skate downhill in your spare time, you can choose the board of your choice. This globe longboards review is the right place for you. All boards are suitable for carving, dancing, or traveling.

Whatever style you choose, you will find high-quality globe longboard decks, wheels, bearings, and trucks on all boards. Enjoy your ride with these elements. Good luck.

Customize your longboard

With so many longboard selections, Globe brings you a huge collection of boards based on size, cuts, design, and ride mug type.

The deck of the Globe Longboard is up to 44 inches wide which will help you to ride faster and longer. It will also help to control the board. globe board can be easily customized.

This globe longboard article will help you to know how you Customize your longboard.

Globe skaters have the advantage of purchasing any part of the board. The Globe brand will give you an offer to make your style of the board by buying different materials according to your own choice and design.

Globe brands sell their products at different discounted prices based on different levels of efforts, experiences, and requirements. You will not get this benefit in products of other brands.

Many designs have drop decks on the board and are set up on the ground of the board to facilitate riding. Experts have named the Globe Longboard as one of the best longboards for beginners because of its white quick trucks, grippy wheels, and a large concave globe longboard deck.

Last word

Regardless of your budget or your skills as a skater, you will find one of your favorite boards in this globe longboard review. This is one of the best longboard brands available in the marketplace. However, even though there are so many products of this brand, they do not specialize in a particular mold or type of longboard.

As a result, there is still a problem. Yet for over 30 years, they have been skillfully creating their great design boards that have been made possible by just a few brands.

You will have numerous options to choose from, this is a really good aspect. But one thing is for sure, the board you are looking for is for cruising, tricks or another riding.

Take a look or check once before purchasing the board. Only purchase if the selected board matches your preferences.

To choose the right board for yourself from among the different styles of longboards, you need to think about what your personal needs are or what kind of board you want

But you will find all kinds of boards in the store, it is up to you which one you choose. Globe longboards will be best for you based on these two indicators of price and quality.

Not only will globe longboard help you enjoy great riding, but they will also give you durable decks, smooth gushing, and quality trucks.

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